Beauty and the Beast Treat: Enchanted Rose Cake Pop

Today, we’re back with a review of a special, limited time treat — just in time for the release of Disney’s latest HUGE movie — Beauty and the Beast! I give you the Enchanted Rose Cake Pop!

Enchanted Rose Cake Pop

Enchanted Rose Cake Pop.  And Owl. With the Face.

Okay…so Enchanted Rose Cake Pop is the dressed up name that I’m giving this one, because “Character Inspired Cake Pop” is so…. un-Disney-fied.

But yeah, we get it. This is a Hot New Thing. It’s also a Hot Temporary Thing, meant to capture the imaginations (and the coin) of all of us who are half way to being in love with the new Belle and Beast (and Le Fou and the rest of the crew).

And it’s certainly not the only BatB game out there right now. People are losing their minds about the BatB Light Up Rose Tumbler (more about that one in a sec). And Disneyland has gone all out by turning an entire restaurant into a BatB-inspired stop for fans, Red Rose Taverne. (Get the Rose Cake! Get it!)

Enchanted Rose Cake Pop -- In the Case

Enchanted Rose Cake Pop — In the Case

So of course, we had to get our hands on the Rose Cake Pop and show you the goods.

Out of the case and up close, you can see that this is a pretty artistic Cake Pop. On first inspection, the outside of the rose looked a bit waxy. And “waxy” really isn’t what I’m looking for in a sweet treat. But I pressed on.

Enchanted Rose Cake Pop -- Up Close

Enchanted Rose Cake Pop — Up Close

The whole thing has a bit of a molded or sculptured feel to it, so I really wasn’t sure what I was going to find when I looked inside.

Enchanted Rose Cake Pop -- Top

Enchanted Rose Cake Pop — Top

When I broke it open and took a taste, I found the coating to be your garden variety White Chocolate Candy Coating — tinted red to play its part. The green stem seemed to be the same Candy Coating, just tinted green.

The Cakepop itself was a deep, fudgy Chocolate.

Enchanted Rose Cake Pop -- Inside

Enchanted Rose Cake Pop — Inside

But the most curious part of the treat was this Gummy Ribbon I encountered. Totally edible, but it threw me a bit. I believe its purpose was to help mold and “build” the cake, which was, indeed, rose-shaped. And the gummy ribbon gave a little raspberry flavor to all the chocolate! Interesting…and edible.

Enchanted Rose Cake Pop -- Inside

Enchanted Rose Cake Pop — Inside

Really, I have no idea. But don’t be alarmed when you bite into your rose and find something that looks like tape. It’s not.

And By The Way…Have You Entered Yet?

We are smack dab in the middle of a giveaway for one of the most sought after Beauty and the Best souvenirs — the elusive Beauty and the Beast Light Up Rose Tumbler!

Enchanted Rose Cup

Enchanted Rose Cup

And one lucky reader will WIN this beautiful cup. All you have to do is subscribe to the DFB Newsletter, and you’re in!


Already subscribed? Great! You’re entered to win automatically. :-D

But now, back to that Rose Cake Pop. Will you be heading to your favorite Disney sweet stop to make this one your own before it’s gone? Leave a comment and let us know!


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    Caitlin — You should be able to find them at Main Street Confectionery and Big Top Treats in Magic Kingdom and at Sweet Spells in Disney’s Hollywood Studios. In Disneyland, look for them at Trolley Treats in Disney California Adventure, and at Candy Palace in Disneyland Park. You may also find them at Pooh’s Corner.

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