#OnTheList: Churros at Disneyland

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There is a MAJOR nostalgia factor for me with this week’s #OnTheList item, and many west coast Disney park visitors can’t call it a day at Disneyland until they’ve had one of these: a Disneyland Churro!


Now, you may have noticed something interesting about this #OnTheList item. Much like Dole Whip, Churros are indeed available at both Disneyland AND Walt Disney World. However, we’re giving Disneyland Churros the #OnTheList treatment because they’re more prominent there, and are nothing short of a must-eat treat on the west coast.

So, where can you find Churros at Disneyland? The better question might be where CAN’T you?

While Churros can be had at just a few spots in Disney World (such as the Frontierland Cart and La Cantina de San Angel), there are Churro Carts GALORE all over Disneyland. There’s even a frigging cone dedicated to them.

Churro Cone at the Cozy Cone Motel in Cars Land

Churro Cone at the Cozy Cone Motel in Cars Land

My personal go-to is Willie’s Churros at Disney California Adventure.

Churro Menu at Willie's

Churro Menu at Willie’s

Churros are an awesome combination of a crispy outer layer and a soft and chewy center. They are freshly toasted and rolled in cinnamon sugar to make them melt-in-your-mouth delicious. Just a little bit of crunchy, fluffy snack goodness!

Disneyland Churro

Disneyland Churro

Put a Disneyland Churro on YOUR Disney Food Bucket List so you can say you’ve: Been There. Done That…

Churros Shirt

Churros Shirt

Got the T-shirt.

Because it’s #OnTheList!

Are Disneyland Churros #OnTheList for you? Where is your favorite spot to grab one?

What’s On YOUR Disney Food Bucket List?

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  1. luvf&w says

    I’ve never had a DisneyLAND churro…but the Disney World churros (even if they are more scarce) are just about my favorite things!

  2. Amy says

    I have never had a churro anywhere that is as good as a Disneyland churro. I am going to try them at La Cantina de San Angel in January to finally make a comparison.

  3. Essie says

    I’ve never had a churro, but now that I think about it, they kind of remind me of the crispy, Puffy French Toast that I love so much at the CP’s breakfast buffet. I think I’ll try one on my next trip.

  4. Patrick says

    I love churros. Like seriously LOVE them, but I’m gonna go ahead and say that Disneyland churros can be a bit lack luster given their price. But maybe I’ll try one from a Cozy Cone next time I’m there, might as well use that AP discount if I’m gonna drop $4. Costco sells 2 for a dollar and the mini churros from Jack in the Box are amazing, if you’ve never had one, get on that. That’s my 2 cents, but I love disneyland and there are plenty of new and interesting foods I love to explore and eat there.

  5. says

    I tried the churros at La Cantina de San Angel and was NOT impressed. They were awful. The ones in Frontierland at WDW are delicious though! Wish I could go to Disneyland and try the ones there :)

  6. Beccaj says

    Let’s not forget my new favorite, the churro ice cream sandwich! I’ve only found it on the cart in downtown Disney.

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