Disney Food News This Week: March 25, 2018

Happy weekend! Here’s all the Disney food news this week!

Artist Point Cobbler

Artist Point Cobbler

The 2018 Epcot Flower and Garden Festival is ON! We have FULL MENUS for the Epcot Flower and Garden FESTIVAL plus Photos of EVERY FOOD ITEM and most beverages!

And, the 2018 Disney California Adventure Food and Wine Festival is happening through April 12! Click here for the FULL MENUS and ALL the FOOD PHOTOS for the DCA Food and Wine Festival!

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We have a lot to share with you this week, so let’s jump right in…

Disney Food News

Check out all the latest Disney Food News — even the stuff we don’t mention in posts on the blog! — on our Disney Food News Pin Board, including menu updates, restaurant closures, special events, and more! We’ve got all the latest for you, so check it out before you go. [Read more…]

Review: Disney Food Air Fresheners (Yep! We Smelled ‘Em)

How do you capture that Disney vibe long after you’ve eaten your last Mickey Bar? The nose knows, as they say!

We first showed you these quirky-yet-kind-of-awsesome Disney Food-Inspired Air Fresheners a while back, but on a recent trip to Disney World, I got to check them out firsthand!

Do they really send you right back to that last vacation with Disney-scented memories? I’ll let you know what I think!

Air Fresheners

Oh, and by the way? Are you thinking stocking stuffers like I am? Great timing. The Disney Store is having a great online sale now through Thursday, which means you can get 25% off of these or any other Disney Parks merchandise you pick up! Just click this link or any of the links below and use PARK25 at check-out for the discount!

Disney Food-Inspired Air Fresheners

When I first heard about these Disney food air fresheners, I was a skeptic. Seriously? How do you “bottle” Mickey Waffle smell?? So I was pretty intrigued to give these a sniff myself.

Turkey Leg Air Freshener

Which one did I start with? The Turkey Leg Air Freshener, of course. I just couldn’t believe that this could be for real!

Turkey Leg Air Freshener

So a took a nice, deep sniff, and thought… [Read more…]

Foodie T-Shirts Take Over Disney!

If you’ve got a love of food and want to wear your heart on your sleeve, or rather your stomach on your chest, then Disney has a way to make that happen.

We saw the launch of food-themed clothing a while back with these fun cupcake patterns and, of course, the Turkey Leg T-shirt:

But the trend continues! The recently retooled merchandise shop at Epcot’s America pavilion now stocks a selection of non-Disney food-themed tee shirts and baseball caps. These items evoke Americana nostalgia, much like the shop’s new candy selection. Take a look:

Buckeye Donuts.

Joe's Cable Car Restaurant.

Otto's Sausage Kitchen and Meat Market.

Fuggedaboutit Pizzaria.

Gino's Deep Dish.

Loveless Cafe.

Capone's Root Beer.

Chicago Style Hot Dog.

Superdawg Drive In.

Manny's Cafeteria and Deli.

Over in the Germany pavilion, they’ve also got a collection of German food-themed [Read more…]

Keeping the Foodie Girl Clean

Disney Food for Families columnist Erin Foster found some zero-calorie treats for foodies in Disney World!

One of my daughters’ favorite food-related treats at Walt Disney World doesn’t come from a snack cart or restaurant. Nope, our must-buy item comes from the Basin White bath products store at the Grand Floridian.

We stop there, or at the sister Basin store at Downtown Disney, every trip to stock up on birthday cake soap. It smells as sweet as cake, but with none of those pesky calories. Over the years, we’ve purchased several dozen slivers of “cake” to use ourselves or to add as a special something to friends’ birthday packages. Isn’t it pretty?:

Birthday cake soap

While exploring the Basin stores on a recent trip, we found a wonderful selection of other body products that were either decorated with food items or smelled like food items. Any of these would make a sweet gift for [Read more…]