Review: The EAT THIS NOW Churro Cupcake from Contempo Cafe

I know! It’s been a banner week for Disney Cupcake fans!!

Recently, I had to share with you the “man, this sure does taste a lot like strawberry” Watermelon Cupcake at the Contempo Cafe.

But today, I’m back to tell you about one so good that I broke a DFB rule! Read on to find out more. :-)

Churro Cupcake

So, there’s plenty of reasons to love a Churro, right? I mean, what’s not to love about fried dough that’s rolled in cinnamon sugar? The soft inside against the crunchy outside texture makes this one of our DFB #OnTheList favorites. It’s true churros can be found more often in Disneyland, but we love the nods we’ve seen to it on the East Coast as well.

I mean, in both DL and WDW, we’re encountering a whole subculture of Churro-topped treats! There have been Churro Milkshakes, and we’ve even created our very own Churro Sundae. The Churro Funnel Cake at Hungry Bear is now on the full time menu (YAY!). And who could forget the Churro Ice Cream Sandwich?!?!

Churro Cupcake and Mickey!

Churro Cupcake and Mickey!

I’d like to argue that a Churro alone is plenty. But this cupcake took it to a Whole New Snack Level. And that’s what makes this one so special.

So, let’s get the obvious out of the way first. Please do not be distracted or discouraged by the thing perched on top. It is not, in fact, a chicken nugget. It’s a little bitty Two-bite Churro, of course! (A Churro Nugget, maybe?)

Dive below, and you see a Cinnamon Buttercream dressed up with ample White Chocolate Curls.

Churro Cupcake

Churro Cupcake

But the Cinnamon here is more than Icing-and-Garnish deep. I was suuuuper happy to find the cake was a Cinnamon Spice Cake! Rich and moist, it was the perfect choice.

So, you have Cinnamon Churro, Cinnamon Icing, Cinnamon Cake…and inside there’s Vanilla Pudding. And it’s perfect. The pudding is a subtle contrast to all of the spice and a fun cool creamy texture to add into the mix.

Churro Cupcake -- Inside

Churro Cupcake — Inside

It may not be the showiest or most intensely flavored cupcake you’ll ever consume, but I have to tell you — I absolutely loved it. So much that I broke an unofficial DFB rule: I bought it TWICE! I reviewed it and thought it was incredible, so I actually bought one for my husband and brought it up to the hotel room for him.

This one is definitely GO-HERE-and-GET-THIS good. And hurry — because the Contempo loves to keep things fresh, and the Churro Cupcake won’t be around much longer!

I think this also goes to prove that, even with the opening of Sprinkles at Disney Springs, the legacy of Disney Cupcakes lives on.

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The DFB review of the AMAZING Churro Cupcake from The Contempo Cafe!

Will you be heading to the Contempo Cafe to score a Churro Cupcake? Leave a comment below and tell us what you think!


  1. Carrie says

    @AJ The Churro cupcake looks amazing. Does Contempo Café rotate flavors? Or would this one only be there a little bit and won’t come back?

  2. Lauren says

    Oh no!!! Why can’t we ask them to make it a permanent? I want to try one so bad!!! :(

  3. Lauren says

    Oh no!! Why can’t we ask them to make it a permanent?! I want to try it so bad! :(

  4. Kris says

    The only thing I dislike about Disney food is that the west coast has regular flavors that go above and beyond what the east coast gets. I go 2-3 times a year and flavors change every time. Why is it so hard to keep churros year round?

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