News! MICKEY WAFFLES Now Available at Magic Kingdom’s Sleepy Hollow Refreshments

Who doesn’t love a good ol’ MICKEY WAFFLE?!

Most of us like-minded Disney food fans sure do. But the thing is, without an Advance Dining Reservation for a Table Service restaurant, it can be hard to find them inside the parks at Counter Service locations, even though they’re a staple in the Resort food courts. Last year, you could find Mickey Waffles at the Plaza Ice Cream Parlor when they served a breakfast menu, but that only lasted a very short while.

Fortunately, now they have a new home in Magic Kingdom: Sleepy Hollow Refreshments! A fitting spot, since Sleepy Hollow is home to the popular Sweet and Spicy Chicken Waffle Sandwich and the Fresh Fruit Waffle Sandwich with Nutella.

In fact, Sleepy Hollow has offered waffles topped with your choice of powdered sugar or strawberries and whipped cream for ages. But, while pleasant, they sure weren’t MICKEY-SHAPED.


Mickey Waffle

Mickey Waffle

YES — it’s a JUMBO Mickey Waffle!! Clearly, we ordered up the Mickey Waffle with Strawberries and Whipped Cream (for $6.79 or a snack credit (!!!!) on the Disney Dining Plan).

Sleepy Hollow Refreshments Menu

Sleepy Hollow Refreshments Menu

And, boy, is it ever loaded up with those toppings, from SO MUCH strawberries and glaze…

Strawberries Poured on Mickey Waffle

Strawberries Poured on Mickey Waffle

… to whipped cream topping those lovable ears!

Mickey Waffle

Mickey Waffle

And you get a dusting of that powdered sugar as well, so there’s really nothing missing with Mickey (well, aside from his smile which is hidden under ALL THE STRAWBERRIES! But, hey, you can trust it’s there). Served up nice and warm, it’s just one more great option at Sleepy Hollow. Between this, the aforementioned sandwich waffles, and the Hand-Dipped Corn Dog, it’s getting downright difficult to choose here.

Also, note that — per the menu pictured above — while there is a note that the Breakfast Egg and Cheese Waffle (complete with ham and tomato) is still marked as only being available until 12 noon, there is no such designation for the Mickey Waffle! It can be yours any time of day :) .

Find out more about the Wonderful World of Mickey Waffles here!

And let us know which Sleepy Hollow waffle tops your list!

Which waffle will you be ordering at Sleepy Hollow on your next visit? Please let us know with a comment!


  1. JN says

    I’m SOOO happy to see the giant Mickey waffles back! I really missed them, and they were one of my favorite memories from my first trip to Disney World. Thanks Disney! I can’t wait to get one (or more!) on my next trip.

  2. says

    SO EXCITING! Except I’ll still take my plain, gotta taste that malt. You’re the bomb, AJ and crew! Just got back from my trip where I had my cinnamon roll at Gaston’s with extra icing! ;)

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