News: Magic Kingdom’s Skipper Canteen Now Accepting Full Advance Dining Reservations

Jungle Navigation Co. Ltd. Skipper Canteen opened its doors in December 2015.

Since its very first day, things have functioned differently at Magic Kingdom’s newest eatery based on the classic Jungle Cruise attraction. In its opening weeks, the Skipper Canteen deviated from its counterpart Table Service restaurants by accepting only walk-up guests.

Then this past February, Disney announced that reservations would be accepted for the Skipper Canteen after all — albeit in a unprecedented form. Same-day reservations became available for the spot which previously offered none at all.

But today a third — and presumably final — change has been announced. Like all other Table Service restaurants in Magic Kingdom, the Jungle Navigation Co. Ltd. Skipper Canteen is now accepting Advance Dining Reservations for guests hoping to make future plans to dine there.

Skipper Canteen Entrance

Skipper Canteen Entrance

Advance Dining Reservations can be made up to 180 days in advance of your visit via the Walt Disney World website, the My Disney Experience app, or by calling (407) WDW-DINE.

S.E.A. Shu Mai

S.E.A. Shu Mai

So get ready now and plan your upcoming visit to say hello to the World Famous Crew of Jungle Cruise Skippers at the Skipper Canteen!

Are you glad Advance Dining Reservations are now open for the Skipper Canteen? Please let us know with a comment!


  1. Sarah says

    It’s a shame they couldn’t have left the restaurant as a place you could walk up to, but I think Disney has everyone so used to scheduling everything way in advance that it was keeping people from going there. When we were planning our trip it wasn’t considered, because we didn’t want to take the chance that our rather large party wouldn’t be able to get in. Hopefully this change will help business there as I understand they haven’t been crowded at all.

  2. Jeff says

    Why can’t they leave this as a walk up or same day? I don’t want to have to book this months out.

  3. Shirley says

    Will I be able to order the Kids meal for myself? I am a senior who does not eat much, especially lunches.

  4. Kateri says

    We ate here last week. It was a joy over the busy Memorial Day weekend to be able to do sit down on a whim. It also had a very nice vegetarian/veganish menu which can be hard to find. However, it was deserted! And this is a huge restaurant. I hope reservations will help it out. Diamond horseshoe was also really nice to drop in on. But again, it was very empty. I love the idea of having places you can go to day of, but I can see how reservations would help. Maybe a nice half reservation, half walk up policy? I always feel so bad when you see folks searching for sit down dining day of and watching them get turned away because they didn’t know to book ahead.

  5. Tracy says

    Shirley- I often order off the kids menu when at table service dining. No one has ever said a word. I think this is only an issue when asking for the kids price at buffets.

    I got in for July! I’m glad this is no longer a walk-up. Waiting around just messes with fast passes and then Be Our Guest is over-booked. Plus my kids don’t want chicken nuggets, so this is a nice option.

  6. Jeff says

    I understand some people’s desire for spontaneity, but I like to plan ahead for my WDW vacations.
    I’ve been waiting for this move to be made. And I can finally get excited about eating at Skipper’s Canteen now that I’ve got an ADR.
    I hope Disney doesn’t try this no-advance reservations “experiment” again.

  7. Anna says

    I really liked the good ol’ days when you made dining reservations as soon as you stepped foot in a park. But that only works if they set aside some tables for that purpose. I want some spontaneity while I’m at Disney, (frustrating to try and talk a large party into eating when they don’t want to), but I also truly appreciate being able to minimize the wait to be seated at a table service restaurant.

    Thanks for the updates, DFB.

  8. Sherry Carnegie says

    Zip-a-Dee-Doo-Dah- It’s a wonderful day now that advanced reservations can be made for this restaurant. I have been checking for months to see if advanced reservations could be made for this restaurant. So glad I was able to make one for our upcoming summer Disney vacation. Seemed to be a shame that table availability was always open for within an hour of when I would check for a reservation on any given day. That is almost unheard of at Walt Disney World. Something is not right when tables are available all day long. Can’t wait to try this new dining experience. Thank you Disney staff for making this change.

  9. Tinker Girl says

    We waited 70 minutes for our table. Our seater shrugged and said she must’ve forgotten to page us… we didn’t even get an apology. Once we were seated half the restaurant was empty. When the food arrived at our table it was hardly warm anymore. Our server was great and tried her best but my first impression of the place will always stay negativ and I doubt that i’ll ever eat there again.

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