DFB Video: Food Tour of Magic Kingdom’s Adventureland

Hello there! We’re back with another DFB Video, and today we’re taking you on a new Food Tour in Disney World. Our destination? Adventureland in Magic Kingdom!

Dole Whip at Aloha Isle

Dole Whip at Aloha Isle

Aah, Adventureland! It’s where we go to seek mystery, intrigue, and… Dole Whip! But you’ll find much more than the signature Pineapple Soft Serve in Adventureland, which is home to another beloved cold citrus treat. And with the addition of the Jungle Navigation Co., Ltd. Skipper Canteen in late 2015 (Happy Second Birthday, Skipper Canteen!), Adventureland has its own table service restaurant as well. But that’s not all, so today we’re taking you to ALL the food stops in Adventureland!

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So check out the video and then let us know: What is your favorite food in Adventureland? 


  1. Essie says

    I really want to try the Skipper’s Canteen in the SEA room, but I’m hoping they have that awesome looking chicken sandwich because not too much else is tempting.

  2. Dave says

    I had the Citrus swirl float in Sep and loved it! Orange soda pairs so well with it. Going in 13 days and will make the B line straight for either the Dole whip or Citrus Swirl, whichever line is shortest gets !st dibs!

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