Review: Lunch at Le Cellier in Epcot’s Canada Pavilion (With the NEW Filet!)

UPDATE: The Mushroom Filet is back at Le Cellier as a seasonal dish. (A photo is provided in the text below.)

We finally got to head over and try the new menu at Le Cellier Steakhouse!

Yep, you heard me right. A new menu. And while the menu changes up regularly here now that it’s a Signature-restaurant-all-the-time-forever-always, we weren’t expecting the news that the beloved filet with mushroom risotto and truffle butter sauce was getting a makeover.

As soon as we found that out, we had to make an ADR. And, yep — we ordered the replacement. Along with a lot of other goodies.

Let’s go see how it all turned out!

Please note: in addition to the “update” notice above, we’re also posting this menu shot confirming the current presence of the Mushroom Filet. Due to its status as a signature restaurant, menu options change here more frequently than most Table Service restaurants, but we’re happy to see this one back on the menu for the time being!

Le Cellier Menu (update)

Le Cellier Menu (update)


Because we had a busy day and the lunch and dinner menu are now the same, we decided to opt for a lunch advance dining reservation.

Le Cellier Steakhouse -- Outside View

Le Cellier Steakhouse — Outside View

When we arrived, we only had to wait for a bit before we were shown to our table. The very slight delay gave us a chance to check out once more the addition of several paintings by The Group of Seven, which were recently installed to honor this important Canadian school of painters.

Description of Lobby Paintings

Description of Lobby Paintings

The seating in this tiny waiting area is of the outdoor bench type, which makes it not all that comfortable. But, honestly, most of the waiting area seating is usually taken up whenever I get there.

Seating and Paintings in the Lobby

Seating and Paintings in the Lobby

Nameplates beneath each painting give you more information. If you have a few moments, be sure to check them out. They really are beautiful.

Lobby Decor -- Up Close

Lobby Decor — Up Close

As you’re shown to your table, you’ll wave goodbye to sunlight for a little while. Le Cellier really is, well, in a cellar.

Le Cellier Entryway

Le Cellier Entryway

And you get a sense of that as soon as you turn the corner into the restaurant. The feeling is at once warm and cozy, yet elegant.

Le Cellier Dining Room

Le Cellier Dining Room

The rich detail lends itself to the feeling that you’ve stepped into the wine cellar of a grand chateau. Beamed ceilings and stone arches fit right in!

Le Cellier Ceilings and Chandeliers

Le Cellier Ceilings and Chandeliers

The room seems to be lit primarily by candles. These are electric, of course. But they lend a soft light to your surroundings. Bad for reading your menu and photographing your food, but good for setting the right tone. :-)

Wall Sconces

Wall Sconces

En route to your table, you’ll also see

the wine cave, decorated appropriately with maple leaves.

Wine Cave

Wine Cave

One thing that is always a little surprising to first time guests: this is a tiny dining room. With the combination of the restaurant’s popularity and the small footprint of the seating area, it’s not surprising that ADRs are tough to come by.

Le Cellier Dining Room


While seating is comfortable, tables are situated very close together in some spots. We prefer the tables in the middle of the floor, which are set a little further apart.

Le Cellier Steakhouse Dining Room

Seating Beneath the Mullioned Windows

We have plenty of new things to show you, so let’s get to the food!


With its elevation to Signature Dining status (which means you’ll spend two Disney Dining Plan credits per person for a meal), Le Cellier makes a consistent effort to change things seasonally. We saw this with the addition of a few decidedly summery dishes appearing alongside old favorites.

Yep! The Canadian Cheddar Cheese Soup is safe.

OH — and remember the snazzy, backlit menus? They were gone on our visit, but DFB reader Dani has shared in the comments that Le Cellier has now found a new technology supplier who has fixed the “dead battery” issues! The back-lit menus are currently at the restaurant. (Your mileage may vary.)

Here were our choices for apps. (Octopus seems to be on a number of Disney menus lately. Must’ve been a bulk sale on it somewhere.)

Menu -- Appetizers -- Click to Enlarge

Menu — Appetizers — Click to Enlarge

The Artisanal Cheese Selections also looked pretty delish. These are available for appetizers or dessert.

Cheese Selection -- Click to Enlarge

Cheese Selection — Click to Enlarge

Le Cellier has also introduced a full “Poutine” Menu. Since these are not true poutine — Cheese Curds and Brown Gravy on Fries — the restaurant wisely puts the word “poutine” in quotation marks. Yes. Like that.

Sides are listed here as well, and have been greatly reduced in recent menu overhauls. See ya later truffle mac n cheese! Hopefully that will come back onto the menu in the Winter.

Menu -- Poutine and Sides -- Click to Enlarge

Menu — “Poutine” and Sides — Click to Enlarge

But here’s where it gets serious: Entrees. Yep — you’re reading that right. The “Le Cellier” Filet Mignon…well, it’s different.

Menu -- Entrees -- Click to Enlarge

Menu — Entrees — Click to Enlarge

We’d gotten word from our readers that the risotto had been switched to a pea risotto a couple of months before, but the Truffle Butter Sauce remained. Now it’s been switched to a Bacon and Spinach risotto…with Parmesan Butter Sauce. Hmm…sounds good, but… .

After much deliberation and many questions for our patient server, we finally made our selections. The first thing to arrive was the Bread Basket, which still features a medley of breads, including the beloved Pretzel Bread Sticks. They’re served with Unsalted Butter, which is sprinkled with what tastes like a combination of Maple Sugar and Sea Salt. If we hadn’t had full meals on the way, I would have indulged more in this simple combo. It was so, so good.

Bread Basket

Bread Basket

My friend was excited to see the addition of Burrata on the menu, so we began with the Farmer’s Market Bounty. The beautiful platter included Compressed Cucumber, Macerated Strawberries, Burrata, and Strawberry Walnut Croutons.

The combination was very summery. The Burrata, which is a fresh cheese that’s similar to fresh mozzarella but with a creamy center, was mild and tangy, and the unexpected texture of the cucumber really contrasted well.

Farmers Market Bounty

Farmers Market Bounty

But, of course, I couldn’t pass up the chance to start my meal with the Canadian Cheddar Cheese Soup. (My food choices aren’t often dictated by the season.) The rich, cheesy soup tasted faintly of Smoky Bacon with the rich tang of Beer. If you haven’t sampled it at Le Cellier or at the Canada Booth during the Food and Wine Festival, I heartily recommend that you give it a try! It’s still a killer bowl of soup.

Canadian Cheddar Cheese Soup

Canadian Cheddar Cheese Soup

The Canadian Cove Mussels were, well, not my thing. But my friend said they were fresh, delicious — and huge! The flavors were applied lightly here; the mussels weren’t swimming in cream or butter. Once again, you could see a seasonal influence at play. She enjoyed them very much.

Canadian Cove Mussels

Canadian Cove Mussels

We decided that we also had to try the Braised Octopus. (I knew you’d want to see what it looked like! Is it a giant octopus on a plate? It is just a big tentacle?) As it turns out, it was slices of…tentacle, I’m guessing. ;-) And the menu said it was supposed to be braised, but ours was downright burnt.

Accompanied by Roasted Eggplant Puree, Pickled Baby Peppers, Chayote Squash, and Herb Pistou, we didn’t expect it to be a very colorful dish. But we did expect that something “braised” would not arrived burnt and charred.

Braised Octopus

Braised Octopus

Here’s a close up of the octopus. We were surprised at its condition, and even asked our server if it was supposed to be like this. She said yes, but didn’t seem terribly confident.

If this one is still on the menu, I’d definitely suggest they take it back to the drawing board. The octopus was chewy and tasted charcoal-y. Didn’t really wow us.

Octopus -- Up Close

Octopus — Up Close

Next, we dug into the Pulled Barbecue Pork “Poutine”. I LOVE the regular Le Cellier “poutine,” with the fancy Canadian Cheddar and red wine reduction — so good!!, but I wanted to try one of the new ones this time as well.

Now, I know what you’re going to say. This is not Poutine! Yes. I completely agree with you. I think what the chefs are trying to do here is use the concept of poutine as a springboard to explore fun new flavors with different components. Think of it as a riff on the concept.

BUT — poutine purists, I realize, may balk. We took it for what it was and really enjoyed it. The Pulled Pork and Cornbread Croutons were amazing, as was the drizzle of Jalapeno Aioli, which had a little kick to it. It was another dish that we would have happily devoured, had entrees not been en route to our table. It could easily serve as a main dish.

Pulled Barbecue Pork "Poutine"

Pulled Barbecue Pork “Poutine”

And speaking of main dishes…we’ve arrived there! I, of course, went with the “Le Cellier” Filet Mignon. This has been one of my favorite meals in all of Walt Disney World since the first time I had it. I’ve strayed a few times to other steaks, but I always come back to this one.

BUT — there are differences here. The Wild Mushroom Risotto and Truffle Butter Sauce version that I have secretly composed odes to (ok, not secretly) is gone. For now, at least. (Who knows; maybe it will come back on a Winter menu as well.)

In its place, you’ll find the filet accompanied by Smoked Bacon and Spinach Risotto and Parmesan Butter Sauce.

I was prepared to HATE the updates. But….ohmygosh it was one of the most delicious things I’ve ever tasted! It was better than the previous version, and I absolutely wanted more when I was finished. I’m pretty sure I didn’t even offer my friend a taste.

The new risotto is super flavorful (bacon will do that to a dish, I’ve heard), and the spinach gave it  a beautiful color. The Parmesan Butter Sauce should have its own national holiday. I wanted to swim in it.

"Le Cellier" Filet Mignon

“Le Cellier” Filet Mignon with Smoked Bacon and Spinach Risotto, Heirloom Toy Box Tomatoes, and Parmesan Butter Sauce

One point to note: our server was well aware of the loyal following that the classic combo inspires. We asked if the kitchen kept some of the Wild Mushroom Risotto and Truffle Butter Sauce on hand for special requests. She said no.

(However, if you are pining too much for the the Truffle Butter Sauce, take heart: it will be featured with the filet once more at this year’s Epcot Food and Wine Festival in the Canada Booth.)

We also ordered the King Salmon. Served with Zellwood Corn Cakes, Watermelon Radish, Raspberry Vinaigrette, and Citrus Blend, we enjoyed it. Once again in this dish, we saw nods to seasonal flavors and local ingredients, and I’ll eat just about anything that has Zellwood corn involved.

Wild King Salmon

Wild King Salmon

After what had been, on the balance, a delicious meal, we couldn’t pass up a look at the Dessert Menu. We saw lots of new offerings and that was a good thing. Desserts, beyond classics like Maple Crème Brûlée and the children’s menu favorite, Chocolate Moose, have been largely forgettable here.

Dessert Menu -- Click to Enlarge

Dessert Menu — Click to Enlarge

We went with several options to get a variety of flavors.

First up — the Meyer Lemon Curd Tart — because I can’t resist the words “Lemon Curd.” And it was great. That little square on the bottom is pretty much all lemon curd with I think little shortbread-y crust at the bottom. What could be better?

The Cheese Crème on top was good too, but definitely played second fiddle to the lemon tart.

Meyer Lemon Curd Tart

Meyer Lemon Curd Tart

Another of the desserts excited one of my friends. She really enjoys trying things that are a little out of the ordinary, so we also ordered the Citrus Olive Oil Cake. The Cake is topped with Vanilla-Mint Panna Cotta, and comes with Chili Pepper Sorbet and a Sesame Tuile.

I’ll give you that the dessert was visually appealing. But that’s where my appreciation for it stopped. I disliked everything about it — the flavor, the garnish, the words “Panna Cotta” — everything. It’s a cake….made out of olive oil. Why would you do that?! I even asked the manager…”Why would you do that?! Chili Pepper, Olive Oil, Vanilla-Mint, Sesame? That’s not a dessert, that’s a salad!!” I think those were just about my exact words. ;-D I get a little passionate about my sugar. (I’m sure you guys haven’t noticed that.)

But my friend really enjoyed the citrus-olive oil flavor of the cake, and appreciated the novelty of the olive oil in a lightly sweet preparation. She also enjoyed the tuile, a cookie that reminded her somewhat of a South Carolina specialty, Benne Wafers.

Citrus Olive Oil Cake

Citrus Olive Oil Cake

We also tried the Caramel Milk Chocolate Bar. Candy Bar-type desserts like this one seem to be all the rage in Walt Disney World these days, as we keep finding them on menus. We liked this much better than the others! And the Chocolate Sorbet was a nice garnish.

Caramel Milk Chocolate Bar

Caramel Milk Chocolate Bar

Finally, we had to practice another nod to classic Le Cellier dining, and we ordered a dessert off the children’s menu, Chocolate Moose. Nope, there were no kids at our table. But who can resist Chocolate Moose???

Chocolate Moose!

Chocolate Moose!

The Dark Chocolate Mousse garnished with Cookies and Chocolate Pieces to look like, well, a moose, is still as cute as ever. Sophisticated palates may not be impressed. But if you like a good dose of whimsy with your sweet ending, you’ll enjoy this one.

Chocolate Moose -- Inside

Chocolate Moose — Inside

More than satisfied with another delicious meal, we headed out to see what else we could get into.


So, first things first. Le Cellier is extremely expensive. I wish it weren’t, but it is. And I still wish they offered different menus for lunch and dinner, so that you could 1) save a little by opting for a noonday meal, and 2) enjoy more variety of offerings. I really think the menu price increase will continue to keep me away from Le Cellier on a regular basis (I hadn’t visited for well over a year before this lunch, I don’t think.)

But even with that said, I still love this place. Every time I visit, I have a stellar meal — up to and including this time, when they completely overhauled my favorite menu item! We find lots of interesting flavors here. Some are a little more adventurous than I care for, and execution can be tricky for others, but overall, I find more to be happy about than I find reasons to be critical.

So we are going to continue the streak and keep recommending that you give Le Cellier a try for special occasion dining. Whether you enjoy savoring (most) of your favorite Le Cellier dishes unmeddled with, or you like to push the envelope with adventurous dining, you are likely to find something worth the splurge.

What are your thoughts about Le Cellier’s menu? Leave a comment and tell us about it below!


  1. Sally-Ann says

    Oh AJ that octopus was over cooked and burnt, you should have sent it back. If it is cooked correctly it should melt in the mouth and not be chewy, I would have expected better of Disney. I think your auto correct is on an evil plan to make people laugh though, must be hard to get the country of Chile in each plate, do they add a little bit of soil to each meal ;)

  2. says

    Sally-Ann — We did call a manager over in the end about the octopus. I agree; it wasn’t correct. Thanks for the heads up on the misspelling! We’ve edited and updated! :-)

  3. Joni says

    Yes I like you really like Le Cellier. Went in the 90’d and not a big deal then found your blog and tried it again a few years ago, my mother and I loved it, went back a few more times,, and then it changed to a 2 table service at lunch. :( Just can’t justify that much for lunch, too bad wish it didn’t change. I love the fact that you can get a Quick service lunch at Be Our Guest then Table service at dinner. Nice to be able to try a nice place for lunch with out shelling out over $100.00 and who knows you may be back for a nice romantic dinner on a special occasion. I guess we will have to wait and see if it is quite at lunch time they may go back to 1 table service. Or my luck just close for lunch.

  4. Jessica says

    So… quick question. My husband and I love Le Cellier, but decided to use our dining credits elsewhere when we visit in November. However, we need our poutine fix, so do you guys know if we can order take out? (Never asked or tried at Disney restaurants.)

  5. says

    I’m so excited to see this change. I haven’t eaten at Le Cellier yet for one big reason: I don’t like mushrooms, and so many of the dishes, especially the steaks, had mushrooms in them. Now that this new one doesn’t I’m dying to try it. Glad to hear it got such a glowing review from you too!

  6. Sandra says

    Love reading this review, even though it left me feeling a bit squeamish. I recognize that lots of people like octopus; it shows up in many cultures’ cuisines. But having learned how intelligent they are, neither my husband nor myself can bring ourselves to eat them anymore, even though we will eat most other seafood. I agree that the dish was not well-prepared if it was burnt and chewy. Braising should render any flesh somewhat soft and easy to cut and chew. We definitely would have sent this dish back had we received it burnt and chewy.

    We haven’t been to Le Cellier since before our son was born (he’s about to be 26). Then it was never busy, had a tiny cafeteria-style selection, and was a peaceful refuge from the heat. Plus it had pretty good maple sugar pie! We just can’t bring ourselves to pay these prices, not when there are now so many good choices out there. $27.00 for a vegetarian pasta dish? Would I really be that much happier than with a $20 plate (easily found elsewhere on property)? Although my husband loves good steak, he also says give it a pass; just too pricey for lunch, never mind dinner.

  7. CraigInPA says

    @Jessica: There was a recent review here of a dish made similarly to the Poutine, but instead of using regular fries, it used Waffle fries. Search for Waffle Fry Menu Debuts at Magic Kingdom’s Golden Oak Outpost

    It is precisely this type of mediocre review that highlights how Le Cellier is a signature restaurant in name and price only. Tables too close together, poorly prepared dishes, and lackluster services all point to a serious problem with this “signature” restaurant. That the manager had to become involved is never a good thing.

  8. Leslie says

    Ooh – I hope they release a recipe for the parmesan butter sauce soon! We’re skipping Le Cellier this year (headed that way next week – yea!) to try some new to us restaurants, but if that steak stays on the menu, I may have to give it a try next year. Thanks for the review!

  9. says

    Interesting… we’ve been totally over Le Cellier for years, thanks to a string of mediocre experiences capped by a dreadful meal of overcooked ribeye slapped atop the driest mashed potatoes I’ve ever eaten. This actually kinda makes me want to give it another try—I was never a fan of the overpowering truffle oil in that risotto, but I sure do love me some parmesan butter!

  10. Dani says

    When did you write this review? I just ate there last week and had a backlit menu. They said they found a company that was able to keep them charged efficiently this time around.

  11. Hayley says

    I love Le Cellier! I try to go once a month or somewhere close to that :)! Cant get enough of the cheese soup and I really enjoy the dry aged boneless ribeye. It recently went boneless (you used to feel like Fred Flintstone eating it) but it’s much easier to eat now that it’s boneless.

  12. Renee says

    Hi! We have reservations for Le Cellier for Thanksgiving…so excited! Can someone kindly confirm exactly what we can order for our 2 Dining Credits per it any entree and dessert? Or other? Thanks!

  13. DC says

    We ate there last week and were also given backlit menus. We ordered the loaded mashed potato side (with bacon, cheddar, chives, and potato skin crisps) and it was AMAZING. The filet and ribeye were great, but we haven’t stopped talking about the mashed potato. Any idea if it will become a regular item?

  14. Essie says

    My favorite restaurant meal in the world (not Disney world, the entire world) is the filet over wild mushroom risotto with white truffle butter sauce. Enough said….. :(

  15. says

    That was an excellent review. Lately, Le Cellier has had some food temperature issues. Over a couple of visits, we’ve had burnt steak, burnt scallops and spicy soup. I’m not sure what’s up. I know this, while 80% of the food we get there is amazing, it makes the bad things seem all that more noticeable. I just don’t feel valued as a customer there anymore. Last time we were there, Rachel sent back a $48 filet. Never saw a manager. In fact, throughout our dinner, we never laid eyes on anyone other than the servers and greeters. Somebody sends back half a C-note worth of inedible food in my restaurant, I’m gonna taste it, fix it, comp it, and apologize in person. I’m glad that lots of people get great meals there. I just can’t catch one.

  16. Steve says

    Ate there in Feb. out of 6 adults no one will ever go back. Food wasn’t good and way over priced. Sorry.

  17. catherine says

    I’m ready to go back if they have mussels again.

    Octopus should not be chewy. Bad preparation.

  18. Nigel VanGoo says

    First let me say that I am a frequent diner at Le Cellier and I love the seasonal offerings. The creative offerings make me come back again and again. I dined last week and the light up menus were back and better than before (what a great touch Disney). I spoke to the chef and he assured me that the mushroom filet will be back on the fall menu (I thanked him for keeping the menu fresh and changing it often). The wine list is also a bit of a gem in this dark corner of a theme park, we ordered Shafer One Point Five Cab, one of my favs and not something one would expect to find in a park setting, so kudos to the wine team as well. Speaking of the poutine, we can’t get enough of chef’s gourmet take on this comfort food item. Here’s a tip, try the “Farmhouse” poutine, AMAZING. Also, not to be missed is a new dessert that they told us just got on the menu a few days before we dined, “smoked chocolate moose”, served under a glass dome with smoke piped in. It has chocolate and marshmallows, ENOUGH said. When we dined it was flying out the kitchen door and we spoke to the couple next to us and they loved it as much as we did. Again, this type of presentation I expect in fine dining, but I had to pinch myself to be reminded I was in a theme park.
    Until we meet again Le Cellier! I will be counting down…just a few more weeks before we return for Food and Wine.

  19. Galloping Gourmand says

    I stopped going here because of the inconsistency in the food and prep. At a signature dining experience there is no excuse for that octopus, and I hop the manager comped it for you. If he didn’t, for shame. It violates basic rules of service and that’s not the Disney way. Same with the Vanilla-mint whatever that was.

    As for everything else, that’s the experience we used to have before we stopped. Two great parts of the meal then something that’s just completely wrong. I don’t fixate on prices, but at ones that are higher than BLT Steak and that rival Christo’s it simply cannot happen.

  20. dani says

    Sounds like this is an old review then if the octopus is gone, and they have backlit menus. Not cool…what’s the point of a review if it isn’t up to date?

  21. Keith says

    Le Cellier is consistently the most overrated restaurant on property IMO….stick with Spice Road, Tutto Gusto, or Monsieur Paul inside EPCOT.

  22. says

    Maria — No worries; seems like one of our readers has heard from the chef that the mushroom filet bay be back on the menu for the Fall/Winter menus.

    Keith — Thanks for sharing your opinion! We love Tutto Gusto!

    Dani — Thanks for your comment! This brings up a really good point. We dined at Le Cellier in late June. Many signature restaurants change their menus weekly (or even daily — they print their menus on a daily basis right in the restaurant, so things can be changed quickly), so our goal is always to give you a good overview of the current status of the restaurant with our reviews. With menus changing so often at Disney World (this depends on Disney’s overall purchasing, trends, chef whims, seasonal ingredients available, how many of a certain dish is being ordered and how guests are responding to the menu item, etc.), guests should always understand that dishes may change by the time they visit the restaurant in question. Plus, in my opinion, Disney restaurants are very inconsistent in terms of quality and service on a regular basis, so that’s why we keep publishing as many reviews as we can. It’s helpful for readers planning their Disney trips to see a variety of experiences at each restaurant so they know the spectrum on which their visit may fall.

    On the timing issue, I usually eat about 20+ table-service meals at Disney World on my visits. It doesn’t make sense with a blog calendar like ours to publish 20+ long-form articles with dozens of photos twice a day for 10 days after my return — there’s just too much other news to report, snacks to share, etc. So we space out our reviews over a few weeks. This still gives a good representation of the restaurants being reviewed, and most of the menu items (usually all of them when we are visiting a non-signature restaurant) we review are still there at the time we publish the review.

    I hope that helps answer your question! :-)

    GG — Thanks for sharing your experiences. That’s often my experience with Le Cellier as well.

    Nigel VanGoo — Thanks so much for these details! I love the idea of the smoked chocolate mousse! Glad to hear the menus are back and that the mushroom filet may return for a menu update (though I did love this version)!

    catherine — Yeah; the octopus was definitely not the best. The mussels may be a Summer menu item. Hope to see you at F&W!!!

    Steve — Thanks for sharing your experience! I’m sorry you didn’t have a great one. :-(

    Jym — Keep me updated if you go back. It’s always interesting to see what experiences you have at VERY popular restaurant in WDW. Sometimes they seem to not be able to keep up with the demand and quality falters. Or perhaps it’s just that they don’t try as hard?

    Essie — It was mine, too!! Fingers crossed it comes back on the menu, but this new version is delish if you get a chance to try it!

    DC — Loaded mashed potato sounds awesome! They’ve definitely been changing up their sides with the seasons and with what’s available locally, so I have no idea if it will become a staple on the menu. I hope so as I’d love to try it!

    Renee — So fun! If you have the deluxe dining plan, you can order appetizer/entree/dessert per person. If you have the regular dining plan, you can order entree/dessert per person.

    Ralph — I didn’t imagine it would stay on the menu for very long. It wasn’t being ordered very often, and the presentation of ours made me feel like it probably wasn’t going to be a specialty.

    Hayley — I’ll have to forego the filet for the ribeye again next time! Haven’t had it in a while!

    Carrie — I hope it’s there on your next visit!! :-)

    Leslie — Ooh, I should have asked for it!!!

    CraiginPA — You just never know what you’re going to get with Disney restaurants. (The tables close together thing is a pet peeve of mine. I hate being able to hear other diners’ conversations.)

    Sandra — How fun to hear about old-school Le Cellier! My family always ate in France or the UK when we visited back then!

    Becky — Awesome! I hope you can get over there before the mushrooms return. (I don’t like mushrooms, either, but I LOVED that risotto!)

    Jessica — As Craig mentioned, head over to Golden Oak Outpost in the Magic Kingdom to get your fix of “poutine”-like take-out! :-)

  23. Patty says

    We tried Le Cellier for dinner last visit for the first time and we were super excited to go! Loved the soup, loved the risotto (and I mean really loved!) the steak was def good but not off the charts awesome like I hoped for. Did not dig the maple creme brulee although I’m probably in the minority. So it was good …here it comes…but, it wasn’t clean which was a huge turnoff – the floor was surprisingly dirty. They were def slamming busy but it just took the “hooray, we’re here” magic out of it. And we had a server who kept calling us “dude”!! What?! We’re from a shore town and yes I do say “dude” upon occasion – I just wasn’t expecting my server to be so familiar. It was kinda’ bizarre actually. All in all a good dinner just not feeling the 2 TS credits.

  24. :Pete says

    Can’t believe we have all eaten at the same place. After reading these reviews for some time now, i get a very strong feeling that these reviews and this web site consist of of huge group of disney suck ups. you all should be ashamed of yourself. wonder how much the staff of this blog gets paid off for such gooey garbage.

  25. says

    :Pete — While it’s unfortunate that you’re not enjoying the site, your comment gives me the opportunity to remind our readers that DFB staff, including myself, do not get paid by or work for Disney. We purchase all of our food, travel, hotels, etc. to produce this website and have no incentive from Disney to write positive reviews. I started this blog because I generally like Disney food, so many of my reviews will be positive. There have been several meals I’ve eaten that I’ve not enjoyed, however, and this is reflected on the blog. It’s always my goal to write truthful, unbiased reviews from my personal point of view that may be able to help others plan their trips. Based on the majority of our reader feedback, we’re still doing a good job of reaching that goal. :-) Thanks for reading!

  26. Mike says

    Sigh. A decade ago, ADR was a must have and easy to get. Then Free Dining came along and anyone that could hold a fork would get 7 reservations a might and only go to 1. That made it impossible to eat here for dinner unless you were lucky. Then they raised it to 2 credits which didn’t put a dent in the occupancy rate.

    And now, it’s just ridiculously priced. The food is fantastic, but I see more value in Artist Point. I can’t believe that just the meat is $45 and you still have to spend on appetizers and sides! $70/person at an amusement park for dinner plus drinks?

    $10 for a cup of soup? The recipe is online. I’ve made entire puts off it for that much!!

  27. Jan says

    Used to eat at LeCellier when it only took one meal on the dining plan. I really don’t think it is worth using two. So, its doubtful my family will be eating there again. It just isn’t cost effective for a family. With that said, I’m actually disappointed in the menu changes. Sometimes Disney messes up a good thing (ie: Whisperong Canyon Café) by altering the menu they had in place. If this change is trying to encourage new customers to try it or lure back those who have already eaten there – it isn’t working for me. To be honest, & I’m sure there will be those who either strongly agree or disagree, I miss the old buffeteria style food they used to have. I still make the chicken & meatball stew at home for my family. I also make the strawberry trifle from years ago. Such great meals served in those days & we never had a problem getting seats. Oh how Epcot has changed. Grateful the chocolate mousse is still available. I’d go there just for that!

  28. K Weaver says

    Thank you for the head’s up on the menu change (ie- only one for all day.) We were excited to finally get a ressie for our Oct trip but I will now be canceling. I have no desire to pay that much for lunch. I’ll just get the soup at Walk Up and mosie over to Germany or Italy for something more affordable and casual.

  29. Brandi says

    Le Cellier is the only restaurant my husband has to eat in every time we visit Disney (~once a year). We have never been dissatified with our meals. We have always gotten the filet with mushroom risotto. We treated my Dad to lunch at Le Cellier on this last trip in May/June (after he purchased a Disney cruise for all of us and my two sons). We had the pea risotto and I thought I would be disappointed, but was pleasantly surprised. I love their signature filet and eat it every time we go. I like to eat it at lunch so that I can walk off this rich meal the rest of the day and do a quick serve meal for dinner. Hope they don’t change it too much in the future as it is my favorite dish in WDW!

  30. Brandi says

    Oh…my Dad said his meal was amazing! He is usually a ribeye fan, but had to try the filet with us since we’d talked about it for a week. Not a speck of food left on any of our plates!

  31. Dena says

    Just to let you know, the mushroom risotto came back yesterday. My husband and I decided to go art the last minute for lunch and was told it was the first day back. They explained it will bee a seasonal item and mushrooms are in season right now.

  32. Chris says

    Le Cellier has always been a favorite of ours but ever since Disney introduced the “meal plan” everything has diminished. Service, quality and price. Don’t get me wrong. I love Disney and Disney dining but for someone who has been going 6 times a year for the last 15 years. I notice a big difference.

  33. Caron says

    We visited Le Cellier for the first time last October. Loved the ambience, but despite all four members of our party having different entrees (and my 17-year-old son saying it was one of the best steaks he’d ever had) we all felt everything was just a little too salty!

  34. Pigletyyz says

    Great review and, as always, you have made me so hungry….well, except for the octopus, that just looked weird:-( We are taking my parents here in early Dec. for an arrival day/anniversary lunch and are counting the days until Cheddar Cheese Soup and Pretzel Bread are gracing our pallets!

  35. Jessica says

    Was just at Le Cellier two days ago, and the menu is back to the mushroom version — I was sad since I wanted to try the new version (don’t like mushrooms), but the rib eye I had instead was phenomenal! I just wish I had a shot at that spinach risotto (and bacon!). I see in the comments it was mentioned that the old version was back, and I wish I had seen it before going just so I was prepared. It was still a lovely meal, the poutine we had was fantastic, and so was our smoking moose dessert! Also, silly note, I had a cappuccino after dinner and was so pleased it came out with a little bowl of sugar cubes instead of regular sugar packets — this was a nice touch (at least for me) to help me continue to feel super fancy while I dined here, since we normally stay away from the finer dining options Disney World offers.

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