Tips from the DFB Guide: Top 5 Disney Dining Plan One-Credit Values for 2014

Now that you’ve booked your 2014 Disney World vacation, it’s time to make your Advance Dining Reservations.


But which restaurants are worthy of your precious Disney Dining Plan credits?

What’s the DDP? The vacation package add-on called the Disney Dining Plan is a pre-purchased meal plan. Based on the plan you choose, you’ll receive a certain number of credits to be utilized during your Disney stay. (Remember your college meal plan? Yeah; it’s kinda like that!)

Many table-service meals in Disney World cost one credit per person, but are you getting the best value?

If you reeeeeeally want to get your money’s worth, stick to the one-credit restaurants, order the most expensive meal on the menu, and maximize your savings! Let’s get to the DFB guide’s top picks for best value at “one table-service credit” Walt Disney World restaurants.

Remember: this is primarily based on food cost, but we have taken atmosphere and food quality into consideration a bit as well. We don’t want you eating at a bad restaurant, after all. ;-)

Tutto Italia

Offering regional specialties, Tutto Italia is located in Epcot’s Italy pavilion. With dinner entrees costing about $30, and a pricey dessert topping $13, your one meal here is a great use of a table service dining credit!

Braised Meatballs and Shortrib

Braised Meatballs and Shortrib


Kouzzina features Mediterranean cuisine showcased on a menu created by Celebrity Chef Cat Cora. A dinner at this BoardWalk restaurant can be costly. With a $35 grilled steak entree and $10 desserts (Baklava!!), Kouzzina is a smart choice for your dining credit use!

Baklava Dessert Close-Up

Baklava Dessert at Kouzzina

Teppan Edo

Teppan Edo is a fun Hibachi restaurant in Epcot’s Japan pavilion. Order the $32 Filet Mignon and a dessert at $5-7 to make the most of your table service credit.

Steak and chicken

Steak and chicken at Teppan Edo

Les Chefs de France

Located in Epcot’s France pavilion, Les Chefs de France serves up delicious cuisine. Dinner entrees cost $20-35 with desserts about $9 each. Use your table service credit here for a memorable meal.

Creme Brulee

Creme Brulee at Chefs de France

Rainforest Cafe

While Rainforest Cafe gets mixed reviews, it’s an expensive restaurant that pleases kids with its audio-animatronic animals and simulated thunderstorms. The Primal Steak is $33, and other entrees are costly too.

Desserts are around $8 each, so a table service credit here is a good value! And there are two locations in Disney World — one at Downtown Disney and the other at Animal Kingdom — for easier planning.

Sit by a gorilla!

Sit by a gorilla at Rainforest Cafe!

For more tips including our honorable mentions for best one credit table service restaurants, check out The DFB Guide to Walt Disney World® Dining 2014 e-Book.

Ready for all of our Tips?

We’ve given you just a small sampling of the information that you can find about Disney Dining Plan Credits highlighted in The DFB Guide to Walt Disney World® Dining 2014 — and the guide is your ticket to further cost-savings on your Disney dining!


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What restaurant is your favorite for using a table service Disney Dining Plan credit? Share your thoughts in the comments below and help us all save money on our next Disney vacation!


  1. Kristina says

    I think the problem with Rainforest Cafe is that you not getting a good value…it’s just they are SO overpriced to begin with (for microwaved food that is).

  2. Anita says

    I like using my DDP credits for character buffets. They are all you can eat, the food is pretty tasty, they usually cost a pretty penny out of pocket, AND they save you time by letting you greet while you eat! Crystal Palace, Tusker House, and Chef Mickey’s are all good uses of those credits.

  3. MeLissa says

    I’m a little surprised BOG didn’t make the list. I know the dinner entrees aren’t quite at this price level, but I thought atmosphere would bump it up a little.

    I don’t know if you’ve ever done a “top 5″ dining locations for parade/fireworks viewing, but I’d love to see it all in one place. I’ve read about several prime viewing spots, but not all together in one post. (Btw, based on a dfb post, we ate at Yak and Yeti and requested an upper level window seat around 3:15 and had amazing seats for the Jammin’ Jungle parade. So thanks for that!)

  4. says

    Excellent timing on this article as we’re trying to figure out whether we go with the dining plan or not on our upcoming 2-week vacation. If we do go on the dining plan, it certainly makes sense to hit up some of these better values and I agree with all of them. I also agree with MeLissa who said Be Our Guest….definitely a great value.

    Now the biggest issue is do we go dining plan or not? We have two reservations, one for each week so it’s either dining plan the whole time….dining plan 1/2 the time….or on our own. Tough decisions ahead. :) (but FUN ones!)

  5. Frankie says

    I know it’s a buffet so that is different in the ‘value’ stakes but I feel like BOMA has to be on this list. The most unique selection of food on Disney property and in a wonderful setting.

  6. Lori says

    We just got home from our vacation and I have to suggest The Wave! At the contemporary, the meals are pricey but with the dining plan it used one meal credit and the service was excellent as well as the food being perfectly prepared with a wonderful flavor palette as well as variety of choices! for us it will be a must return!!!

  7. says

    I find Grand Floridian Cafe and Raglan Road to be good bets, too. At Raglan Road, the Mixed Grill ($29) Serious Steak ($28) or It’s Not Bleedin Chowder, paired with the irresistible Ger’s Bread and Butter Pudding ($8.50). At Grand Floridian Cafe, the New York Strip ($30) followed by the chocolate fondue ($7).

  8. Detronyx says

    Hands down, Yak & Yeti is my absolute favorite use of 1 TS credit! The bourbon chicken with brown rice is amazing, and followed with the Mango Pie…omg!

  9. Jennifer says

    Surprised O’hana didn’t make the list. It’s a great meal, but man it’s expensive to pay OOP for! Definately a great use of your DDP credit.

  10. Lora M says

    Did the people writing this list actually eat at these restaraunts? I have a hard time understanding how Rainforest Cafe can make the list. It is overpriced, average tasting food. If the list was only to be price vs DDP then the list needs to titled diffrently. If this list is supposed to be best quality of food for your DDP then I can not say I trust any recommendations on the list if Rainforest Cafe is included. When I am looking for the best “value” of DDP I give more weight to food quality than cost.

  11. Essie says

    I agree with Teppan Edo; you can have a wonderful meal there and it’s very entertaining, also (although Japanese restaurants aren’t exactly known for their desserts LOL). Rain Forrest may be over priced, but as wildlife lovers we do enjoy this place very much and to be able to eat there without paying OOP, makes it a better treat!

  12. Aaron says

    We are taking our trip next fall and I have done a TON of research lately on where to use our table credits. I respect the article above about getting the biggest bang for your dollar because the dining plan can be a very tricky purchase to break even on, but after reading reviews and articles galore I finally settled on: Via Napoli, Kouzzina, ‘Ohana, Raglan Road, Biergarten, and Cape May buffet twice (one character breakfast buffet, one dinner buffet).

    The sad part of the dining plan is that IMO there are so few decent places to use your table credits at Magic Kingdom, Animal Kingdom and Hollywood Studios. Epcot has it all, and then a few choice places scattered throughout the resorts, Downtown Disney and the Boardwalk.

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