Guest Review: Orange Cupcake at Sunshine Seasons in Epcot

We’re welcoming back DFB Guest Author and good friend Joey Beyer with a guest review of the Orange Cupcake at Sunshine Seasons in Epcot’s Future World! Since we’re big fans of Disney Cupcakes, we can’t wait to show you this one!

Hello everyone! I am very excited to introduce the new Orange Cupcake that has popped up at Epcot’s Sunshine Seasons. This cupcake can be found in the self-service cabinet adjacent to the dessert counter at Sunshine Seasons, so you can just grab your favorite!

I am a huge fan of the Sunshine Seasons, as it always has a great selection of foods and unique seasonal options. (And by the way — for those of you that are fans of the Warm Peanut Butter Brownie at Sunshine Seasons, there is no need to worry. As of 9/7/15 it was still available as the “Seasonal Dessert” at Sunshine Seasons.)

As you can see, the cupcake is topped with a gummy orange candy and orange frosting.

Orange Cupcake from Sunshine Seasons

Orange Cupcake from Sunshine Seasons

The frosting is the standard Disney buttercream frosting and has a hint of orange flavor! The frosting is also topped with large granules of sugar.

Orange Cupcake -- Uncovered

Orange Cupcake

The cake itself is a white cake, which is moist and filled with a marmalade-like consistency orange filling. The filling is both sweet and tart.

I cannot say the filling was my favorite, but it was still very tasty and high quality.

Orange Cupcake -- Cross Section

Orange Cupcake — Cross Section

Overall, this cupcake is a very refreshing treat that can be a pre- or post-meal snack. Even if you are not crazy about orange flavored desserts, this cupcake is still worth a try.

Are you looking forward to enjoying an Orange Cupcake on an upcoming trip? Please leave your thoughts, comments, and questions below. I look forward to answering them and hearing your opinions!


  1. Kim Lunn says

    I had this cupcake twice during June 2015 trip. I have had a dream about this cupcake since. I can’t wait to go back and have several. It was perfection !!!!

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