FIRST LOOK! Les Halles Bakery Menu and Photo Tour in Epcot’s France, Walt Disney World

Update: The official bakery name is Boulangerie Patisserie les Halles. It will open at 9am ahead of World Showcase’s official 11am opening time.

Waaaaaay back at the beginning of 2012, we reported that Epcot’s France Pavilion would be getting an overhaul food-wise! And now it’s all becoming reality! Les Halles Bakery has officially opened!!

Les Halles Bakery Opens in Disney World

In addition to the opening on Monsieur Paul Restaurant in December, we can now celebrate the opening of Les Halles Boulangerie!! And we’ve got some incredible photos for you of the new Bakery, as well as the Disney Les Halles Menu! HUGE thanks go out to Michael Burk (@michaellburk) , once again, for sending over these great pics!

Les Halles Ordering Area and Queue -- click for larger image

The new bakery is HUGE compared to the old one, which will soon become Glacier Ice Cream Parlor. Once you enter, you’ll quickly see a long ordering queue line area, digital menus, and lots of yummo pastries waiting for you to choose them!

Les Halles Ordering Queue

The Les Halles menu includes an expanded selection, including pastries, soups, sandwiches (both hot and cold), salads, and more.

The Pumpkin Soup and Lobster Bisque are definitely on my list to try!

Les Halles Menu -- Soups, Sandwiches, Salads, and Specialties

Um…I’ll take one of everything on this pastries/desserts menu, please…

Les Halles Menu -- Pastries and Tarts

Les Halles Menu -- Drinks, Wine, and Beer

You’ll be able to choose your favorites from a display case like you could in the old bakery.

You’ll be pleased to know that several favorites, like the ham and cheese croissant (still an awesome deal at $4.75 or a Disney Dining Plan snack credit), the cheese plate, and the napoleon are still available!

Les Halles Savory Pastries, Quiche, Ham and Cheese croissant, croque monsieur

And you’ll also find some brand new goodies to try!!

Les Halles Pastries

Who doesn’t want a chocolate eclair while they’re in Epcot?

Les Halles Pastries

Ah, heaven! ;-)

Les Halles Pastries and Bread

And I love the additional hot and cold sandwiches. They always had a few available, but the selection is greater now! Can’t wait to try them!

Les Halles Cold Sandwiches

Once you gather your goodies, you’ll head out to the seating area. This seems much more ample than what was available with the old bakery, plus it’s covered seating!! Yay!!

Les Halles Ordering Area and Seating


Les Halles Seating Area

Whew! I cannot WAIT to head over here on my next Disney trip! Thanks again to Michael Burk for sending over these photos!

I hope you guys will share your reviews and opinions on the new Les Halles Bakery in Epcot’s France!

What sweet or savory item is on your list for your first visit to Les Halles Bakery in Epcot? Let us know in the comments below!


  1. Sherry says

    Was very disapointed to find the chocolate cake no longer available when this reopened. Does anybody know if it can be had anywhere else at Disney??

  2. diane says

    Sherry I do not know but the bakery on the board walk was a lot better and you do not need a pass to buy anything there. We bought a fl after 4 last year and will not renew it this year because of that bakery. We wrote Disney a email and they even called us but not one thing has changed at that bakery. They do not care.

  3. Gwen says

    I neeeeeeed the chocolate cake recipe. It’s my sons favorite and we were so disappointed it wasn’t there.

  4. diane says

    Gwen Do not bother The old bakery with the good recipe is no longer there because they could not afford the lease. Disney does not care..

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