Rumor: Rivers of Light Dining Packages Possibly Coming to Animal Kingdom’s Tusker House

Are Dining Packages for the Rivers of Light nighttime spectacular coming to Animal Kingdom’s Tusker House Restaurant?

It sure looks like it, if you have an Android device at least. Allow me to explain…

Currently, menus for Advance Dining Reservations for Rivers of Light Dining Packages are appearing on the My Disney Experience app on Android devices, though the meals are not bookable at this time.

(We assume these would operate the same as Dining Packages for Fantasmic! at Disney’s Hollywood Studios: guests make a specific package reservation for a restaurant that offers Dining Packages, where the set price for your package meal also reserves those in your dining party seats at a select showing of the event).

Before the iFolks out there begin to worry, I want to stress again that these reservations are currently non-bookable. And, in fact, no official debut date has been announced for the new nighttime spectacular coming to Animal Kingdom. So these Dining Packages are, at this point, still speculation as well. But here are a few screenshots as they are displaying on android devices, so you can check it out…

Rivers of Light Dining Package options screenshots

Rivers of Light Dining Package options screenshots

You’ll notice that choices — at this time — come up as Breakfast, Lunch or Dinner for the first, second, or third viewing of the evening (which supports rumors that up to three showings of the spectacular per evening are possible).

A few menu views are available as well under the package heading, like these options to learn more about dinner at Tusker House.

Tusker House Dinner Menu screenshot

Tusker House Dinner Menu screenshot

Tusker House Dinner Menu screenshot

Tusker House Dinner Menu screenshot

Tusker House Dinner Beverages screenshot

Tusker House Dinner Beverages screenshot

Likewise, breakfast options come up under a heading specific to a Rivers of Light Breakfast package.

Rivers of Light Breakfast Package screenshot

Rivers of Light Breakfast Package screenshot

Rumors for the debut of the Rivers of Light Spectacular swirl anywhere from soft openings in late March to an official debut in mid-to-late April (though it remains true that no dates have been set forth from Disney officially). [Editor’s Update: Please note that since the original publishing of this article, Disney has announced that they will be releasing further information regarding a timeline for Rivers of Light in mid-late May 2016.]

Rivers of Light Concept Art

Rivers of Light Concept Art

But if the Rivers of Light Dining Packages do indeed come to Tusker House, I can think of few better ways to kick off an evening enjoying the spectacular…

Mickey in Safari Costume at Tusker House

Mickey in Safari Costume at Tusker House

… than with THIS guy!!!

Stay tuned to DFB and the DFB Newsletter for details as soon as we have them!

Would you like to line up a Rivers of Light Dining Package through Tusker House? Please let us know with a comment!


  1. JN says

    Absolutely! I’ve been waiting for Rivers of Light to open, and a dining package would double the excitement.

  2. Disney Fan says

    The last two weeks of April are black out dates for the Animal Kingdom to cast members. We were figuring it was due to the Rivers of Light opening.

  3. Just a girl says

    No way it’s 3 separate showings. The amount of people required to put RoL on is excessive compared to the other shows. This must be three viewing areas. Press is currently scheduled for April 18-20 which of course could change.

  4. TL says

    I will be there at the time it is rumored to start, and I have reservations at Tusker House already. Now, how can I get these things to merge??? That will take some magic.

  5. Betsy Hoffman says

    I would love to! I booked a meal there in hopes of being able to alter it when the dining packages are offered. Just waiting for it to open!!

  6. says

    How beautiful this will be. I love Animal Kingdom and this will certainly enhance my day at this park. And I would definitely make a reservation at the restaurant. We did for Fantasmic and it was well worth it!!!

  7. Cheryl Jacobson says

    I would love to book a dinner show! We are arriving may 17th and staying for a week! We have tried getting info about this but no one seems to have any

  8. Michele says

    Currently going to AK on 05/02/2016 and right now have both a 8:30 Tuskerhouse breakfast and an 11:40am Tuskerhouse lunch but I am not sure which one to let go. It is the schedule 8-9AM EMH day and the breakfast would not be getting us in early but I am not sure my family of picky eaters will like the lunch menu. Which is the best value if I am on the dining plan? Should we do lunch and make the most of our EMH Hour or should I do the safe breakfast menu and lose part of our EMH? I only ask because as of today they still have not posted even extended park hours for Animal Kingdom despite Disney claiming Rivers or Light is to open on April 23rd.
    Please help me choose.

  9. says

    Michele — I’d go with lunch on this one. Your picky eaters will probably find something on the menu that they’ll enjoy, and it’s a better deal on the dining plan. Plus you make use of that great EMH hour!

  10. sharon says

    YES!!!!! we are going to disney on 5/22. We are keeping our fingers and toes crossed that the rivers of light opens before we get there!!

  11. Dottie says

    Would love to use the Tucker House package. I’m thinking the lunch would be best for us.

  12. Mike Bitzer says

    Would love to take my wife for Dinner for our anniversary on the 20th of May.
    could someone please provide me some information if I would be able to book a dinner and show on that day?

    I would be most appreciative.

    Mike B

  13. says

    Hi Mike — We’re still waiting for the Rivers of Light packages to open. We’ll keep you updated here on DFB as soon as we have further info!

  14. Mike Bitzer says

    I am having an Anniversary celebration with my Wife on the 20th of May,
    I want it to be special. There will be 3 of us my wife our son and I.

    what do you recommend, and how can I book it.

    I would like something around 6:00pm or so.
    River of lights dining package would be awesome.

    please let me know.

    Thank you

  15. says

    Mike — The River of Lights Dining Package has been pushed back at this time, as the River of Lights show has been delayed. For special occasion dining, we love the ambiance of nearby Jiko at Disney’s Animal Kingdom Lodge, though. Best of Luck, and congratulations on your anniversary!

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