Celebrate with a Chocolate Cinderella Slipper

There are plenty of ways to celebrate with dining at Walt Disney World. And especially fitting for little princesses, romantic couples, and chocolate-lovers, the Cinderella Slipper Dessert is a decadent way to celebrate your special occasion. This dessert is exceptionally rich, and I suggest ordering one to share!

Celebrate Like Cinderella

Indulge in the chocolate slipper at Cinderella’s Royal Table, the Grand Floridian’s table-service restaurants (Citricos, 1900 Park Fare, Grand Floridian Cafe, Narcoossee’s, Victoria and Albert’s), or during afternoon tea at the Garden View Lounge overlooking the beautiful Grand Floridian courtyard. You may also enjoy it at the Contemporary Resort’s restaurants California Grill and The Wave.

But you’ll need to pre-order this special treat (and lock in an Advance Dining Reservation at the restaurant of your choice!). See below for specific resort/restaurant phone numbers.

For guests dining at Cinderella’s Royal Table in the Magic Kingdom, your slipper special-order will be a white or milk chocolate “glass” slipper filled to the brim (and beyond) with chocolate mousse. A raspberry coulis and fresh berries are artistically added to the plate.

chocolate slipper

Grand Floridian diners will receive a white chocolate version filled with delicious cream and crowned with raspberries. Accompanying the slipper is a dark chocolate mousse topped with white chocolate pieces. Raspberry coulis drizzled across the plate is perfect for chocolate dipping!

white chocolate slipper

Ordering a Chocolate Cinderella Slipper Dessert

The Chocolate Slipper Dessert is created exclusively by the Grand Floridian Bakery and Contemporary Bakery in white chocolate. Cinderella’s Royal Table orders are now given a choice of white or milk chocolate.  (If you are not given a choice, ask for an order form.) When ordering over the phone, a choice of chocolate is not always available. Current pricing is $15.00 plus tax plus mandatory 18% tip.

Served at our Vow Renewal

When ordering, request a message inscribed in chocolate to be written on the plate. Popular messages include “Happy Anniversary”, “Happy Birthday”, “Congratulations”, and even “Will You Marry Me?”! Special orders for slippers must be placed at least 48 hours in advance by calling the resorts/restaurants directly. To order your slipper at Cinderella’s Royal Table, call 407-827-2253. At the Grand Floridian, call 407-824-1951. At the Contemporary, call 407-824-2955.

Note that the Disney Dining Plan does not apply to this dessert. And it’s always a good idea to confirm that they have your special order in the system when you check in at the restaurant.

Proposal Package

My family once witnessed a magical proposal between a young couple at Cinderella’s Royal Table. Proposal packages can be arranged by calling 407-824-4477 with at least 7 days advance notice.

This special celebration tip and many more are presented in the 2017 DFB Guide to Walt Disney World Dining! Learn how to make celebrations, birthdays, anniversaries and more, the very best they can be with your purchase of the DFB Guide!


  1. Eric says

    I just received an order form for the chocolate slipper for Cinderella’s Royal Table and I was given the choice of ordering the dark or white chocolate. Not sure if this is the practice for the Grand Floridian but you are given a choice at CRT.

  2. Kristi says

    The cost is under $15 (or was in September ’10). We ordered this for my daughters birthday at CRT. They did give me the choice of chocolates. Since they can personalize the plate it was a unique alternative to a very expensive cake. My daughter loved it and thought it was a gift from Cinderella ;-)

  3. Emma Godbold says

    Now…I’ll just print this blog post and leave it around the house….boyfriend of 10 years will read it….lovely cinderella slipper with ‘special’ message will be ordered….here’s hoping / dreaming!!! ;)

  4. says

    Eric – thanks for the info that CRT gives a choice of chocolate now! Now, I’ll have to order one of each. ;-)

  5. says

    You can also now order this for restaurants serviced by the Contemporary Bakery by calling private dining at the Contemporary: 407-824-2955

  6. Kim says

    Jamie – never enough chocolate! But at least this one is enough to share. ;-)

    Kristi – great gift from Cinderella to your daughter! What a special memory!

    Emma – I like the way you think. I’ll admit to printing out instructions for my husband regarding Cindy’s slipper for past celebrations. :-)

    Carrie – thanks for that reminder! Now my hubby will have a multitude of places to “surprise” me with a slipper made of chocolate.

  7. says

    My boyfriend got me one of these last year at Narcoosees…I had left him every hint possible (including our ADR number, phone number to call, and instructions that I wanted the white chocolate slipper hahaha)…and then proceeded to COMPLETELY forget about it (no idea how)! When it came to the table, I was entirely surprised!

    Also, they’re not just pretty, they’re really good too!

  8. rosalie says

    Is it possible to get the slipper make in milk chocolate instead of dark or white? We are definitely doing this on our next trip!!!

  9. Karen Phillips says

    Can you order these chocolate shoes for and have shipped how big are they? The cost? I live in Austin. Want them for a 40th birthday party.

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