Review: Brand New Artisan Macaroni and Cheese (and Caramel Apple Shake) at Min & Bill’s Dockside Diner in Disney’s Hollywood Studios

We’ve got some brand new, hot-off-the-presses food news for you today from Min & Bill’s Dockside Diner in Hollywood Studios!

Longtime home to the Frankfurter in a Pretzel Roll and Italian Sausage in a Bread Roll, there have been a few updates to the menu over the last couple years at Min and Bill’s. There are rotating seasonal shakes, the Jumbo Turkey Leg, and we were even able to get those fun bread cones here for a while.

But now they’ve added even more to the menu with the recent arrival of two brand new artisan Macaroni & Cheese dishes: Barbecued Pulled Pork and Buffalo Chicken Macaroni & Cheese. And I do mean brand new… these just hit the scene yesterday, folks! So, let’s get to it…

Min and Bill's Dockside Diner

Min and Bill’s Dockside Diner

These are very similar to the mac and cheese dishes served at Friar’s Nook in the Magic Kingdom, but they’re not EXACTLY the same. There are two new flavors to try!

Barbecued Pulled Pork Macaroni & Cheese and Buffalo Chicken Macaroni & Cheese

Barbecued Pulled Pork Macaroni & Cheese and Buffalo Chicken Macaroni & Cheese

You’ll spot them on the featured items sign, right under the Frankfurter and Italian Sausage (yep, they’re still on the menu — whew!).

Min and Bill's featured items

Min and Bill’s featured items

Min & Bill's full menu

Min & Bill’s full menu

You all know me well enough by now — it should come as no surprise that I was especially stoked about the combo of two of my very favorite foods on EARTH: Mac and cheese AND Buffalo chicken! If ever anything had “We made this for you, AJ” written on it, it would be this. So I dove into the Buffalo Chicken Macaroni and Cheese with Crumbled Blue Cheese right away.

But first, I took a good look at it, and I invite you to do the same…

Buffalo Chicken Macaroni and Cheese

Buffalo Chicken Macaroni and Cheese

Buffalo Chicken Macaroni and Cheese

Buffalo Chicken Macaroni and Cheese

The Buffalo chicken looks really strange, right? Frankly, it’s almost off-putting. And as a result, I wasn’t wild about it from the get-go. T

he blue cheese was VERY blue, and very strong, while the Buffalo chicken was kind of watery and weird.

Buffalo Chicken Macaroni and Cheese

Buffalo Chicken Macaroni and Cheese

It was spicy, at least, so that was good. But overall, it was not really a winner for this Buffalo, NY-raised girl. It seemed like the mac and cheese and the Buffalo chicken were two dishes that needed to be eaten separately. They didn’t go well together at all. Total bummer.

The Barbecued Pulled Pork Macaroni and Cheese, on the other hand, had everything Right. As. Rain.

Barbecued Pulled Pork Macaroni and Cheese

Barbecued Pulled Pork Macaroni and Cheese

The flavors were fantastic — sweet and savory rolled into one. The pork was saucy enough on its own, but they added a bit of sauce to the top, just in case!

Barbecued Pulled Pork Macaroni and Cheese

Barbecued Pulled Pork Macaroni and Cheese

Barbecued Pulled Pork Macaroni and Cheese

Barbecued Pulled Pork Macaroni and Cheese

The fried onion garnish was an awesome flavor and texture addition. Put it all together, and I’d say this one ranks right up there with the beauty that is Pot Roast Macaroni and Cheese over at Friar’s Nook. Maybe even better!!

So, if anyone over at Min and Bill’s is reading this, the two dishes are a good example of “one works, and one doesn’t.” The Buffalo chicken and blue cheese texture was strange and wonky when combined with the mac and cheese. Whereas the pulled pork dish flavors came together exceptionally well and the whole thing was spectacular. I’d even call it a must-buy.

So after all that I needed something sweet, and I could’t leave without trying Min & Bill’s current seasonal shake: Caramel Apple.

Caramel Apple Seasonal Shake sign

Caramel Apple Seasonal Shake sign

This was a great surprise (and not just because it was topped with a whipped cream Mickey!).

Caramel Apple Shake

Caramel Apple Shake

I expected it to be sour and “artificial” tasting, but instead it was sweet and only slightly apple-y. And the caramel was thick and rich — a true sauce, not that light, syrupy stuff. And they sure didn’t skimp…

Caramel Sauce

Caramel Sauce

I gotta say, I really liked this one!

All in all, it was a day full of surprises at Min & Bill’s… some good, some not so much. Fortunately, the good (even great, really) outweighed the bad, and I’d definitely recommend stopping by the Dockside Diner and giving the winners a try yourself!

Would you like to try the artisan Mac and Cheese at Min & Bill’s? Please let us know with a comment!


  1. Crysta says

    Looks like they put more whipped cream on the shake then they put whipped cream on drinks at Starbucks. The shake looks amazing :)

  2. Rune says

    Really can’t say I like the look of the chicken ‘n blue cheese one, it just doesn’t look like a good combo, cheddar or a different cheese maybe, just something not so ripe & blue. The pulled pork looks good. Daughter had the pot roast mac n cheese at Friar’s Nook in September (when temps were scraping the 90s) and thoroughly enjoyed it even though she couldn’t finish it.

    The shake looks really tempting,m and that whipped cream Mickey is so cute! Good to know it doesn’t have that artificial tang too.

  3. Jenny says

    The buffalo one was definitely off putting.
    I would try the BBQ one with the caramel apple shake, those look and sound good. Thank you for trying both of those for us.

  4. says

    We had the Caramel Apple Shake a few weeks ago and it was amazing! Husband was skeptical but loved it too. So much “real” caramel sauce : )

  5. Angelina says

    Still not sure how I feel about the mac and cheese pairings. I may be a mac and cheese purist. BUT I would definitely take one of those caramel apple shakes right now!!!! Even though its only breakfast time where I am…lol!

  6. says

    Just got to try the Pot Roast Mac and Cheese on Tuesday and it was delicious! The buffalo chicken one doesn’t look or sound very good, I HATE blue cheese, but we’ve already made plans to get the pulled pork one next time. We’ve been holding off on something this hot and filling til the weather cooled off a little, perfect timing for them to release a new one!

  7. Sarah says

    I love the combination of buffalo chicken and blue cheese. I also love traditional mac and cheese. I do not love the thought of putting these things together. The caramel apple shake though looks awesome! So nice to see something seasonal that isn’t pumpkin or spice.

  8. Avaitor says

    As much as I love buffalo chicken, that doesn’t seem too appealing. I think the combo should have worked, but it looks way too watery, as the blue cheese, which I’m not a fan of to begin with, doesn’t seem to mesh well.

    But the barbecue pulled pork mac and cheese? That, I can get behind. It looks like a perfect quick meal for a nice day at DHS.

  9. Diane says

    That BBQ pulled pork mac & cheese looks delish!!! I had the pot roast mac & cheese in September just as Rune posted in the scorching heat. It was amazing. Disney has a real winner here with these mac & cheese combos. If only they realized how popular they were and served them where there was more seating as we had to stand at the counter at Friars Nook and others sat on the black top, all while several rude people sat at the few tables just resting, looking at their park maps drinking bottles of water.

  10. Randi says

    The pulled pork mac and cheese looks pretty darn tasty, given that those are two commonly paired flavors at most BBQ restaurants, but personally, I think the buffalo chicken one looks rather disgusting. I think I’d pass on that one.

    I’m also not a huge caramel fan, so unless I could get the shake without it, I’d be skipping it as well.

  11. Mia says

    Great review, I can’t wait to try the BBQ w/ Mac & cheese! Heading there from Atlanta at the end of the month & always looking for exciting new things to try!! Looks like a winner

  12. Kayla says

    I have to say that I had the pulled pork mac and cheese from here and it was, OMG, delicious! I never realized how good pulled pork and mac and cheese would taste together. I would recommend anyone who goes to Disney World to come here and try this.

  13. Douglas says

    My wife and I loved the pulled pork mac and cheese. Unfortunately when we went there a week ago we were told its a seasonal dish and it had been taken off the menu. We will keep checking back in hopes that it will return soon. Have a happy new year!

  14. CC says

    My friend and I both had the pulled pork mac n’ cheese in December, and it was incredible! We’re both picky eaters, and while I love both of those foods separately, I’m not a fan of mixing. However, this stuff was addictive and we were certainly glad we got our own instead of sharing! Probably the best snack surprise I had the whole trip.

  15. says

    Just tried the pulled pork Mac n cheese at Bill & Mins- it’s fantastic don’t miss it! The seasonal shake right now is blue raspberry

  16. Danae Angiulo says

    Does anyone have the recipe for the bbq pulled pork? I absolutely loved it this past week and am dying to have it again! Thank you!

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