The Worst Ketchup in All of Walt Disney World

Ketchup. I personally love the stuff. I dip fries into it. It goes onto my burgers and hot dogs. I’ve been known to put it on steak. All incarnations of chicken — when not slathered in Buffalo wing sauce — get ketchupped.

But recently, I requested ketchup at Crew’s Cup Lounge in Disney World’s Yacht Club Resort when having a little lunch there. And I met with the Worst. Ketchup. In. Disney World.

If I’ve piqued your interest, here’s a pic of the offending condiment: Dickinson’s Ketchup. In one of those teeny tiny room service jars, no less. (Apparently the Crew’s Cup kitchen is the same one that manages room service. Sigh. Double sigh.)

Dickinson's Ketchup in a Jar

Dickinson’s Ketchup in a Jar

As I see it, there are three major problems here. Shall we?

Problem #1: getting the ketchup out. Um…it’s impossible. There’s ketchup in there, all right, but it’s uber thick and pretty much just stays in there no matter how long you tip the thing upside down. So you have to get your knife involved in scraping the stuff out, which not only provides a nails-on-a-chalkboard (or, knife-on-glass, as it may be) irritation, but also dirties your knife.

Problem #2: the taste. I know that most ketchup starts with concentrated tomatoes — like tomato paste, I’m thinking — but this seems, well, entirely too tomato-y to me. It’s, like, mega-tomato. There is such a thing as too much tomato.

Dickinson's Ketchup Ingredients -- Click to Enlarge

Dickinson’s Ketchup Ingredients — Click to Enlarge

But THEN there’s Problem #3: the texture.

Once you wrestle it out of the jar — and really, you should have a tiny rubber spatula for this feat — you see that it really is the consistency of tomato paste. You could probably make a little ketchup sculpture out of it. And that’s just wrong.

Out of the Jar

Out of the Jar

So I have made a mental note to myself: when staying at Walt Disney World, I’ll squirrel away a packet or two (or 6) of good, old fashioned Heinz if and when I see them. It may be tough, what with all those ketchup dispensers at condiment bars. But I’m gonna try.

Gloppy ketchup. Gross. Sorry Dickinson Family.

Are you opinionated when it comes to condiments? Tell us about your most — and least — favorite dips and toppings in Walt Disney World!

Caution: Hot Cheese!

UPDATE: Sadly, Disney has removed its hot cheese dispensers from its counter-service locations as of June 2015. You may still be able to order plastic cheese as a topping for your snacks from cast members directly.

Hot Cheese Dispenser at Casey's Corner

Hot Cheese Dispenser at Casey’s Corner

Since spending a year in Switzerland, my family’s traditional Christmas Eve dinner has been fondue. There’s just nothing better, in my opinion, than an entire meal centered on hot cheese and an accompanying carb.

So, while I’m at the in-law’s this year for Christmas Eve and therefore don’t get to partake in the fondue with Mom and Dad, I’ll post a food blog about another version of hot, melty cheese in honor of my family’s traditional meal.

Cheese Fries at All Star Movies

Cheese Fries at All Star Movies

What’s The Cheese?
If you’ve been following the Disney Food Blog, you know that one of my favorite Disney treats is a big plate of cheese fries; but you can’t find the gorgeous, bright yellow cheese just anywhere. This exalted condiment is the consistency of melted plastic, and the number of places to find it on property is shrinking.

Where’s The Cheese?
I used to find the hot cheese dispensers at every counter service spot — Casey’s, Electric Umbrella, Cosmic Ray’s, Pecos Bill’s, etc. Lately, I’ve only found the cheese at Casey’s and Pecos Bill’s in the park, but I have found it over at the All Stars and Pop Century food courts!

Spot Awaiting Hot Cheese at Pecos Bill Tall Tale Inn and Cafe

Spot Awaiting Hot Cheese at Pecos Bill Tall Tale Inn and Cafe

Here’s a quick primer:
Casey’s and Pecos Bill’s in the Magic Kingdom: Unlimited hot cheese can be self-served from dispensers in the fixin’s bars.
All Stars and Pop Century Food Courts: Get cheese fries. Ask for an extra cup of cheese if the amount of cheese on your fries is stingy (and…how could it not be?)

Extra Cheese for Dipping at All Star Movies

Extra Cheese for Dipping at All Star Movies

Why Do You Like The Cheese?
I have no idea. It’s not as good as the queso I’ve been sampling since moving to the southwest, and I truly have no idea what this stuff can possibly be made from. It doesn’t look like there are any natural products in there! But, for some strange reason, I’m addicted to that bright yellow delicousness.

If you agree, let me know. I’d love to hear from others who love this strange add-on.

If you’re against me, let me know that, too! How can you avoid the siren call of the hot cheese calling out for a dip from your fries?