Snack Series: Pina Colada Slush at Sunshine Tree Terrace in Magic Kingdom

We all know the classics. Dole Whips. Mickey Bars. Citrus Swirls.

But what about the other treats around Disney World that are eclipsed by these big hitters? There are hundreds of great snacks to try, and it’s my goal to tell you about all of them! ;-)

A looooong time ago, I was at Sunshine Tree Terrace and noticed a new menu item — the Pina Colada Slush! I’d been a fan of Orange Juice slush already, but Pina Colada? Hmm…

It was a must-try!

Sunshine Tree Terrace Sign

Yep — if you gravitate just a little south of the menu’s headliner, you’ll start to see a couple of other interesting options.

You’ve seen what we thought of the Lemonade with Wild Berry Foam, and you’ll soon find out our thoughts on the Key Lime Pie (spoiler — YUM!). You’ve even heard what we think of the Raspberry Lemonade Slush!

Sunshine Tree Terrace Menu Board -- Click to Enlarge

But, now? It’s time to sample that tropical Piña Colada Slush!

Piña Colada Slush

DFB writer and reporter (and Pina Colada lover), Brooke F., took one for the team and sampled the slush on her last visit. Here are her thoughts (and you can trust her, because she’s a total food guru)…

To be honest, this was completely awesome. I know it doesn’t look all that interesting, but it was delicious. Rich and creamy and full of coconut flavor, there was a background note of tang from the pineapple that was perfection, and balanced the coconut perfectly. I (almost) didn’t miss the rum!

Piña Colada Slush -- Up Close

Of course, you can always stick with your favorite classic treats. But isn’t it fun to try something new now and again? We think so, too. :-) Note that menu items change often at Sunshine Tree Terrace, but this one has been around for a while.

Have you tried the Piña Colada Slush in Magic Kingdom? What are your thoughts on this refreshing treat?


  1. says

    Anne — The rum is gone because no alcohol is served in the Magic Kingdom except for at Be Our Guest Restaurant at dinner. :-)

  2. says

    Matt and Anne — Oh NO!!!! Was I THAT exhausted when I replied to the comment that I missed a pirates reference?!? UGH! AJ’s a total loser today. My apologies, Anne!! ::goes to take a nap::

  3. Prof. Brainard says

    Oh well, A.J., this Absent-Minded Professor also missed the reference, even though he is fond of the pirate movies, pirate rides, and pirates generally–and even though he drinks a fair amount of rum (perhaps it is the rum that is making him talk in the third person this morning). I propose, instead of a nap, that all losers who missed the very clever reference are to gather at the Sunshine Tree Terrace. We can conceal small bottles of rum on our persons and then surreptitiously add it to our slushes when the authorities have their backs turned. We can then all go into the Enchanted Tiki Room and sing along with the birdies! This will do two things: (1) give us much joy, and (2) confirm the puritanical element’s worst fears that the collapse of civilization is tied to the introduction of alcoholic beverages into the Magic Kingdom. Thus, we will have killed two birds with one stone (though don’t mention that in the Tiki Room).

  4. Janna says

    Oh, man! I had such tunnel vision for the citrus swirl that I completely missed this. It’s especially sad for me because I’m one of those teetotalers who love slushy drinks! :)

  5. Galloping Gourmand says

    I like pina coladas. There is no inside seating but in Florida I don’t mind getting caught in the rain. It sounds decadent, Good thing I’m not that into health food. I wish they had other twists on this, like one with a little fizz of champaign.

    Despite that, this may be the one that I’ve looked for.

    *This is not the pina colada you are looking for*

    This is not the one that I’ve looked for. Hey, dole whip!

  6. mark says

    these things are heavenly..had 2 the last trip there. anyone know where I can find the recipe?

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