New! The Grey Stuff Cupcake and Other Menu Updates at Disney World’s Be Our Guest Restaurant

Magic Kingdom’s New Fantasyland in Walt Disney World is home to the uber-popular Be Our Guest Restaurant, and we’ve got some awesome menu updates for you today!

Be Our Guest Restaurant!

The Master’s Cupcake — A.K.A. The “Grey Stuff” Cupcake!

Beauty and the Beast fans will recall that Lumiere encourages Belle to “try the grey stuff, it’s delicious, don’t believe me?, ask the dishes!”

Since the restaurant opened, guests have been able to try “the grey stuff” as a special celebration dessert.

The Grey Stuff

But now they’ve created an entire cupcake celebrating this sweet surprise! Check it out!!

The Master's Cupcake -- aka the Grey Stuff Cupcake!

Yep — the grey stuff (which is actually a cookies and cream panna cotta that’s been whipped into a creamy dessert) tops a chocolate cupcake in the Beast’s castle these days! It’s the same price and size as all lunch cupcakes: $3.19, and you can get it for a Disney Dining Plan snack credit. It’s now the top dessert item listed on the menu.

Desserts at Be Our Guest!

The base is moist chocolate cake with a huge, lovely mound of Lumiere’s Grey Stuff on the top (it ends up being more than what you receive at dinner), complete with the little sparkly, crunchy garnish and a decorated chocolate topper.

Inside ballroom!

I’ve tried Grey Stuff at dinner, and it’s the exact same, wonderful thing. Yay! The grey stuff dips down into the center of the cupcake as filling.

Cross section of The Master's Cupcake

I ended up eating the Grey Stuff alone with a spoon instead of as a cupcake, because it really is (wait for it…) DELICIOUS! (Sorry, I can’t not say it!) Plus I still ate the chocolate cake after ;).

Grey stuff!

The Grey Stuff is Now Available on the Regular Dinner Menu

Speaking of the grey stuff, like I said, it’s only been available as a celebration dessert. Servers got to pick and choose who got to taste it! Now, it’s available to everyone! The Grey Stuff ($3.99) has been added to the dessert menu!

And if you’re lucky enough to have an upcoming advance dining reservation, we want you to know about a recent update to the dinner menu!

Dinner Menu Updates

Two entrees — Braised Pork ($22.99) and Herb-crusted Lamb Rack ($28.49)– have been added to the dinner menu!

Be Our Guest Dinner Menu Updates

I can’t wait to head back and try these goodies. :-)

Have you tried the Grey Stuff? Let us know in the comments below!


  1. Sue says

    Eeeek! I guess I’m going to have to wait in line to go at lunch on out upcoming trip. How do I convince my kids to use our precious park time on line for a restaurant just so I can have “grey stuff”?

  2. Cheryl Donofrio says

    OK, I’m going to have to sulk now. We were there in the end of August, and had a lovely lunch, but were told the “grey stuff” was only available at dinner. I don’t know when I’ll get to go back. It might be a long wait. Sigh. It really does look delicious!

  3. CanadiansLoveWDW says

    We tried to go there for lunch last week.. but the line up was out the castle and around the corner… and it hadnt even opened yet.. not going to wait that long with a 2 year old.. maybe next time.. not food related but the new mine train ride looks pretty good

  4. James D. says

    This is great news! I was always kind of annoyed that the Grey Stuff wasn’t on the menu. Did the presentation of the Grey Stuff at dinner change now that people are paying for it?

  5. Joshua says

    I was already planning on trying the strawberry cupcake on Halloween, looks like I’ll be getting two cupcakes now!

    November 1st newspaper excerpt: “Tourist visiting Disney World dies mysteriously from diabetes onslaught. His last words, ‘I regret nothing.'”

  6. Helen says

    19 days til we’re there!!! We have an ADR for dinner & a FP for lunch and the grey stuff is top of my list!!

  7. Tracy says

    Ouch? Was there a price hike on these petite little cakes? $3.19 – up from when we last ate at BOG in June. Boo.

  8. Leonard says

    Tracy – not only was there a price increase from when you went there, there was one half way through the article… The top shot shows the Strawberry Cream Cheese Cupcake for $3.19, farther down is shows as $4.19…

  9. Angelina says

    Just further evidence that we need a BOG (or BOG0-type) restaurant at DLR!!!!!!!! We love the Blue Bayou but we want more awesomly themed table service spots (with better food)!!!!!

  10. Ashley says

    Are the dinner cupcakes larger than the lunch cupcakes? If so, that’s kind of weird. If not, then why do they cost $1 more?

  11. Essie says

    I’ve had the strawberry cupcake and it was very good, but I’ll certainly try the Master’s cupcake next year. One thing, though, is it just the coloring on my PC or is the GREY stuff really tanish brown (LOL, it does look delicious!)?

  12. Lisa says

    I saw on the DIS boards that someone has a grey stuff brownie at dinner, was this just a trail or is it on the new menu?

  13. Jeff says

    Joshua – Don’t feel alone, as I plan on getting all four on my visit in December. This restaurant is too much of a pain to get into (I’m expecting an hour wait for lunch) so I want to knock them all out at once.

    Leonard & Ashley – I don’t know if this is the actual reason for the price difference, but many restaurants charge less for lunch than they do for dinner. This is generally to help minimize dinner crowds (and possibly having to turn people away) by getting them to have lunch there instead. Many times the portion sizes can be similar, just cheaper. In this case the cupcakes may actually be a different size, I have no idea. I’m just throwing out a more common possibility.

  14. Katie says

    I am so excited to go to Be Our Guest for lunch and now I will get to try the Grey Stuff. My trip is in 24 days!

    Does anyone know how you can get a FastPass+ for Be Our Guest for lunch? We have the MagicBands and I have scheduled other FastPass+ selections, but there is no option to select Be Our Guest on the My Disney Experience page. Do I need to call and ask?

    Also, I think I read on this blog somewhere that only one member of the party needs to wait in the lunch line, is that correct? If so, I am willing to wait in line while the rest of my family goes on some rides.

    Thanks for any help!

  15. Halevy says

    Katie – There’s a separate website for the lunch FP+. I don’t know if we’re allowed to post the link here, but you should be able to find it in a Google search. You’ll need your 12-digit reservation number to sign up. You should be able to schedule one; I’m 30 days out and scheduled mine last Friday.

  16. Katie says

    Halevy – Thank you so much. Where do you find the 12-digit reservation number? All I have is my reservation confirmation number and it is not 12 digits. Thanks!

  17. Halevy says

    Katie – If you go to the MagicBands section of MyDisneyExperience, you should see the right confirmation number there. It should start with a 4.

    Did you book through a third party, like Orbitz? I know those confirmation numbers aren’t 12-digits, but if you’ve linked it to MDE, you should be able to see the resort reservation number you’ll need for the BOG FastPass site. I’m doing a split stay, and my first resort was booked through Travelocity. When I look at my reservations under My Reservations in MDE, it shows a shorter confirmation number. But when I look at the MagicBands section, I can see the Disney confirmation number.

    Clear as mud? LOL

  18. Katie says

    Halevy – Thank you so much for your help, I was able to get a FastPass+ for lunch after I found the right confirmation number. Enjoy your trip!

  19. sarah says

    I tried the grey stuff at dinner on sunday 9/22 and it was like a chocolate filled wafer with the grey stuff on top, they didn’t have a cupcake option on that night. It was really good on the wafer thing, I liked it.

  20. V No Privacy says

    I am please that the Grey Stuff is exactly the same on the cupcake as it is served alone – I would have wondered otherwise.

    I am THRILLED that Be Our Guest’s cupcakes each have a filling. Unfilled cupcakes should be formally abolished by law. Now if they would only make the wrappers easier to remove……

  21. Halevy says

    Katie – Yay! Glad to have helped :) I hope you have a great trip, too!

    And to stay on topic, I’m excited to finally try the Grey Stuff. We didn’t get to during our last trip, even though we noted my sister’s birthday on our dinner reservation. I’m glad they’ve made options so everyone can try it.

  22. Kristie says

    I tried The Master’s Cupcake last week and it was delicious!! I, too, ate it with a spoon. I couldn’t figure out how to get it out of the wrapper without making a mess.

  23. Sue says

    Had the gray stuff when we dined at BOG in March! It IS delicious!!! The whole BOG experience is delicious, the food, the atmosphere, the service, loved it all!!!! Didn’t want to leave when dinner was over, they really make you feel special!

  24. says

    I had to cancel our BOG res last time we went and was so disappointed. I can’t wait to finish running almost 49 miles and get my Grey Stuff that night for dinner. I just may get two of the GS. Thanks for the updates.

  25. janine says

    Thanks for all the info! i’ll be there in 4 weeks for my honeymoon, I might have to try all of them! So excited!

  26. JanH says

    We ate here for dinner 2 weeks ago. Had the strip steak, mash potatoes and green beans. The green beans were actually really good because they were well seasoned. The mash potatoes had cheese in them and the steak was well seasoned also. Other than the steak being overcooked, the meal was very good. I had the lemon cupcake, which was small but very, very fresh and good. Cupcakes should be a standard size, but they are smaller. Although people were being turned away as we waited, the dining room was not full at all. Couldn’t understand this because so many people want to eat here.

  27. Chaz says

    YESSSSSSSSSSSS SO HAPPY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I’m going in November, but we could only make it to Be Our Guest Lunch, and not a special celebration day either. So I’m so happy that they made this!

  28. Becca says

    I’m confused about the separate FastPass+ booking for restaurants? Does it come out of your daily 3 FastPass+? Also, are people getting 4 for Magic Kingdom?

  29. says

    Becca, from what I understand, there are really only 3 FP+ choices that you get per day. None of my clients were even given the option of using it at a restaurant, but I assume that once it is fully implemented, a restaurant FP+ use will come out of the 3 allotted choices. However, all of my clients have reported receiving a 4th bonus FP+ while at the Magic Kingdom.

  30. Natalie says

    My friend Sue and I ate there this week, it was wonderful…everything from the sandwiches to the Cupcakes was excellent….can’t wait to go again…..

  31. Lexy says

    Ate at BOG last night with my boyfriend. The atmosphere is brilliant, they did such an amazing job on the area as a whole. I chose the garden salad as an appetizer, the chicken provincial as my entree and of course the grey stuff as my dessert. For dinner the grey stuff is indeed served in a brownie like shell. I can’t comment much on the flavor of the shell, I was too busy devouring the grey stuff itself. It really is delicious!

    Unfortunately, the rest of my meal was mediocre at best. My salad was rather unpalatable because the dressing was incredibly vinegar-y, and my chicken was downright inedible because it was so insanely salty. My boyfriends meal wasn’t much better. His appetizer (the mussels) was great besides a number of empty shells. His entree (the lamb) was downright awful. Cooked wonderfully, but the dish is horribly put together. The herb crust on the lamb tastes like boxed bread crumbs, and the sauce it is served over is basically A-1 steak sauce.
    In all I’ll go again for the beauty of the place, but they really need to figure out the dishes issues.

  32. Brandi says

    The Master’s Cupcake was indeed delicious! I got several to take back to the resort :)

  33. Nancy says

    Maybe it was an off day, but our grey stuff cupcake was forgettable. We were there for lunch in January. Desserts are hard to disappoint, but this cupcake was mediocre at best. My onion soup was bland but my daughter’s was delicious! Her broth was beefy looking and mine was very light and had no flavor.

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