First Look: Zuri’s Sweets Shop — and the Poop Candy! — at Disney’s Animal Kingdom

Editor’s Note: The “Match the Species” Treats at Zuri’s Sweets Shop — aka the “poop” candy — is no longer available. Cast Members at the spot have said that it was only available as a test. We’ll let you know when/if we see it return!

Zuri’s Sweets Shop is open for business in Harambe Market at Disney’s Animal Kingdom!

Zuri's Sweets Shop

Zuri’s Sweets Shop

And we are so excited to give you a little tour! But there’s a particular treat at this candy shop that may not be for the faint of heart… .

Of course there’s plenty of animal-themed candy and confections here at Zuri’s, but when your eye lands on the poop-themed candy?

Giraffe Poop

Giraffe Poop

Let’s take a little look around the shop, and then we’ll give you our full review of this new…um…treat. ;-)

Zuri’s Sweets Shop

If you’re looking for Zuri’s, you’ll find it anchoring one entrance to the brand new Harambe Market, right beside Mombasa Marketplace.



The space isn’t very large, but it’s packed! And you can enter from two sides, so there’s nice flow in and out of the shop.

This place is the Animal Kingdom’s answer to Magic Kingdom’s Confectionery and Hollywood Studios’ Sweet Spells. As you enter from the Harambe Market side, you immediately see bulk bins. The sign says that it’s candy, but there are actually some healthier snacks here too, like almonds, granola, and yogurt-covered pretzels.

Bulk Items

Bulk Items

Paper bags, instead of the plastic ones you usually see with bulk “Goofy’s Candy Co.” goodies around the parks, are available here.

 Bags for Bulk Items

Bags for Bulk Items

In the center of the floor, there are a few free standing displays with housewares and cookbooks as well as sweet treats. Here’s the standard lollipop and cotton candy display.

Lollipops and Treats

Lollipops and Treats

Along the walls, banks of shelves held all kinds of snacks — both sweet and savory. Some snacks, like coconut patties, are familiar Disney treats, but are done up here with Animal Kingdom theming. But there were also some new things, like jerky and prepackaged popcorn in lots of new flavors. More on this in an upcoming post!

Snacks, Both Sweet and Savory

Snacks, Both Sweet and Savory

And the African Wine display from Mombasa Marketplace has been continued over here.

Display of African Wines

Display of African Wines

When we first heard about Zuri’s though, we were most interested to answer one question: would there be a confectionery case? And the answer is yes!

Sweets Case

Sweets Case

There are some super cute themed Apples to share!

Monkey Caramel Apples

Monkey Caramel Apples

And some yummy unique, flavored chocolate treats we loved.

Dark Chocolate Mickey with Chili Peppers

Dark Chocolate Mickey with Chili Peppers

And even some out-of-the-ordinary cake pops and marshmallow pops that we think you’ll enjoy.

But we’ll tell you all about those next week. Because we’re predicting that this spot will quickly become known for its OTHER exclusive and unique treats — the poop — and we figured we should tell you about that first.

The Scoop on the Poop: “Match the Species” Treats at Zuri’s Sweets Shop

OK, so you know how when you sign on to be a Wilderness Explorer at Animal Kingdom, one of the things you have to learn about is poop? Well, the culinary team have dreamed up some freshly-made treats that look way too much like the real thing for my comfort. BUT — your kids are gonna LOVE it.

It’s called Match the Species. Apparently that’s code for Animal Poop.

There are edible versions of Elephant, Giraffe, Cotton Top Tamarin, and Hippo poop to sample. For just $3.99 a pop, or  a Disney Dining Plan snack credit, of course.

Match the Species Treats -- In the Case Elephant, Giraffe, Cotton Top Tamarin, and

Match the Species Treats — In the Case Elephant, Giraffe, Cotton Top Tamarin, and Hippo

And if you’re feeling, oh, a little squeamish about the whole thing, rest assured, you can find out exactly what is in the treat you’re about to eat. We asked the Cast Members to show us the reference pages, and they happily obliged.

Want To Know What's In Your Elephant Poop? No Problem.

Want To Know What’s In Your Elephant Poop? No Problem.

Well, we had to try some, of course. And while they’re all visually…interesting, we decided that our first sample would be of the Elephant variety. This one is chocolate peanut butter fudge with sweet rolled oats and yellow coconut flakes.

Zuri's Match the Species Treats -- Elephant Poop

Zuri’s Match the Species Treats — Elephant Poop

It was very…brown.

Zuri's Match the Species Treats -- Elephant Poop -- Up Close

Zuri’s Match the Species Treats — Elephant Poop — Up Close

And cutting through it with a knife took a little muscle power, but I later realized that that was because it had been in the cool case. Once it sat out for a bit, it got much softer. (Sigh, there’s really no good way to write about this that isn’t fraught with peril.)

As for taste, it reminded me a lot of a no-bake cookie, which I love!

Zuri's Match the Species Treats -- Elephant Poop -- Cross Section

Zuri’s Match the Species Treats — Elephant Poop — Cross Section

So there you go. You can probably whip up some Elephant Poop Candy in your very own kitchen, should you suddenly develop a craving for it.

Whew! It’s been a fun and amazing day, checking out so many incredible new things at Animal Kingdom! We have lots more to share with you in the upcoming weeks, including a full review of MANY of the beautiful — and not so poo-related — treats in the case at Zuri’s! So stay tuned!!

What’s your favorite new thing that you’re looking forward to trying at Zuri’s Sweets Shop? Leave a comment and join in the fun!


  1. Sue says

    Well they are creative and unique, but I think I’ll leave the candy-poop taste testing to you professionals.

    I don’t see any cupcakes in the photo of the case. No more Elephant Cupcake? Paw print brownie?

  2. Lee & Robin says

    Looks interesting. We’ll have to try some of that cotton-top ninny muggins poop on our visit in September LOL.

    On a more serious note, I thought plastic bags and wrappings of any kind were verbotten at DAK. However, there appear to be any number of plastic wrapped suckers, plastic bags of popcorn, etc, here. Interesting…

  3. Andrew says

    I guess it wasn’t just gas after all, they’ve really let it go! If you’ll excuse me, I’ll be on my way to Animal Kingdom for one of these treats, you won’t find me farting around here all day.

  4. Andy says

    At a summer camp I worked at in college, we had a desert treat that were almost exactly like the Elephant poop, but without the coconut. We called them Dookie Rounds. The kids loved them, and I found them to be delicious, but one was all I could eat before going into a sugar coma. My fiance and I have a running joke about poop, so I’m sure we will check this out during our honeymoon. In fact, I’m already emailing this to her.

  5. Katy says

    This post gave me and my kids a lot of laughs (because I apparently have the sense of humor of an eight-year-old boy). I think we’ll have to try a sampling of the poops on offer during our December trip.

  6. says

    Andrew — we didn’t moderate anything out :-) We have to approve all new commenters and we just hadn’t gotten to your comment yet. No worries; you can bring your humor here anytime!

  7. Andrew says

    I’m glad AJ, because that would really stink. I refreshed the page, and it had looked like the comment had cleared out but I’m glad to see it is still lingering. I wasn’t able to make it down to AK for any poop treats this afternoon though, unfortunately.

  8. Jenny says

    This was a fun read. My son wants me to bring him some elephant poop, when I go without him later this year.
    I think I’d like to try some giraffe poop.
    You know I never would have thought that I’d ever say this.

  9. Essie says

    Well, like Jenny, I think the giraffe excrement sounds the best. Ya gotta love caramel and chocolate and I love giraffes and elephants, also. I have always appreciated the high quality of writing here at the DFB and I’m quite surprised to see a blog that really stinks. It was, however, a lot of fun and good for you for being such a good sport about it!

  10. SynA says

    I do think it’s a super cute idea. we’ll see if i will be like it as much when i see it in person in Sept! we’ll see! haha!!

  11. Thorsten says

    Not sure whether they are available in the Canada pavillion at Epcot but I saw sweet “Moose droppings” while on holiday in Canada.

  12. Carol says

    I hope there is some sugar free cakes and candies for the kids and adults who have diabetes.

  13. Jenni says

    Just an FYI for those excited about trying the poop. We stopped in today and they didn’t have any. Asked a CM and they are no longer making it and said they were only “testing” it before and is no longer being made at this time. *sad face*

  14. Chris says

    We were there this weekend and asked a shop cast member about them, he told us they stopped making them because too many people thought they were offensive! : (

  15. Jeff from Dallas says

    Stopped in this week to ask about the poop. The CM made two pretty interesting comments; (1) the poop sold VERY well, and (2) it tasted great and guests loved it.

    Following up on Chris’s comment from July 6, I tried to push the CM for an answer on why they pulled it, and he became very evasive. It was clear that he knew the answer, but could not tell me. Sounds like the answer Chris received is probably the truth, and that it was pulled due to offending a few (but probably noisy) guests.

    That’s a shame!

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