UPDATE!: The Original DFB Jungle Juice Float in Animal Kingdom

I dreamed up the Jungle Juice Float on a recent trip to Disney World! And today, we bring you the first-ever taste test provided by guest author Julie B.! Here’s what she has to say…

I thought I’d give it a whirl with soft serve at Camp Minnie Mickey to recreate the Dole Whip style! But AJ was right to head to a closer ice cream cart (my frozen juice was a little thawed by the time I made it just to Camp Minnie-Mickey).

Jungle Juice!

The Float was quite delicious! But the soft serve was very vanilla-y, so it overpowered the juice a little.

Soft Serve Ice Cream.

The nice thing about a Dole Whip float is that little pucker you get from the pineapple juice, but since this juice is very sweet it blends a little more with the ice cream than the Dole float.

But maybe that’s because I cut the sweetness of the ice cream in the Dole Whip float by opting for a pineapple/vanilla swirl. (Ooooh that pineapple/vanilla swirl with this juice! An Animal Kingdom Dole stand!! Sigh, a girl can dream… .)

Jungle Juice Float!

Overall it was a really fun combo and a genius idea on AJ’s part! (Editor’s Note: Thanks, Julie!!)

Jungle Juice Float Ingredients.

In the cup it doesn’t look as pretty as the traditional float, since you have to sort of plop the ice cream in there and it blended very quickly. Here it looks like slightly-orange ice cream.

Jungle Juice Float!

Regardless, very yummy!!

If you try the Jungle Juice Float idea, let us know your thoughts! Do you have any other beverage/ice cream pairing ideas? Please share!!

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