The Best Cookie In Disney World. And You Don’t Even Have To Pay for a Park Ticket!

Every once in a while, a cookie comes along that demands its own immediate news post, and this — this is one such cookie. It’s from Gideon’s Bakehouse Cookies, and it can only be found in one Disney World location: The Polite Pig.

The Polite Pig

The Polite Pig

Gideon’s Bakehouse Cookies is Orlando famous, y’all, with lines out the door and cookies selling out rapidly every day. These cookies aren’t your grandma’s cookies (sorry, grandmas!) — they’re half-pound cookies packed with buttery, chocolate-y heaven.

Gideon's Cookies -- Chocolate Chip

Gideon’s Bakehouse Cookies — Chocolate Chip

The Polite Pig — which is itself part of a family-owned, superstar local restaurant company — is the only place you can get Gideon’s Bakehouse aside from the bakery’s location in downtown Orlando. With exclusivity like that, you know they’ve gotta be good!

And holy chocolate chips, Batman!

Gideon's Bakehouse Cookies

Gideon’s Bakehouse Cookies

The half-pound cookie is dense, rich with butter and chocolate and a perfect cookie bite! Plus there are flakes of salt scattered on the top that elevate this to cookie levels unknown!

At present you can only find chocolate chip at this location, but once you try them, you won’t need anything else. (Although, you know, if they offer other varieties, we’ll eat those, too!)

Gideon's Bakehouse Cookies -- Chocolate Chip

Gideon’s Bakehouse Cookies — Chocolate Chip

Seriously, you’ve got to try these. At least one. Probably half a dozen, actually. And grab a few for us! I’ve already had two in 12 hours, so… .

Gideon's Bakehouse Cookies

Gideon’s Bakehouse Cookie


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  1. Steve says

    Now that’s what the perfect chocolate chip cookie is supposed to look like!! Can’t wait to try one (or more) of those in September:) (Wish they had those available on the Disney Parks Shopping App:)

  2. Eric says

    Quote: How much is the cookie?

    Answer: not enough to stop me from getting a few on our next trip. ^^

  3. Jean says

    THIS IS SO EXCITING!!! I am a HUGE fan of Gideon’s! I’m so glad that they’re partnering with Polite Pig, because it’s a lot easier for me to get to Disney Springs than to get to their location in Audubon Park. YAY!!! (Fingers crossed that Gideon’s cake slices will appear, too!)

  4. Jill C says

    Can you just walk into the Polite Pig and request a few of these to go or do you have to eat a meal there?

  5. DFB Sarah says

    Eric: Truth! But it’s $6.99 and completely worth it. (That’s saying something!)

  6. Erica says

    If you live in Orlando these same cookies are $5 at the actual bakery an there are more options!

  7. Andrew says

    Side topic: Is it just me or are the chocolate chip cookies found in the parks – the most bland cookies in the world?

  8. Steph says

    I like how the first person who commented on this was the owner of the bakeshop. They’re $4.99 at their shop, and naturally will be jacked up at Disney.

  9. Rachel says

    I visited the Polite Pig today only to find out that they ran out of this delicious looking cookie offering. I was advised to check back on Tuesday.

  10. Garrett says

    Plaese update your post. They only order about 20 cookies a day and they run out about 10-15 minutes after opening. Followers of DFB should not come to Polite Pig in hopes of getting one. I tried tonight and was very disappointed.

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