News: Lighthouse Sandwich Removed Columbia Harbour House Menu

We know you’re out there, Lighthouse Sandwich fans.

And, as you can tell from the title of this post, we’ve got some not-so-great news for you.

For those of you who may be a little lost on this particular topic, though, allow me to explain. Magic Kingdom’s Columbia Harbour House is well known and loved for providing tasty Counter Service fare, with a few not-so-typical choices like the Chicken and Fish Platter and Shrimp Mac and Cheese.

Even these, however, never reached quite the cult status of the Harbour House’s two longtime signature sandwiches: the Anchors Aweigh Sandwich and the Lighthouse Sandwich (okay, the Lobster Roll comes close, but still…). Many guests seem to have a dedicated favorite between the two.

We can inform diehard fans of the Anchors Aweigh tuna sandwich that it remains safe on the menu.

Columbia Harbour House Menu

Columbia Harbour House Menu

Unfortunately, we can’t say the same for the Lighthouse Sandwich. The hummus, tomato and broccoli slaw sandwich – served on the same multigrain bread as the Anchors Aweigh – is no longer available at Columbia Harbour House, and Cast Members informed us that as far as they are aware it’s not coming back.

Lighthouse Sandwich

Lighthouse Sandwich

Now, as Disney food fans we do tend to get wrapped up in our own little world a bit. While WE know the Lighthouse Sandwich had a very dedicated fan base (for years!), we’re not certain how well it sold on a day to day basis. Still, what’s even more surprising — and disappointing — about its removal is that the Lighthouse was such an easy go-to for our vegetarian friends. (You may be glad to know the Vegetarian Chili is still on the menu).

Lighthouse sandwich

Lighthouse Sandwich

And even though I am personally not a vegetarian, it was just nice to have an option that was such a good counter to the heavier fried options prevalent on all Counter Service menus. Not that I’m opposed to that, I’m just sayin’… the Lighthouse will be missed.

BUT…don’t lose hope. Many things come on and off menus at Disney World all the time. So stay tuned… .

Will you miss the Lighthouse Sandwich? Please let us know with a comment!


  1. Jen says

    Noooo! That was my go to lunch at MK! I don’t eat meat at I really can only stand so many salads! I am super sad today

  2. Amy says

    This is SO disappointing. We loved this sandwich and it was great to have a light, healthy option in the Magic Kingdom.

  3. Samantha says

    I get so annoyed when counter-service places don’t have ONE vegetarian entree! (The chili is good here, so I’ll give them that, though– but I used to have that and split a sandwich!) In some ways it feels like the park is getting less vegetarian friendly for counter-service. Casey’s Corner doesn’t have any vegetarian options, either (could have a Field Roast frankfurter, the way that Big Bad Wolff’s in Disney Springs has an amazing Field Roast Italian Sausage!) Pecos Bill doesn’t have an on-the-menu vegetarian option, either, although I know they will make you one. SO many vegetarians (my mom included) wouldn’t think to go to a place with nothing on the menu, even from a pricing perspective it is infuriating to pay $12 or $14 for a meat option and essentially ask them to leave off the meat. It makes me sad and angry that they can’t just throw their vegetarian guests a bone and give them at least one option at every counter service.

  4. Samantha says

    I mean, how offensive could it possibly be for their meat-eating guests to see “Veggie Rice Bowl” listed as an option at Pecos Bill????

  5. Samantha says

    Actually, and I’m sorry to harp on this, that means that the ONLY entrees available to vegetarians in Magic Kingdom that are listed on the menu at counter service places (open all year round) in the Magic Kingdom are: Caprese Flatbread at Pinocchio’s Village Haus and Falafel Burger at Cosmic Ray’s. (I’m not counting Be Our Guest because, while amazing for vegetarians, you need a reservation.)

    I love Disney World, but whoever tells vegetarians eating counter service that it won’t be all pizza, veggie burgers, and salads, is telling a real lie. You have to really do your homework to get good counter service options as a vegetarian, and/or be willing to spend $$ for table service.

  6. Amy says

    This place was a must do for us – my husband loves the lobster roll but I don’t eat seafood at all. I’m not a vegetarian but the Lighthouse sandwich was so delicious. Now there is literally nothing on the menu that I would choose (no thanks on the salad – I go to WDW to splurge). Guess we’ll head to Pecos Bill’s instead.

  7. akbarratt says

    I really don’t get this. I’m not a vegetarian but even I know how difficult it is to get a vegetarian entree at Magic Kingdom that isn’t a chicken ceasar salad (hold the chicken). It’s so strange to me that they go out of their way to accommodate guests with special needs, even dietary needs, in so many different ways except this one. Weird choices.

  8. says

    Bummer. My husband and I just discovered this sandwich on our last visit.

    The Magic Kingdom really lags the other three FL parks on veg options. Very disappointing to see it moving in the wrong direction. Fingers crossed that there will be something good coming.

  9. Sandra G says

    Swell. This was something we looked forward to each trip; my husband and I would order a Lighthouse and an Anchors Away and swap halves so we wouldn’t have to choose. Except for a bit of fish, I eat vegetarian. Losing this limits my choices severely in MK. While I understand that they will update the menus from time to time, definitely not happy about this.

  10. Essie says

    I love the CHH and usually always get the Anchors Away sandwich, as I love it! I’m so glad they didn’t get rid of that, but I’m sorry for fans of the Lighthouse sami. I know a lot of guests enjoyed that one, too!

  11. Bob says

    That was my favorite sandwich and all of property. I always ate there during my stays. I guess Pecos Bills rice and veggie bowl will be my new go to. It’s good, but not as good as the Lighthouse Sandwich.

  12. Patrick says

    Like so many things with Disney lately, they take away items that make them unique and attempt to shoehorn everyone into the same slot. Just recently. . .
    – Roaring Fork reopens but takes away the toppings for the Mickey waffles and also changes how they make them. Not tasty at all.
    – Geyser Point opens to great fanfare and has some superb items, such as eggs benedict (two types) and for lunch, a salmon BLT. The eggs bennie were both excellent, and the salmon BLT quickly became one of my favorites. All of them are now gone.
    – Now, the Lighthouse Sandwich at CHH is gone.

    Thanks for nothing, Disney.

  13. Deena E says

    Just another kick in the teeth to the patrons. Disney seems to be losing sight of the importance of listening to guests and working to make them happy. Very disappointing indeed.

  14. Jeff says

    This isn’t very politically correct.

    But I’d love to see every single vegan/vegetarian item pulled off the menus throughout WDW. That way hopefully those nitwits go elsewhere on vacation and we wouldn’t have see their whiney little posts all the time complaining there’s nothing for them to eat.
    Those ones willing to live off salad or fresh fruit during their vacation are welcome to stay.

  15. Kimberly says

    This is just WRONG. This is by far my favorite counter-service option in any of the parks. Disney, you’re just making bad decisions left and right these days! Well, that restaurant is crossed off my ever-shrinking list of favorites. I’m not a vegetarian, but I loved that sandwich.

  16. Ann says

    Thanks for the pointless troll comment, Jeff. If you have to say “this isn’t very politically correct,” usually better to keep it to yourself. Its just like “this might sound racist, but..”

    I used to love this sandwich but the last time I had it I think the broccoli in the slaw was bordering on going bad because it had an odor to it, ended up throwing most of it away. That being said it was probably a fluke and would have given it another chance because it was such a nice option. I have even tried to recreate this sandwich at home and it just wasn’t quite as good (didn’t have pixie dust I guess!!)

  17. Nicole says

    Noooo!! I always looked forward to getting the lighthouse sandwich for lunch. Between having an affordable and filling vegetarian option and the quieter seating upstairs, I always thought of this as my little Magic Kingdom gem. So so disappointing. I really hope they at least replace it with something equally as good.

    Also going to choose to ignore Jeff who is clearly here just to get people upset.

  18. Peter says

    Ugh, this is terrible, terrible news. CHH was our all-vegetarian family’s favorite QS in the Magic Kingdom, and not only did they remove the Lighthouse sandwich, but no vegetarian entree to replace it????

    This really makes me sad.

  19. Angela says

    I’ve commended WDW for their attention to diners with food allergies but could use serious help finding quick serve venues that offer gluten free vegetarian options. I feel forced to spend the time and money on sit-down dining when I want something more substantial than greens! Is there a list for quick serve vegetarian dining spots?

  20. Julie says

    Very disappointed. My daughter is vegetarian and this is one of the few meals at Disney she really enjoyed. She doesn’t like spicy food which often seems to be the only vegetarian option available.

  21. barb says

    I’m vegan, and it is next to impossible to eat a meal at Disney World. Sure, I can buy a Chicken Ceasar Salad and then hold the chicken, cheese and dressing. Or I can order a side of steamed broccoli, or eat a pretzel or fries. Or a piece of fruit.
    I loved the Lighthouse Sandwich, sans slaw. I really wish Disney would sell Gardein products- fishless fish would be perfect for Columbia Harbor House. A chickpea “tuna” salad with Hampton Creek just mayo would be amazing. It seems as if Disney is trying to force vegans to eat at table service restaurants.

  22. says

    Those are great ideas, Barb. Sometimes we get stopped for surveys. I’ll try to keep your thoughts in mind in case we do.

  23. Jennifer says

    I am in shock as I read this!!!! For years we have incorporated CHH into our MK visits….3 of my 4 family members are vegetarians and the Lighthouse sandwich was a must every trip! It was already slim pickings for vegetarian quick service food, and the Lighthouse sandwich was one of the tastiest options at MK!!! Very upset and disappointed to hear this!!!

  24. Kim says

    We were SO incredibly disappointed – and rather annoyed – to learn that the Lighthouse Sandwich had been pulled from the menu at CHH. As a family of vegetarians (with one pescatarian), we loved dining at CHH and considered it our go-to quick service location in MK whether for lunch or dinner. And the location is so convenient for us, right across from The Haunted Mansion, our all-time favorite attraction!
    There are woefully few veg options offered at WDW dining venues, BOTH at QS and TS locations…but Magic Kingdom presents particular challenges.
    Disney Parks & Resorts needs to add veg-friendly entrees and sides across the entire property, following the example of Sunshine Seasons (offers an entree made with Gardein meatless products) and Satu’li Canteen (offers an awesome tofu bowl). And while we’re at it, how about a healthy veg option for kids instead of mac ‘n’ cheese or pizza?! (Many QS locations don’t offer even ONE veg entree for kids!)
    While Disney truly strives to accommodate Guests with food allergies, they are completely failing Guests with vegetarian and vegan dietary considerations (whether this diet is for ethical, religious or health/medical reasons).

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