Review: To Go Kiosk at Disney’s Boardwalk Inn

Heading to Disney’s BoardWalk for a stroll or some shopping? If you need a bite to tide you over until that next Advance Dining Reservation, you’re in luck!

We can always recommend the Boardwalk Bakery for quick eats, but on this recent trip I decided to find out what the Boardwalk To-Go kiosk had to offer!

BoardWalk To Go Kiosk

This place has been on my radar for a loooooong time, because they keep tempting me with new specials listed on vibrantly colored boards hanging out front (Fried Ravioli! Chicken Wings! Corn Nugget Fritters!)! That said, I’d never actually eaten here since I’m always on my way to or from another meal (and usually I’m LATE for said meal!).

But on this recent trip, I promised myself I’d check out the goods here. And I should probably just go ahead and throw it out there: this stuff ain’t healthy. The menu is definitely “basket” and “fried” driven, so while it’s easy to grab-and-go, it’s probably not an everyday choice if you want to maintain the energy you’ll need to run around the parks!

Menu - Click to Enlarge

Sides and Drinks Menu -- Click to Enlarge

Chicken Wings and Hamburger Menu Detail -- Click to Enlarge

Basically, the process is as such: pick out what you want, order, wait a few minutes while they fry it, eat. You’ll find nearby seating at table and chair groupings, as well as nearby benches; but there’s no completely sheltered or indoor seating available at To Go. PLUS, the ducks are serious about stalking you, so watch those digits as you eat your fries.

Once you’re through paying and are waiting for your food, it’s time to scope out your topping choices. Condiments are plentiful for such a small kiosk, and include the hot dog standards as well as sauerkraut, onion, hot sauce, and barbecue sauce.


Ketchup and Mustard Dispensers

Sauces and Salt

I ordered a little bit of everything (I told you they’d been tempting me), and of course I asked if they had any plastic cheese to go along with it all.

They did.

Plastic Cheeeeeeese!

Hot Sauce and Plastic Cheese!

Once I had my condiments all together, it was time to dig in! I started with the Fried Ravioli, since I’d been eyeing them for what seemed like years walking back and forth along the Boardwalk!

Fried Ravioli

These weren’t awesome, but they weren’t horrible, either. A bit tough around the edges, but the ricotta inside has a good kick to it.

It’s a small enough portion that it’s a good snack, and the accompanying marinara sauce is tasty and plentiful.

Fried Ravioli -- Up Close

Next up, the Corn Dog! I thought I’d been totally rad and ordered the foot-long corn dog, but it turns out I just got the regular one. Probably for the best. ;-)

Corn Dog

Anyone who’s had a good corn dog knows that these frozen-and-fried ones are nothing to write home about. But if you want a standard carnival corn dog, this is it!

Corn Dog -- Cross Section

Now we get to the good stuff, though!! You guys know I heart my chicken wings, and these ones were some of the best I’ve had on property. I get that they’re probably just off-brand frozen wings, but they’re breaded, which I love.

Interestingly, these come un-sauced. That’s why that big bottle of hot sauce is standing on the counter — it’s pretty much douse-your-own here.

Chicken Wings without Sauce

Which I was MORE than happy to do!! And, seriously, these were very good. Like curl-up-with-your-chicken-wings-and-watch-a-romantic-movie kind of good.

Chicken Wings with Sauce

And another winner from the Boardwalk To Go stand — Corn Nugget Fritters! (I mean, come on, how could you not love something called a corn nugget fritter?!?)

Corn Nugget Fritters

These little beauties, as far as I can tell, are just bunches of corn all fried up and plated. That’s about it. It didn’t seem like there was any cheese involved to hold them together, though I’m sure there was butter-type-product in there somewhere. ;-)

Either way, I loved ‘em!! (And, yes, I dipped them in plastic cheese.)

Corn Nugget Fritters -- Up Close

SO, I still maintain that I don’t want to eat like this everyday, but as an every once in a while treat, the Boardwalk To Go kiosk is definitely the way to go when you need a fast fried food fix.

But be warned… Payment can be a bit tricky if you’re deep into your Disney vacation and used to paying for everything with your room key. They don’t take the Disney Dining Plan and they don’t take room charge, but credit card and cash are welcomed. (Why is it like this? Because this place isn’t run by Disney and they don’t have the correct technology to take the room keys yet.)

Payment Options

Now, somebody go get that foot long corn dog and send me a picture. That thing’s gotta be off the charts!

Have you tried the Boardwalk To Go Kiosk? What was your favorite choice there?


  1. says

    I’m kinda shocked at myself for saying this… but those corn nugget fritters actually do look yummy! Honestly though, even if I was staying at Boardwalk I probably wouldn’t be eating at this kiosk often… how could you with so many great restaurants on the boardwalk and just around the corner in World Showcase really?

    oh and btw… HELLLLOOOOOO Nick! ;) Maybe I’d stop by to say hi to him. lol.

  2. Colette says

    We ate there in March and put it this way we wouldn’t try there ever again! It seemed like a quick place to grab something to eat but considering the food we ordered was suppose to be hot (I ordered the meatball sandwich and my friend ordered the grilled chicken sandwich) both were cold inside and barely Luke warm on the outside.

  3. says

    Marci — The corn nuggets were very good! :-) I think this kiosk would come in handy on those late nights when you just need a quick snack, but I’d have to find out how late they’re open!

    Colette — Oh no! Thanks for your review!

    Jason Maxwell and Mark D. — Personally, I like the corn dog nuggets at Paradiso 37 when they’re available, but as for regular corn dogs, there aren’t many good ones in WDW that I’d found. :-(

  4. Niki M says

    I don’t know about full size but the little corn dog nuggets at Casey’s are pretty good. They’re a handy fingerfood with all the pieces piled in a cup. I thought I would be able to walk and eat but it wasn’t really possible with the need to dip in plastic cheese!

  5. Jamie says

    I always joke that every time I eat something at the park that’s deep-fried unhealthy or makes me feel like my my cholesterol is automatically rising as I eat, or both, I have to take a number of laps around the park afterwards to help burn off the food. If I ever eat here this looks like it would be one of those cases. XD

  6. Aydin says

    Is it confirmed that the corn dogs are frozen?
    That makes me so sad! Corn dogs are one of the easiest foods in the world to make. They could just make the batter in the morning and keep it in the fridge. It wouldn’t be messy and time-consuming like making onion rings from scratch!

  7. Lisa says

    How could they not notice the mis-spelling on their menu board? 20 oz “fountian” drink???

    Sure would like to try the footlong corn dog!

  8. Anonymous says

    We went to the To Go Cart. Ordered burger basket. They microwaved the patty and put it on a bun. I asked for lettuce and tomato and was quickly told it doesn’t come with any. Microwaved burger basket for $8.95. Two thumbs down.

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