The Wonderful World of Mickey Waffles

Update: Chocolate chip Mickey Waffles are now available at Whispering Canyon Cafe! Also, the Contempo Cafe has begun serving the large Mickey Waffle, while Sleepy Hollow has stopped serving it.


One food item I crave at all places Disney is the Mickey Waffle. A Disney breakfast staple, the Mickey waffle is deliciously thick, made with malted flour for that one-of-a-kind taste, and often served with maple syrup. Of course, you might also get powdered sugar or even fruit topping on yours!!

Mickey Waffles

Mickey waffles are everywhere. At the Whispering Canyon Cafe, they are plentiful — both on the a la carte menu and in the all-you-can eat skillet. Don’t forget to try the chocolate chip version!

Waffles with Mickey’s famous face are also served! You can find him at Contempo Cafe in the Contemporary Resort…

Giant Mickey Waffle at Sleepy Hollow

And the Mickey waffle at the All-Star Sports food court, Intermission, is super-sized!

Big Mickey

For a different type of Mickey Waffle, visit the buffet at The Wave inside the Contemporary Resort for a multi-grain version.

Multi Grain Mickey Waffles

Chocolate Mickey waffles have been spotted at the Crystal Palace in the Magic Kingdom!

chocolate Mickey waffle


Mickey waffles can be found in just about every theme park, resort, and cruise ship Disney has it’s name on!

Head over to any of the character breakfasts like Goofy’s Kitchen, Storytellers Cafe, Minnie’s Breakfast at the Plaza, the PCH Grill, and Ariel’s Grotto to grab Mickey Waffles.

Nearly all of the value and moderate food courts serve Mickey waffles. In addition, here are a few other locations to get your Mickey-face breakfast items:

Animal Kingdom – Donald’s Safari Breakfast at Tusker House
Hollywood StudiosHollywood and Vine
Magic Kingdom - Crystal Palace
All-Star SportsIntermission Food Court
Beach ClubCape May Cafe
ContemporaryChef Mickey’s, Contempo Cafe, and The Wave
Grand Floridian1900 Park Fare and Gasparilla Grill
Polynesian‘Ohana and Captain Cook’s
Wilderness LodgeWhispering Canyon Cafe, Private Dining

You can find Mickey Waffles at sea, too!

Mickey Waffle Tips

Make your own! Here’s the recipe. And you can grab a Mickey Waffle Maker and Carbon Golden Malted flour to make the experience even more authentic!

For those who need to eat gluten-free, Kouzzina serves yummy gluten-free Mickey waffles!

Where’s your “go-to” place for a Mickey waffle? Share in the comments below!


  1. says

    Sadly, I discovered during my last trip to the world that Mickey waffles are not soy free. They can make soy free ones for you, but they don’t taste the same :-(

  2. Emma Godbold says

    Somehow I only managed to discover Mickey waffles on my last trip, where had they been hiding all these years??! The ones at Whispering Canyon Cafe on the breakfast skillet were LOVELY, so fluffy and sweet. The ones we had a couple of days later at Crysral Palace were a little dry, unfortunately that can be a downside of buffet breakfasts….but still a treat I look forward to on my next trip :)

  3. says

    I know you are blinded by the cinnamon roll french toast on the menu, but don’t forget Carnation Cafe for Mickey waffles at Disneyland too! Mini ones for the kids’ meals and a big one for the adult meal!

  4. says

    My favorite way to start a Disney vacation is an early-morning boat ride over to Trail’s End for coffee, bacon, some fresh fruit, and a couple Mickey waffles. And if they have the donut bar up and running, well then that’s even better.

  5. says

    My go-to waffle place is my parents, haha. 10 or so years ago, I got my mom the bigger mickey waffler, which isn’t made anymore. Whenever I’m visiting, a MM waffle is always my first request!

  6. luvmychaos says

    I swear that this site has prepared me more for WDW than any guidebook I’ve read & even a wasted prior trip!Yes I am planning our trip around cupcakes,caramel corn & mickey waffles but who cares! I know we are heading to the “world” prepared to make the most out of our dining plan!! The big Mickey waffle from Sleepy Hollow is on our must eat list! Planning on doing the cupcake crawl,is there any other “crawls” to follow – iconic Disneyworld snacks, best fried things,etc?Sooo excited!

  7. Pudge the Fish says

    In the mid 90’s (before the proliferation of Mickey waffles) Whispering Canyon served some incredible 3D pine cone shaped waffles in their breakfast skillet. Perfectly creviced to retain the maple syrup. Good memories, YUM.

  8. Gabriella says

    We love Mickey waffles too! We got a mickey waffle maker from a friend who had two so we make them at home using an Emeril Legasse belgian waffle recipe which turns out super light and crispy and our 12 year old son claims they are better than at Disney :)

  9. Heidi says

    The big Mickey waffles can also be had through private dining at the Grand Floridian – or at least that was the case last year. I think those are the best ones I’ve had! :-)

    Additionally, they have the smaller Mickey waffles at the Roaring Fork in the Wilderness Lodge – I think there are 3 or 4 different topping sets you can get them with. The fresh strawberries & orange whipped cream ones were really good!

  10. venessa says

    THEY HAVE A DONUTS BAR AT TRAILS END? Really? That’s one of my favorite places for breakfast mmmhmm!! I love the banana caramel sauce you can add to the waffles and the biscuits and gravy are to die there!

  11. Heidi says

    Venessa – I was at Roaring Forks earlier this month & didn’t see a donuts bar. They did have multiple waffle toppings though! I didn’t try that sauce you mentioned, but it sounds yummy!

  12. says

    We have an ADR for Crystal Palace first thing in the morning on our first full day and I can’t wait to get some waffles! They are one of my favorite breakfast foods and, to have them at WDW is going to be really awesome. It sounds a little geeky as I write this but I know you all will understand, haha.

  13. Katie says

    My favorite Mickey Waffles are at Wilderness Lodge Roaring Forks Cafe. I LOOOOVE all of the different options for toppings that are available! My favorite was the praline pecan and honey butter. yuummmmm
    Too bad I’ll have to settle for the regular ones and Tonga Toast at the Polynesian during this next trip ;)

  14. kathyk says

    Found them in the food court at Caribbean Beach Resort on our last stay in July! Child size is the small waffle, adult order is the big mama!

  15. Jaki says

    On our last trip (this past October) we discovered that Mickey Waffles are available as a QS breakfast (served with bacon & a beverage) at the walk up counter at Trail’s End in Fort Wilderness!!! Made our mornings :D

  16. brandy says

    Plaza inn at Disneyland has an awesome character breakfast that always has really interactive and excited characters, yummy mini mickey waffles and gluten free mini mickey waffles upon request too! This is my favorite character breakfast in Disneyland/DCA and the hotels.

  17. Roger says

    Does anyone have the original recipe for the Mickey Mouse Gingerbread waffles? We have two waffle irons and have lost the original recipe book.

  18. Kay says

    They sell the mix at world market they taste just like the ones in the park Carbon malted pancake and waffle mix

  19. Dennis says

    Thank you for alll your comments about where to purchase a Mickey waffle.

    Does anyone know what is the proper etiquette for eating a Mickey waffle? Is it appropriate to start on the right ear first?

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