Best Disneyland Meals With a View

Good food is tops. But having a delicious meal with a lovely view makes everything taste even better, I think. And I’m pretty sure you agree with me, since we both love Disney!

Disneyland Dole Whip Float

Disneyland Dole Whip Float

I’m feeling a little homesick for the Park that Started It All today, so I thought I’d take a virtual trip to Disneyland and check out a few of my favorite spots that offer not just great food, but also cool stuff to look at. I’ll be honest — sometimes, it’s the view that draws me to a couple of these spots, even more than the eats!

Let’s take a look at some of our favorite Disneyland Meals with a View!

Blue Bayou

When thinking of a restaurant with a view, your mind may immediately jump to something outside — say, a river or a mountain. We’ll get to those, for sure — but we’re going to start with the Bayou.

That’s right. Our first meal with a view takes place at that Disney landmark, Blue Bayou. It may be Southern Cali sunny when you enter, but inside, the sky is inky blue, and the mood is foreboding.

Blue Bayou Atmosphere

Night Falls on the Bayou

Something mysterious and slightly sinister is in the air. Could it be…Pirates?

Should We Warn Them They're About to Encounter Scallywags?

Should We Warn Them They’re About to Encounter Scallywags?

Yes, indeedy! Because Blue Bayou overlooks the entrance to Pirates of the Caribbean. So you’ll have a chance to see folks off at the beginning of their perilous journey.

Fortunately, you’re safe on the terrace of this gracious Southern mansion, about to tuck into some delicious, Cajun-inspired food.


The Beautiful Terrace Seating Area

Blue Bayou is open for lunch and dinner, but we prefer the former. That’s the only time you can get the famous and incredibly delicious Monte Cristo Sandwich.

Le Special de  Monte Cristo Sandwich

Le Special de Monte Cristo Sandwich

Classic food with a classic view. It’s a pretty special way to pass the time.

Cove Bar

When I’m in the mood for a little grown-up libation, I love to head over to Cove Bar in Disney California Adventure.

You’ll find this somewhat hidden gem situated above Ariel’s Grotto overlooking Paradise Pier. And it’s the location that makes this stop so special (though the food ain’t half bad).

View from Cove Bar

View from Cove Bar

That covered area with the beautiful seaside touches is a great place to relax and unwind. With the shady patio seating and close proximity to the water, you’ll often enjoy cool breezes that make you feel like you’re inside and outside at the same time!

And while most of the drinks here are part of the Standard Disney Bar Menu, you will find a couple specialty drinks as well. Personally, I think it’s a fantastic opportunity to indulge in that Disney classic cocktail, the Blue Glow-tini!

Disney's Blue Glow-Tini

Disney’s Blue Glow-Tini

And don’t skip Cove Bar if you are hungry. They have an interesting menu of pub grub as well. The Tri-Tip Sliders look especially inviting!

Hungry Bear Restaurant

Think seclusion is impossible at Disneyland? Think again. Allow me to share with you a table with a view at Hungry Bear Restaurant.

Located in Critter Country, you’ll have a little bit of a hike to get to this spot. Hungry Bear is at the way, way, WAY back of the Park. But once you get there, you’re richly rewarded.

It’s like eating your lunch in a treehouse!

Cool Hungry Bear Seating!

Cool Hungry Bear Seating!

While the three different levels of seating all have their charms, I recommend a seat by the water, where you’ll have a lovely view of the Rivers of America. This serene slice of Disneyland is a great place to relax for a little while between fun attractions.

View from the Hungry Bear

View from the Hungry Bear

The menu here is counter service Sandwiches and Salads with some interesting options, like the mammoth Pioneer Chili Cheeseburger. Their Crispy Chicken Sandwich gets good marks too.

Pioneer Chili Cheeseburger

Pioneer Chili Cheeseburger

And who can pass up a Lemon Bumblebee Cupcake with Lemon-Cream Filling and Honey-Lemon Frosting?!? Not me!

Honey Lemon Cupcake

Lemon Bumblebee Cupcake

So above all, be sure to save room for dessert!

Flo’s V-8 Cafe

Let’s see…we’ve seen plenty of water so far. How about we hit the desert next? That’s what you’ll find when you travel Route 66 for a stop at Flo’s V-8 Cafe!

This particular part of the Mother Road winds through Cars Land, of course. So you’ll see sweeping vistas surrounding Radiator Springs Racers!

Outdoor Seating Overlooking Radiator Springs and the Desert

Outdoor Seating Overlooking Radiator Springs and the Desert

And the level of detail here really does make you think you’ve wandered right into the movie screen. You’ll be convinced that you’re visiting Carburetor County when you visit Flo’s.

The views of the town and rock formations are stunning, but save some time to have a look around Flo’s inside as well. There’s so much to take in!

Motor Oil and Gas Pumps on the Patio

Motor Oil and Gas Pumps on the Patio

As beautiful as the view is during the daytime, be sure to swing back through Cars Land at night. Seeing Flo’s lit up in all of her fluorescent splendor is truly something special.

Flo's V-8 Cafe in Disney California Adventure

Flo’s V-8 Cafe in Disney California Adventure

With homestyle, diner-inspired food, you won’t leave hungry. I enjoyed the Roast Beef Dinner during my last visit.

Roast Beef Dinner

Roast Beef Dinner

But milkshakes and desserts are pretty delicious, too. I fell hard for the Chocolate Mud Pie!

Chocolate Mud Pie

Chocolate Mud Pie

But you won’t go wrong ordering Flo’s Ugly Crust Pies, either! The flavors change up seasonally, but when in doubt, you can always snag Flo’s Signature Apple-Cheddar Pie-O-Rama!

And there you have it — Meals with a View, Disneyland-style. Eat for sure. And enjoy those delicious meals! But don’t forget to take in the lovely surroundings too. It’s a great way to unwind during a fun, hectic day in the Happiest Place on Earth.

What are your picks for meals with a view when visiting Disneyland? Weigh in below with your votes in comments!


  1. Jenny says

    I haven’t been to Disneyland in 14 years (go to WDW) but I would have to agree the best places are Blue Bayou and Hungry Bear. Thank you for bringing me down memory lane.

  2. says

    Another great article! We recently had the opportunity to eat out on one of the terraces at Carthay Circle Restaurant at DCA and enjoyed our meal along with the view of Buena Vista Street from the height of the second floor.

  3. Jared says

    Great article never been to Disneyland (a wdw visitor) but now I have a Food reason lol.

  4. Christi says

    The Cove Bar is great. Was there last year during D23. A guest at the event suggested it and it was great. The Lobster Nachos made the day…..wait the vacation. It is a nice place to hang out and at night grab a table to watch world of color. (I think there was a small fee for this) ….it was fun.

  5. Dawn says

    I’ve been to Disneyland a few times and did not know Cove Bar existed. I’m all over that in December (if its warm enough, of course).

  6. Michele says

    Cove Bar is my absolute favorite place to sit and relax in DCA!! I’ve never had a drink that wasn’t delicious, and the food is fantastic. I think I’ve tried just about everything on the menu, but I can never pass up the lobster nachos! I didn’t know the bar existed for a long time, but now we stop there on every visit!

  7. Angelina says

    Hungry Bear with a table on the second floor by the water and a fried green tomato sandwich=happiness and perfection :)

  8. Krisztina says

    Carthay Circle is great. I highly recommend the fire cracker duck wings. Also go for lunch. It a nice break in the day. You will really forget you are in a theme park.

  9. Cindy Kay says

    We are headed to DL for the first time in November… I’ve gotta get me a lemon cupcake! Yummo!

  10. Essie says

    I’d love to go there some day and I’m sure that the food would be a real high light of my visit. Those pies at Flo’s would be a definite!

  11. Terri says

    Your right! The Monte Cristo Sandwich is Wonderful! We go to the Blue Bayou Restaurant every visit for the atmosphere and the Monte Cristo Sandwich!

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