News! Tusker House Restaurant in Disney’s Animal Kingdom to Begin Offering Character Dining for Dinner

If you love dining at Tusker House in Harambe Village at Disney’s Animal Kingdom, then we have some big news for you!

Beginning March 8, 2015, the popular buffet restaurant will begin offering Character Dining at Dinner.

Tusker House has been a great spot for character dining at Breakfast and Lunch for some time, but Dinner did not offer characters.

But beginning next Spring, that changes as Donald’s Safari Dinner will be offered beginning at 4 p.m. daily. This new detail comes on the heels of rumors of brand new restaurants hitting Animal Kingdom soon.

At Tusker House’s dinner, Donald and Daisy Duck are scheduled to appear, but you never know who might turn up!

Goofy Strikes at Pose at Tusker House in Disney's Animal Kingdom

Goofy Strikes at Pose at Tusker House in Disney’s Animal Kingdom

Dinner will continue to be all-you-care-to-enjoy, complete with rotisserie-prepared meats (check out the Wall of Flames!) and tons of main dishes and side dishes offering the diverse flavors of the African continent.

Spit-Roasted Meats Are a Specialty at Tusker House

Spit-Roasted Meats Are a Specialty at Tusker House

But now, you’ll be able to enjoy character interaction alongside the great food all day long.

Advance dining reservations are recommended for the popular restaurant.

Will you be making plans to enjoy Donald’s Safari Dinner at Tusker House Restaurant? Leave a comment and tell us if you’re excited about this new character dining opportunity!


  1. Ashley says

    I find this disappointing. We ate supper there on our last trip and enjoyed a peaceful quiet supper with great food and without crowds or screaming kids. Plus adding characters adds to the cost, putting it past what my family is willing to spend on a meal. We don’t do many table service meals because of the price and this is one less we’ll be enjoying.

  2. Mendy says

    I tried to get a dinner character reservation (we were going to go to Tusker House for character breakfast but would rather do dinner) but it looks like they’re not accepting them yet…any ideas when they will?

  3. Wendy Snelgrove says

    I’m with Ashley. I think they’ll just be adding to the cost of a meal I liked for the food.

  4. Erica says

    I think this is great news! Now I can schedule this for the very end of the park day instead of spending an hour of park time eating there for lunch!

  5. Sarah says

    Totally agree with Ashley and Wendy. The table service options at Animal Kingdom are already very limited- especially if you’re looking for a non-character experience. It would be nice to keep the options for at least one meal a little more open. My husband and I enjoyed our visit to Tusker House earlier this year for dinner. With it being a character meal now I doubt we’ll choose that option again.

  6. Dawn says

    Agree with other who are disappointed with this news. I love the authentic atmosphere of Tusker House, plus the wonderful food, but I’m not a fan of character meals. Does this mean that now breakfast, lunch, and dinner will be a character meal, leaving no option for those who want a character-free experience at Tusker House?

  7. Colin says

    This is horrible. We’ve been going to Tusker house for years and we used to love it. It was bad enough when we went for an early lunch and the breakfast service was still running with the characters and associated chaos. I wish they wouldn’t ruin our favorite Animal Kingdom restaurant.

  8. Barb says

    I’m thrilled that Disney has added character dining to the Tusker House! I can’t believe people are complaining about kids, seriously! Disneyworld was created for families and children!!! If you are annoyed by children, you’ve picked the wrong location. Peaceful adult dinners, some of the best, can be had at Epcot, if that’s what you want and if you are worried about cost do the Disney Dining Plan! It is well worth the money.

  9. Marilen says

    I am very happy to have dining reservations to enjoy character dining for dinner!

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