News: Epcot’s World Showcase Wine Walk Now Includes Refillable Wine Glass

Here is a bit of wine news for all you Vino fans out there… and you don’t have to wait until the Epcot Food and Wine Festival for it!

Mmmm. Wine.

Mmmm. Wine.

We have a couple of updates to report regarding Epcot’s World Showcase Wine Walk. For those unfamiliar with this lesser-known Epcot experience, here is a brief rundown (read about the experience in full here). Interested guests can head to any one of three spots to start their Wine Walk: the Germany Pavilion’s Weinkeller, Italy’s La Bottega Italia, and France’s Aux Vins de France.

Next, request a Wine Walk Passport. This entitles the participant to six pours of wine by stopping at all three locations offering two pours each.

Though the program has been around for some time, the recent changes include… an increase in price (womp, womp). The price for the Wine Walk is now $30. On the bright side, though, the experience now includes an acrylic wine glass for use during the Walk, which is yours to keep as a souvenir. EDITOR’S NOTE: There have been further changes to the Wine Walk program since this post was published. The current price is $32, and includes TWO of the acrylic wine glasses. 

Acrylic Wine Glass

Acrylic Wine Glass

Not participating in the Wine Walk? Well, you can still purchase the new acrylic glass for $5, then have it refilled with a selection of still wines at any of the listed locations.

Acrylic Wine Glass

Acrylic Wine Glass

Buuuuuut…. don’t get too excited. Unlike the Refillable Popcorn Buckets that have been taking Disney World by storm since last summer, using the Refillable Wine Glass does not entitle guests to a discount on refills. However, guests will have a handy World Showcase-emblazoned wine glass to keep (it’s dishwasher safe for home use), and it will help reduce plastic use inside Epcot.

Acrylic Wine Glass Information

Acrylic Wine Glass Information

And with that, we say, Saluti, Prost, and Santé to you!

What do you think of the Refillable Wine Glasses? Please let us know with a comment! 

Take Advantage of Epcot's Wine Walk with Refillable Glass


  1. Austin says

    Do all six wine pourings for the Wine Walk have to be done on the same day or can they be used as desired while I am at EPCOT for a weeks vacation?

  2. Mary says

    The pourings can be done over multiple days. Also they have 2 of each sample and you can get one of each of two of both. You can also do one then come back for another one. You don’t have to get both at once. I called in the Disney Wine Plan. It’s not a terrible price consider they charge $7 for a comparable wine of the same size. This is more like $4 per pour once you deduce the cost of the glass.

  3. Jay says

    I read on a facebook post that the wine “pour” is only 2oz. Can anyone confirm or tell me the correct pour size?Seems insane to only get a 2oz pour. Thanks!

  4. DAVID says

    Was just at Epcot two weeks ago and the pours were 4 oz pours. But, it could have been that we had a birthday girl.

  5. Torry Dean says

    I have been a fan of the Wine Walk for a while now, when I ran up on it by mistake in 2014. Clearly not a mistake. I think the glasses are nice(don’t put them in the dishwasher) and it’s a great way to sample a few really good wines at a some what reasonable price.

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