New Video Review! Columbia Harbour House at Walt Disney World’s Magic Kingdom

Last week, we launched our brand NEW Disney Food Blog YouTube Channel, and we’re having a great time gathering all of the Disney Food News to share with you. And speaking of…we’re back today with another up close and personal look at the food of Walt Disney World!


During today’s video, we’ll take you into one of Magic Kingdom’s most beloved counter service spots — Columbia Harbour House. Located conveniently where Liberty Square morphs into Fantasyland, CHH has long been one of our favorite stops for fan favorites like¬†Chicken Pot Pie and the Lobster Roll!

Come with us as we head in and sample all there is to try here!

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I’d really like to hear from you guys now — what’s your favorite dish at Columbia Harbour House? Leave a comment and tell us all about it!


  1. Amy says

    My family has never tried CHH, but I do have a great customer service story from that restaurant. My mom accompanied us on our last trip to WDW, and by the last day was somewhat “Disney-d” out, and not feeling well. She stayed back at the resort while my husband and two daughters enjoyed on last day in the magic kingdom. In the late afternoon, my mom texted me asking if there was any chance I could get her some soup. I thought to myself, “right, no problem…soup in Florida in June!” I checked the menu at CHH, and saw that they had clam chowder. I spoke to one of the cast members out front with the dinner bell and explained my situation. She told me they didn’t have any to-go bowls, but she would see what she could do. She went inside and came out after a few minutes with a styrofoam bowl of soup that she had set down into a large drink cup with a lid. And then refused to charge us anything for the soup, saying only that she hoped my mom felt better soon. Bravo, Disney, and thank you for yet another amazing experience!!!

  2. Erica says

    My comment has to do with the video….cute idea and I like the info you’re displaying like captions and prices, but the constant “round and around” motion of the camera when showing the food, even though it’s slow, is kind of dizzying.

  3. Paul says

    Ate there twice on our last trip. Had the salmon the first time, and broccoli salad the other time. Both were excellent.

  4. Essie says

    I love this place! I usually get a simple tuna sandwich with house made chips. I’ve also tried their clam chowder and chicken strips. Everything I’ve ever had there was very good!

  5. Sandra G says

    CHH is one of my family’s favorite places to eat in WDW. While my son loves the chicken strips with fries, my husband and I are big fans of their big sandwiches, the Lighthouse and the Anchors Away. The fried shrimp platter made me feel as though I was at the shore. Can’t recommend this place enough, especially for those who think all QS at Disney is burgers and pizza.

  6. Jane says

    Have eaten here many times because their food is delicious! One of my favorites is the chicken pot pie and blueberry cobbler. They also have great salads ! I have had chicken fingers here with grand children I love sitting upstairs at the window seats also. Great view for people watching!! Fun place !!

  7. Mark says

    Love that lobster roll. Had it many times. Best seats are upstairs on the faux bridge over the main walkway.

  8. says

    We ate there for the first time our last trip. I had the salmon. It was very good, surprisingly good for a QS meal. My dad was disappointed they were out of the lobster when we went, but overall, everyone enjoyed it. We were there during a lower crowd time, but the line still reached past the entrance to Momento Morey, but they had a CM with menus circulating through the line and it moved fast enough that we weren’t waiting too long.

  9. Kimberly says

    My favorite is the Lighthouse Sandwich. In case anyone doesn’t know, it’s hummus and broccoli slaw with tomato slices on a delicious bread with lots of grains and seeds. Yum!

  10. says

    Loved the video! I thought it was really well done – concise and a great way to see a quick review of the restaurant. Can I ask what was used to film? It was super smooth and not shaky at all!

  11. Ross says

    We have been going to the CHH for years and always enjoyed it. Last week, we went yet again and had the chicken pot pie for the first time. We agree, it was wonderful; flakey crust with a creamy hearty filling. As Joey said, the broccoli was perfectly steamed but flavorless (except that it tasted like plain broccoli). We just dipped the broccoli into the chicken gravy and enjoyed it that way. We would highly recommend the CHH as a place to enjoy well-prepared food and a great setting in which to relax.

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