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  1. We were in line for the Contemporary monorail on Friday and it was back to ‘fill in all available spaces’. The cast members kept telling us that which was frustrating. We still keep space between us and the next people in line but we didn’t see many others doing that.

  2. We were at Disney last week and they absolutely PACKED us into the stretching room on Haunted Mansion. Like, more packed than I’d ever been before, even pre-covid. It seemed really unnecessary considering there was really no line.

  3. I was just in Epcot on Saturday, and most people will be right on your heels. I tried to keep even just a “polite” space (you know, like maybe 24 inches) from the person/group in front of me, but every time they moved, the person behind me would step up practically into me. No attention whatsoever, even if I kept hanging back. It’s not like they’re going to get to the front of the line any faster! I think it’s worse than before in many instances. I had people barely a foot behind me, and I was wearing a backpack. I have no idea how they didn’t bang their faces on my pack, they were so close. It’s EXTREMELY uncomfortable right now, especially since Florida has so many ICUs full with COVID patients right now, and the delta variant is so much more contagious. I really miss social distancing.

  4. I’m not a fan of mask wearing but I will if requested to do so after all I am fully vaccinated. Social distancing is another thing though. I prefer people keep a bit of distance between me and other people say about 3 feet would be comfortable. Like someone else mentioned you will not get to the front of the line any faster by cramming your body into the person in front of you.

    By the way has WDW started using the parking lot trams again? I already walk more than enough in the parks.

  5. At age 74 and a veteran of the worst jungles and disease ridden spots in South East Asia in 1968 and 69 I’ve seen most everything dealing with diseases and vaccinations . (SO many vaccinations…) I am surprised that people deny the effectiveness of the COVID vaccine. The VA hooked me up right away. And I took it as soon as I could. That said:
    HOWEVER, I don’t like using utensils handled by a hundred strange people before me in a buffet. NOR do I like someone 6 inches in front and in back of me in a ride waiting line.
    In the orient, wearing a mask is a recognition of respect when there is a chance to spread a disease. I like that.
    Until everybody is vaxxed up, wearing a mask and staying a few feet apart in line is just a respect issue.
    Some days, I don’t get no respect. I get mad …. and you wouldn’t like to see me mad.
    (my apologies to Rodney and The Hulk)

  6. If you are uncomfortable with the current situation in WDW. Just do not go now. Go when you feel it is best for you. There are a lot of things I do not like, at WDW now or in the past. Way too many to list. Do I still go? Yes. I guess I could choose not to go. But I do go. And I still have fun. It is our family trip to our favorite Laughing Place, for the past 30 years. If you all, would like to stay home for a bit, and allow me some extra elbow room. I can assure you, I would kindly accept that. Thank you.

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