Review: Breakfast at Boma in Disney’s Animal Kingdom Lodge

Mention that you’re looking for a breakfast restaurant during a stay at Walt Disney World, and you are bound to be met with this piece of advice: “You MUST go to Boma.”

It’s true! This buffet restaurant is among the most favorite options for lovers of Disney food, myself included. We’ve even named it as one of our most favorite Disney brunch destinations!

But even though dinner offers an amazing spread, your Disney friends will tell you that breakfast is the “can’t miss” meal here.

It was a shock to me when I realized that I had never actually reviewed this all-important meal on the blog! Time to remedy that right now!


Boma is located at Disney’s Animal Kingdom Lodge. You’ll find it below the lobby on the ground floor, adjacent to other AKL restaurants The Mara and Jiko.

There’s one pretty important distinction that sets Boma apart from other very popular buffets at Disney. Many of the others are primarily character dining experiences. But you won’t find any characters at Boma. That’s an important detail to keep in mind when planning your advance dining reservations.

Boma Background Information

“Boma” is actually an African term for a fence made of sticks that forms a safe enclosure for gathering. Throughout the entrance of the restaurant, you see the stick fence motif captured in different materials.

Here, Imagineers used wrought iron to line the bridged walkway leading into the space.

Entrance to Boma

Beautiful statuary decorates the low wall that separates the buffet from the seating area.

Statuary and Decor

Ceilings are lined with large pieces of cloth strung up at the corners to mimic how shades would be created outdoors over the gathering place or marketplace. I just love this touch.

Boma Ceiling Decor

Large tables featuring fre-form wooden tabletops and chunky hardwood chairs are ready for guests to arrive.

Large Tables

Other tables feature an African fabric design and more delicate chairs. Don’t forget to look closely here for hidden Mickeys!!

In this photo you can also see the thatched roof area over the buffet, as though food is served from shelters and seating is a gathering of tables in the open air under the fabric canopies.

Boma Tables and Buffet

Some mixed seating is also available, with a few banquettes located in the part of the seating area furthest from the entryway.

Mixed Seating

A view across the main seating area gives you a pretty good idea of the “big picture.”

Main Seating Area and Buffet

You can see another “boma” fashioned out of wood here, edging the half wall that separates the seating area from the buffet.

Serving Stations

And that brings us to the really important part of the morning. The food!!!


Your journey through the Flavors of Africa begins as your server greets you and takes your beverage order. I can definitely recommend the Jungle Juice! This is pretty much the unofficial beverage of Animal Kingdom, as it’s also served within the park at Tusker House Restaurant. And just for fun, be sure to check out a frozen version at the Harambe Popcorn Cart adjacent to Tusker House.

Jungle Juice!

Once you’re settled in with your beverage, it’s time to hit the bountiful buffet.

To make the review easier to follow, I’ve broken it up into sections. Let’s take a look!

Cold Offerings

Start your morning off with a healthy kick. In addition to Fresh Fruit like Pineapple, Cantaloupe, and Grapes, the bar has Vanilla Yogurt.

Vanilla Yogurt and Pineapple

Cantaloupe and Grapes

The morning I visited, there were also fresh Strawberries and Strawberry Banana Yogurt.

Fresh Strawberries

Strawberry Banana Yogurt

While there aren’t a lot of salads to choose from, I did find this African Fruit Salad, which looks pretty interesting.

African Fruit Salad

You’ll also find Hard Boiled Eggs here, perfect for a picky eater or an extra pop of protein.

Hard Boiled Eggs

Breads and Cereals

Assorted Breakfast Cereals are also on hand, including many kid favorites. (Just ask your server for milk.)

Assorted Breakfast Cereals

You’ll even find Granola here for sprinkling on your yogurt or into your oatmeal.

Assorted Breakfast Cereals

And speaking of Oatmeal, here you go! Complete with Brown Sugar, Raisins, and Cinnamon.


There’s also Quinoa Porridge for those who prefer this hot grain.

Quinoa Naturel

Fans of Boma breakfast really appreciate the wide array of breakfast breads and pastries that are available each morning. There’s almost always a moist and delicious Banana Bread.

Banana Bread

I also think the little Mini Muffins are such a great idea. They’re the perfect size to try more than one flavor! The Orange Bran Muffins sounded pretty awesome.

Orange Bran and Banana Macadamia Muffins

The Macadamia Nuts that garnish these Banana Muffins are a nice touch.

Banana Macadamia Muffins

Chocolate Chip and Blueberry Muffins are sure to please just about everyone.

Chocolate Chip and Blueberry Muffins

Next come the pastries, fresh baked daily. The Miniature Croissants are gorgeous!


And the Chocolate Croissants are pretty amazing as well — and pretty hard to pass up. :-)

Chocolate Croissants

Cinnamon Rolls look rich and buttery, but I miss that healthy (and by healthy I mean plentiful, of course) dose of icing that makes them irresistible.

Cinnamon Rolls

This is also one of the few breakfast buffets that I’ve seen feature Scones — also in a miniature version.


The Sticky Buns look rich, enrobed in a Caramel Sauce and topped with pecans.

Sticky Buns -- Up Close

Toastable breads are available if you’d prefer — like Bagels and White Bread.


Sliced White Bread

And of course, there are toasters on stand-by, too!


You’ll also find all kinds of bread spreads, including Cream Cheese, Butter, Jams, and Jellies.

Cream Cheese and Butter

Strawberry Preserves, Grape Jelly, and Orange Marmalade

Create Your Own Omelet Station

Another favorite feature of Boma breakfast is the Create Your Own Omelet Station.

Create Your Own Omelet Station

Choose your fillings and watch while a cast member whips them into a delicious breakfast dish!

Create Your Own Omelet Station

I didn’t see any meats among the options here (maybe I just missed it?), but there are a couple of cheeses and some tasty vegetables to dress up your eggs.

Omelet Options

Main Dishes and Sides

There are many other sides and main dishes that you can choose from. Start with two kinds of Scrambled Eggs. The day we visited, we enjoyed the choice between Plain and Eggs with Goat Cheese and Spinach.

Goat Cheese & Spinach Scrambled Eggs and Plain Scrambled Eggs

Goat Cheese & Spinach Scrambled Eggs -- Up Close

Many of my favorite African-inspired dishes at Boma appears on both the breakfast and dinner menu — a daily special version of Bobotie.

Turkey Bobotie

Similar to a bready, crustless omelet, the dish was made with Turkey for this visit.

Turkey Bobotie

African-Spiced Corned Beef Hash lends some exotic flavor to a favorite breakfast dish.

African-Spiced Corn Beef Hash

Sausage and Bacon are also available.


Mmmm. Bacon.


Just like at dinner, you’ll also find a Carving Station featuring meats that are spit-roasted over an open fire.

Meats Spit-Roasted Over a Blazing Wood Fire

We could choose from Roasted Turkey Breast or Ham.

Roasted Turkey Breast

Cast members carve the meats right before you, ensuring your portion is freshly cut.

Cast Member Carving Ham

And those awesome sauces are available too, like Boma Mustard and Sambal, one of my favorites! The spicy chili condiment will brighten up any meat in a flash!

Boma Mustard


To complement the main dishes, there are also a wide range of Side Dishes.

We enjoyed Asparagus during our Boma breakfast.


In lieu of American grits, you’ll find Pap on the menu here. Similar to grits, I think they’re a little softer and finer than their American southern-comfort-food counterpart.


Normally, the pap is paired with Chakalaka, a flavorful tomato stew.


However there are also Grilled Tomatoes, which are halved and broiled with cheese on top.

Grilled Tomatoes

The Breakfast Potatoes at Boma are out of the this world! Be sure to make a little room on your plate for some.

Breakfast Potatoes

Kitchen staff stay busy, cooking more food and replenishing supplies of all the dishes in full view of the guests.

The Kitchen Staff Keeps Up with the Busy Demands of Breakfast

You can also enjoy a number of different sweet dishes at Boma. I love the fun M&M Pancakes on the Kids’ Buffet!

M&M's Pancakes

So fun! (And it’s okay if you’d like to sneak a couple, too.)

M&M's Pancakes

Of course, you’ll also find a plain version of Pancakes, too.

Plain Pancakes

And there’s plenty of warm syrup to go with them.

Pancake Syrup

You can also get thick Waffles at Boma. But here’s a surprising fact: they aren’t Mickey Waffles! (Gasp!) But they’re still pretty delicious.


And while you won’t find french toast, you will find French Toast Bread Pudding — complete with Pecan Praline Sauce.

Pecan Praline Sauce and French Toast Bread Pudding

In fact, I decided to cap off my delicious breakfast with this dessert. It was completely fabulous.

French Toast Bread Pudding with Pecan Praline Sauce

And after all, it’s vacation, right? And dessert after breakfast is practically required!


Boma is at once familiar and exotic. There are certainly enough traditional foods that everyone should find something they like. But I love that they also include a few of the quintessential African dishes, like bobotie and pap, on the breakfast spread so that everyone can enjoy them.

While some guests might wish there were a character or two peeking around the corner, or a raucous celebration with loud music, others will certainly enjoy the more peaceful atmosphere.

With delicious dishes and a beautiful setting, I can definitely recommend Boma for breakfast. It’s a great way to kick off your day before heading out to your next adventure!

Is Boma one of your favorites? Leave us a comment and tell us about your favorite dishes!


  1. Alan says

    These pictures and review are a terrible thing to see when I am about to have my breakfast of cherrios and skim milk. What I would do for some of that French toast bread pudding and praline sauce. I guess I will go wild and slice a banana onto my cereal.

  2. Vanessa says

    We really enjoyed Boma on our last trip. Your review describes it perfectly! Our waiter did mention, since Boma has a working kitchen, you can order mickey waffles and omlettes made-to-order. They were delish! It may help to ask.

  3. Jenny says

    I was so looking forward to this review and you didn’t disappoint. I’m so excited to go to Boma for breakfast. My DH and I went for dinner and I wanted to try the breakfast but was unsure. This review came out in time because my 180 day mark is next month. Thank you/

  4. Daniel Staten says

    Chackalacka, pap and turkey are my favorites at Boma! One question: the eggs on the buffet are usually too runny for me. Will they scramble them hard if I were to ask? I’ve never had the nerve to.

  5. Jeff says

    I hate to be a downer, but while I was satisfied with my Boma breakfast back in May, I didn’t find it to be anything spectacular. There are definitely some Boma specific highlights to the food, but I found the majority of items to be pre-packaged or frozen meals that were just heated up by the kitchen staff. Most of the food was something you could not only find at any other Disney breakfast buffets, but also on most any other of this country’s breakfast buffets.

    Some items that really bothered me were the items that SHOULD have been made fresh in-house, but instead are bought frozen and reheated at Boma. These would include the pancakes, muffins, croissants, and cinnamon buns to name a few. Don’t get me wrong, I LOVE Boma. I had dinner there before, and that really was amazing. It was one of my favorite dinners at Disney so far. I do enjoy the breakfast there, I’m just saying I didn’t find it all that unique compared to anywhere else, other than a handful of particular foods.

  6. Katie says

    Love that French toast bread pudding! Trails End at Ft Wilderness has a very similar if not identical version and it is delicious!!

  7. Rune says

    Like Jeff, I have to say that although it’s one of our number one spots for dinner, we were a little disappointed with Boma’s breakfast offerings. There was a lot of choice but as Jeff has already mentioned, the vast majority of buffet items weren’t ‘exclusive’ or even ‘unusual’ and we came away rather wishing we’d gone back to the Wave for a breakfast buffet again.

    Don’t get me wrong, there was nothing wrong with the food, it just wasn’t quite what we had expected compared with dinner – we had thought there would be more Boma, less regular Westernized fare if that makes sense. I did enjoy the African fruit salad however, and that pecan praline sauce is absolutely to DIE FOR! So much so that it managed to find its way onto all sorts of things from oatmeal to bacon to breakfast potatoes and more! Whatever else you put on your plate there, make sure you have some of that stuff! ^^

    Like I said, we enjoyed the meal but for us, we found that there are better brekkie buffets out there in the World. =)

  8. Joni says

    Usually our must do on the last day of our vacation.
    But have really been disapinted with the Jungle Juice. WAY back when it first opend it was real juices
    now it is an orange juice blend. NOT good.
    Last time I was there some things were missing. No Cinn Rolls and no Choc. Croissants. :(
    But I do like BOMAS and have never tried it for dinner. Sounds like I should

  9. Helen says

    When my husband and I had the breakfast buffet at Boma, I was sad to see that they did not have zebra domes out at breakfast. When our waiter overheard me saying that I was going to have to go buy some at the Mara, he brought me a plate of freshly made zebra domes from the kitchen for my husband and I to share…. mmmm!!!

  10. Katie says

    Boma is one of my favorite restaurants in Disney World. How exciting to hear that they have a new brunch option! That Quinoa porridge sounds right up my alley!

  11. says

    First, I agree with everything in your review and the pictures are great. But I just can’t get behind Boma as a whole. About a third of their offerings for breakfast can be found at the Hampton Inn’s free breakfast, not that I’m condoning staying off-site. While my wife and son are talking about how great the juice is, I’m thinking, “I just spent $70.00 for breakfast”. You know me; I don’t hesitate to spend $200 for dinner at Citricos or Flying Fish but Boma’s not for me. I’ll make Jungle Juice at home when the family complains enough.

  12. Colette says

    Boma looks and sounds fantastic! I like how the food varies when you compare it to other breakfasts at WDW. I’ve always wanted to eat at Boma and this review has made me want to book an ADR right now lol.

  13. Anna says

    We used to live in Africa, and we frequently ate quinoa porridge, so that’s, at least, another authentic taste of the continent.

  14. Pat says

    I’m not a breakfast person but my husband is. We ate breakfast at Boma twice last week and it was absolutely delicious! They had something for everyone! Loved the waffles with the pecan praline topping. I never drink orange juice but downed 3 glasses of the jungle juice. Awesome meal!

  15. Essie says

    I’ve never even visited the AKL, but boy does that pecan praline sauce look wonderful. Is there any chance of getting the recipe for that?

  16. Holly says

    I loved this breakfast on our last stay (December 2012). We had the deluxe dining plan (3TS meals and 3 snacks per person per day =way too much food).

    This was one of our favorite late breakfasts our reservation was at 10:30 (we went to Animal Kingdom for Expedition Everest/Kilimanjaro Safari’s) easy transfer from Animal Kingdom to Animal Kingdom Lodge and back. I highly recommend transferring from the parks to a close resort – it is a nice break.

    It was so nice and QUIET such a great break from the busyness of the parks or buffet breakfasts with characters, especially because our party was 3 adults.

    I was quite impressed with the hand carved meats, the asparagus and grilled tomatoes. I have never seen that on another buffet in WDW.

    I have never had Boma at dinner and look forward to trying it on our next trip (planned for October 2014). I enjoyed dinner at the Wave and also look forward to having breakfast there as Rune mentioned.

  17. tkcanada68 says

    Thanks for reviewing my favourite breakfast buffet AJ ! (And I have sampled many at Disney…)
    I love the ambience at Boma and the staff is terrific. FYI they have also switched to serving Joffrey’s coffee instead of Nescafe. And if you like press pot coffee you can order that too, for an extra charge.
    The major draw for me is the African Fruit salad– delicious and unique- with fresh strips of coconut, mango, papaya…
    Made to order omelettes, the ham with mustard sauce- and especially the bread pudding with pecan sauce- all perfect. I recommend using pecan sauce as a waffle topping, too :)
    We were there this past July at the end of breakfast hour (around 11:00) and the bread pudding had already been taken off of the buffet. We asked about it and they made sure they put out a fresh pan for us AND came over and gave us the recipe. A Disney magical moment- it made our trip :) And a shout out for mealy pap- I love that stuff! I put cinnamon, raisins and cream on it.

  18. Tricia says

    Count me as another Boma breakfast lover. I like that they have a balance of foods so that everyone at the table can get something they like for breakfast and hopefully try something new.

    Hand Carved meats and a bowl of fruit loops never does my day wrong.

  19. Erin says

    Is the African fruit salad the same as the “Fruit Fool” that Boma serves for dinner? If so, its delicious! I even searched for the recipe online.

  20. tkcanada68 says

    The African fruit salad consists of banana, pineapple, honeydew melon, cantaloupe, red grapes, mango, papaya, coconut strips (and possibly other fruit-that’s all I can remember right now ;) ) with a creamy coconut dressing- not too sweet.

  21. E says

    Absolutely loved the breakfast potatoes. Do they have cinnamon? The posted recipe lists curry, garlic, and paprika but no cinnamon. Can Boma share recipe?

  22. E says

    Absolutely loved the breakfast potatoes. Do they have cinnamon? The posted recipe lists curry, garlic, and paprika but no cinnamon. Can Boma share recipe?

  23. Carla says

    The French toast bread pudding w the caramel praline sauce was to die for!!! Wish I could find the recipe!!!

  24. DFB Sarah says

    Tootie, there aren’t any alcoholic beverages on the menu currently, but with alcohol now being available on the Disney Dining Plan, it’s something to watch.

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