Disneyland Annual Passholder Program Sees Two BIG Changes

Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge is slated to open in Disneyland in summer of 2019. (Walt Disney World’s Hollywood Studios will follow in late fall 2019.)

Star Wars: Galaxy's Edge

Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge

And even though that’s a year away, we’re starting to see signs of the changes that will take place around the addition of those Lands now. Case in point: Disneyland Annual Passholders will now see park-specific calendars when they visit disneyland.com or the Disneyland app to check out the block-out dates (if applicable) for their Annual Passport. And you can currently see the calendars as far out as June 2019 (13 months as opposed to the usual 12 months).

Deluxe Annual Passport Park Specific screenshot

Deluxe Annual Passport Park Specific screenshot

More Disneyland Annual Passholder Block-Out Dates Coming

The Disney Deluxe Passport displays Block-out dates in gray. Here is the schedule for Disneyland Park for the current month (as of publishing), June 2018.

Disney Deluxe Passport Calendar screenshot for June 2018

Disney Deluxe Passport Calendar screenshot for June 2018

And here is the schedule for Disneyland Park for June 2019, where you’ll notice a significant difference, with all Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays blocked, then a jump to the rest of the month being blocked beginning June 21, 2019.

Disney Deluxe Passport Calendar screenshot for June 2019

Disney Deluxe Passport Calendar screenshot for June 2019

Note that these same dates are not marked as blocked out for carriers of the Disney Signature Passport. (And, as usual, no blockout dates apply any time of year for the Signature Plus Passport.)

Disneyland Resort Park-Specific Annual Passholder Block-Out Calendars Now In Effect

Importantly, it’s also worth noting that Disney California Adventure is not similarly blocked out for June 2019 at this time, as displayed on the screenshot below. So be prepared to look at both park calendars on your preferred dates to see if both parks will be available to you! This is a first!

Disney California Adventure Deluxe Passport Calendar screenshot for June 2019

Disney California Adventure Deluxe Passport Calendar screenshot for June 2019

Yes, big changes are on the way, indeed!

Disneyland is expecting huge crowds next June and beyond. And even though Disneyland annual passes are still hundreds of dollars each, block-out dates for many passholders will increase. Time to crunch those numbers again to see which pass will give you the biggest bang for your buck now that parks have different block-out dates, and block-out dates will be increasing.

To date, however, Disneyland is still offering the monthly payment program for Disneyland annual passholders.

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  1. Mike V says

    So if I am reading this correctly people that take advantage of being a passholder are going to be pentalized?
    I guessing one can only conclude that this may also come to the World passholders?

  2. John says

    My wife and I are DVC members and have been annual pass holders for over 10 years. I am concerned that with the Walt Disney World decision to start charging resort guests for parking , (I know DVC are currently excluded) and Disney Land “testing” the idea of limiting pass holders to mid-week days in June they are pricing many families out of the opportunity to visit these parks.
    WDW is not a cheap place to visit as it is, and the apparent desire is to push the income to the limit is going to kill the “Duck”, if not the goose who laid the golden egg. I don’t think I’m a prude but they are already pushing alcohol at every turn to increase their profits. Walt would not be pleased to see alcohol served in the Magic Kingdom.

  3. Raymond says

    The Walt Disney Company is no longer built in the way Walt and Roy first created. While the theme of what they intended is still promoted, the reality is that the “magic” is now just a word used by many in conversation, but isn’t enjoyed magically by most – as today’s Disney upper leadership and management is solely focused, and motivated on increased revenue, finding more ways that they can gain more dollars out your pockets, all the while not sincerely caring what your Disney vacation experience. When I started to enjoy the Disney theme park visits in the late 1960’s, I would return from my trip reminiscing on the special moments that my family enjoyed and shared together. Today, I realize that I am not motivated to visit as often as I once did, and when I do, my take-a-ways are more focused on what we were not able to experience or enjoy, and the ridiculous cost of our vacation.

  4. Lisa says

    I have been a pass member for years DL is my most favorite place. (I was born the day DL opened 7/17/1955.) This year I didn’t get a pass because you keep raising the prices. It is becoming almost impossible for families to be able to have a special day or two..I will be there tomorrow for my Granddaughters 6th Birthday but it is a big chunk of my daughter’s emergency fund so she can have her special day. It saddens me that the hardworking Southern Californians with families cannot bring their families more than once every few years because they need to have a special fun just to be able to go. Very disappointed DL lover…

  5. bonnie says

    disneyworld silver annual passholders
    blockout dates already include weekends. this year it started on june 4th through part of august. the last two weeks in december and first weekend in january. there is also a 14 day blockout during spring break.

  6. Judith Baer says

    We got priced out of our pass holder status a couple of years ago and can no longer afford to take our grandkids. Disney is so greedy now, and they are becoming the playground for the “rich and famous” only. This is so sad!

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