Holiday Snack Series: Savory Turkey Waffle at Promenade Refreshments in Epcot

Merry Christmas Everyone!!! I hope you’re having a fantastic day!

Here at DFB, we couldn’t let the day pass without showing you one more stop on our Holidays Around the World tour! Today’s stop takes us back to Promenade Refreshments.

Holidays Around the World Menu at Refreshment Port -- Click to Enlarge

Holidays Around the World Menu at Promenade Refreshments — Click to Enlarge

There are some fun holiday options available at this stop just outside of World Showcase, including Seasonal Beer, special Hot Chocolate, and even Frozen Yogurt dressed up for the festivities. But we are, of course, here for the Waffle! Let’s take a look.

Savory Turkey Waffle at Promenade Refreshments

Last year, Promenade Refreshments featured two different holiday waffles — a Stuffing Waffle with Turkey, Cranberries, and Gravy, provided savory flavors. A Sweet Potato Waffle with all of the ingredients of the popular holiday casserole served as a dessert option. This year, they (sadly) decided to simplify and offer only one waffle, but with elements of both. (Don’t worry. They left out the marshmallows.)

Why do we say sadly? Well, because we really liked both of the holiday waffle entries last year.

Holiday Waffle from Epcot's Refreshment Port

Holiday Waffle from Epcot’s Promenade Refreshments

And this year’s is a decidedly different animal, with both good and not-our-favorite components. The 2014 version features a Sweet Potato Waffle with Turkey, Green Bean Casserole, and Crispy Fried Onions.

So — Sweet Potato Waffle: Really Awesome. Turkey — Awesome. Green Bean Casserole — Ummmm?

Holiday Waffle -- Another Angle

Holiday Waffle — Another Angle

I can think of many, many ways Disney could have gone with this. The Cranberry Relish on last year’s waffle was brilliant. And there’s always Stuffing (!!!!) or even Mashed Potatoes and Gravy.

So who invited Green Beans to the party? I know, I know. They’re often on the holiday table in casserole form. But they just don’t make sense to me in a waffle format.

Holiday Waffle -- Close Up

Holiday Waffle — Close Up

All I could think of when I looked at this was the Willy Wonka Violet Beauregard “Thanksgiving Dinner Gum” — sans blueberry pie.

And…there are just SO MANY BEANS here! It’s hard to get past them…literally and figuratively.

Holiday Waffle -- Inside

Holiday Waffle — Inside

Still, I’ll reiterate, the Waffle and Turkey were fantastic. I’ll just know to ask for my green beans on the side if this one shows up on menus again next year.

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Will you be stopping Promenade Refreshments for a Savory Turkey Waffle this holiday season? Share your thoughts in comments below!


  1. says

    Hannah — I think cranberry sauce would be great. Last year I believe they had a cranberry element to the savory sandwich.

  2. TinTam says

    If you’re looking for cranberry and turkey, head to Gasparilla’s at the Grand Floridian. They’ve got a holiday sandwich with turkey, stuffing, gravy, and cranberries. It’s very good.

  3. Kimberly says

    Hmmmm… While I don’t care for green bean casserole in any form, the rest of the waffle sounds delicious! And they apparently wanted to put the entire casserole on that waffle. That’s a lot of beans!

  4. Matt says

    Apparently I was looking at last year’s review of “Holidays” before I went last weekend, as I was shocked and appalled to find this mess instead of the yummy waffle I was expecting :(
    Did the Grinch design this?

  5. Anne says

    I thought this year’s waffle was decent–I even liked the green bean casserole on it–but it really could have used the tart/sweetness of cranberry sauce or jelly or relish, why didn’t they do that!

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