FIRST LOOK! Les Halles Bakery Menu and Photo Tour in Epcot’s France, Walt Disney World

Update: The official bakery name is Boulangerie Patisserie les Halles. It will open at 9am ahead of World Showcase’s official 11am opening time.

Waaaaaay back at the beginning of 2012, we reported that Epcot’s France Pavilion would be getting an overhaul food-wise! And now it’s all becoming reality! Les Halles Bakery has officially opened!!

Les Halles Bakery Opens in Disney World

In addition to the opening on Monsieur Paul Restaurant in December, we can now celebrate the opening of Les Halles Boulangerie!! And we’ve got some incredible photos for you of the new Bakery, as well as the Disney Les Halles Menu! HUGE thanks go out to Michael Burk (@michaellburk) , once again, for sending over these great pics!

Les Halles Ordering Area and Queue -- click for larger image

The new bakery is HUGE compared to the old one, which will soon become Glacier Ice Cream Parlor. Once you enter, you’ll quickly see a long ordering queue line area, digital menus, and lots of yummo pastries waiting for you to choose them!

Les Halles Ordering Queue

The Les Halles menu includes an expanded selection, including pastries, soups, sandwiches (both hot and cold), salads, and more.

The Pumpkin Soup and Lobster Bisque are definitely on my list to try!

Les Halles Menu -- Soups, Sandwiches, Salads, and Specialties

Um…I’ll take one of everything on this pastries/desserts menu, please…

Les Halles Menu -- Pastries and Tarts

Les Halles Menu -- Drinks, Wine, and Beer

You’ll be able to choose your favorites from a display case like you could in the old bakery.

You’ll be pleased to know that several favorites, like the ham and cheese croissant (still an awesome deal at $4.75 or a Disney Dining Plan snack credit), the cheese plate, and the napoleon are still available!

Les Halles Savory Pastries, Quiche, Ham and Cheese croissant, croque monsieur

And you’ll also find some brand new goodies to try!!

Les Halles Pastries

Who doesn’t want a chocolate eclair while they’re in Epcot?

Les Halles Pastries

Ah, heaven! ;-)

Les Halles Pastries and Bread

And I love the additional hot and cold sandwiches. They always had a few available, but the selection is greater now! Can’t wait to try them!

Les Halles Cold Sandwiches

Once you gather your goodies, you’ll head out to the seating area. This seems much more ample than what was available with the old bakery, plus it’s covered seating!! Yay!!

Les Halles Ordering Area and Seating


Les Halles Seating Area

Whew! I cannot WAIT to head over here on my next Disney trip! Thanks again to Michael Burk for sending over these photos!

I hope you guys will share your reviews and opinions on the new Les Halles Bakery in Epcot’s France!

What sweet or savory item is on your list for your first visit to Les Halles Bakery in Epcot? Let us know in the comments below!


  1. Mark D. says

    Excited about the expanded menu, but a little disappointed about losing some of the best deals in WDW.

    Ham and Cheese Crossaint: $3.25 to $4.75
    Ham and Cheese Sandwich: $5.25 to $6.25

    and this one really hurts….

    Cheese Plate: $5.25 to $9.25!
    That cheese plate better be way bigger and better.

    Curious to see what the Ficelle Au Lard looks like.

  2. Susie says

    Oh my gosh!! I can NOT wait to try this out! I was a huge fan of the Boulangerie and know that I will LOVE this place! I, too, can’t wait to try the pumpkin soup, plus all the delicious sweets and goodies!!!
    (I clearly can’t contain my overuse of exclamation points over Les Halles Bakery!!!)

  3. Christa says

    Looks awesome! The old Patisserie/Boulangerie was a little snug when it was busy, so this looks like a great improvement, plus all the additional seating will make enjoying your treats that much better! I can’t wait to check it out in April!

  4. says

    I’m not sure which I’m more excited for, the new menu items or the larger, covered seating area! No matter I will be heading here to try a few of the mousses (is that how you pluralize mousse?;)) next week!

  5. Tara says

    The food looks great but the “re-do” doesn’t look very french. It kinda looks like every other quick service in Disney. I thot the original intimate design of the patisserie was very quaint, unique and very…french. At first glance, I don’t like it but I probably have to see it in real life to appreciate. All of these changes in France are making me nervous that they might retire the french movie….hope not. Nothing a cheese plate won’t cure. ; )

  6. Sheryl says

    I don’t see the chocolate cake with chocolate frosting on the list!! My favorite for 30 years!!!!

  7. Galloping Gourmand says

    Mark – Although it’s hard to tell the portion size from the photos to me the prices are still in the range that I would consider “Disney reasonable.” That’s a little more than you would expect outside the park, but still just a hair below similar offerings elswhere on property. The ham and cheese croissant strikes me as a bargain

    Of course I’ll reserve final judgement until I’m there (hopefuly in April) and discover for sure that the tarts are not the size of grape tomato.

    The bakrey looks beautiful. It reminds me of Le Cellier in a way – maybe the Quebec section in particular? not sure. The seating area is a little warhouse-ish. Did they take part of the Impressions de France dump shop for seating? That woudl make sense. That store always struck me as a little sparsely laid out compared to the rest of the World Showcase shops.

  8. Ann says

    If the pastry on the right in the middle pastry picture is the Napoleon then I am severely disappointed because the old Napoleon was covered in powdered sugar and was my favorite food on property. Please say they haven’t changed it into the Napoleon they have at Hollywood studios!? :-(

  9. Sara says

    I was relieved to see the Napoleon still present – but then like Ann noticed that Napoleon-esque pastry in the photo….has it really been changed???? I hope not!!!

  10. Tom C. says

    Overall it’s an impressive redo and the seating space was definitely lacking so the expansion in that regard is a good thing. However I have to agree with Tara on this one, I will definitely miss the unmistakable charm of the original. Now that it has been updated (with all the modern conveniences as it were) it has become more of a typical quick service restaurant and less of an appropriately or characteristically themed destination for me. It is no longer that simple French Bakery that you may actually encounter as you pass through the quaint streets of town. And the price jumps, though not unexpected or completely unreasonable, were indeed disappointing to see especially since the portions really do look pretty much the same.

  11. Tanya R says

    Ann and Sara, I am with you. If they changed the napoleon to the Starring Rolls version I will be very disappointed. The starring rolls version is good but not nearly as good and the original French Bakery version. I am excited to see more seating available.

  12. Brian says

    Looks great, but I wonder if Disney will keep the name…Anthony Bourdain’s French restaurant is also named Les Halles, and while it’s only in New York, it might be famous enough to make for a real legal dispute. I know when I saw the name, my first thought was whether Bourdain was opening a WDW location…but I really like the New York restaurant!

  13. says

    Katie — Yay! When’s your next trip?

    Sue V. — Ha ha! I figured you’d have sent me some awesome pics if you’d been there! :-)

    Christa — I can’t wait to check it out, too! Looking forward to it!

    Lucy — It sounds like they’ve added a blue, and it looks like there’s still a goat cheese round.

    Kelly B — I’ve never had one from there!! Will have to try it.

    Kristina — Wonderful!! Send us some pics and let us know what you think!

    Tara — Cheese plates are magic! ;-) It does look a little more “standard” doesn’t it? Disney’s “re-imagining” a lot of things to make them flow better with the increased number of visitors compared to what they had back in the 80s and it does sacrifice the charm a bit.

    Sheryl — Don’t get worried yet! We don’t have pics of everything. I never saw that cake in the other spot, but it was always there. Fingers crossed!

    GG — Re: portion size, all of the items look very similar to what they used to look like at the other location, so I think portion size has stayed the same. Let me know what you think when you go! I think they DID take part of the Impressions de France dump shop for seating (they used to have seats there anyway, actually).

    Gaylin — Great question. We’ll have to see if we can find that out! It wouldn’t surprise me if they have some token gluten-free and sugar-free desserts.

    Ann, Sara, and Tanya R — Great question! It does look more like the starring rolls napoleon. Will have to take a closer look. Also, Disney often subsitutes if something’s not available that day, so keep your hopes up.

    Jenn — I love the addition of the soups, salads, and new hot sandwiches. They had a few before, but the selection is definitely better.

    Sianne — It should be a CS on the dining plan, but we’ll keep you updated as Disney releases more info.

    Kevin — Agreed!! :-)

    Theresa — We don’t have pics of everything; it could be there, but just didn’t get into the photos that Michael sent over. Fingers crossed; I love that cream puff!

    Tom C. — Yes; I agree that the re-do makes for better flow, but perhaps not better atmosphere. I’m eager to check it out for myself and see how it feels. That area of the France Pavilion always sort of felt like a warehouse…or a drafty train station (weird, I know)…to me — sort of an “afterthought” when it came to “imagineering.”

    Brian — That’s the first thing I thought, too. I used to be a regular at Les Halles in downtown Manhattan when I worked down there. It’s where we always went after work for dinner. (Sadly, I just heard that they have taken the to-die-for mac and cheese off the menu there… .) I doubt there could be any legal dispute, but everytime I see the restaurant name I think of Les Halles in New York! :-)

  14. Sara says

    Staying at Yacht Club and went thru the international gateway this morning. They had CMs outside the bridge asking us to come try it out for breakfast. Not sure if it will always be open for breakfast but we went for it. It was fantastic. Between the 3 of us, we split a ham and cheese croissant and a chocolate croissant and they were both wonderful. A completely empty France was also very nice.

  15. says

    Wonderful, can’t wait to check it out!

    Hehe, when I hear “Les Halles” I think first of the massive train station complex in Paris, of course! So – definitely a great name for a larger high ceiling-ed marketplace style bakery, I’d say.

    Hmmm- anybody tried the new cheese plate? I assume maybe it’s been upgraded or expanded, since it costs a good deal more?

    Looks like some great options, including meatless ones on the new menu, very cool.

    (Anybody happen to know if the pumpkin soup is vegetarian? I love pumpkin soup!)

    Thanks so much for posting this!

  16. Maria says

    I’m just glad they kept the lemon tart! I’ve only been to the previous bakery once and that lemon tart was one of the best things I’ve ever eaten, so when I heard they were getting a new bakery I was worried that it wouldn’t make the cut and I’d only get to experience that deliciousness once.

  17. Paul says

    Glad to hear they have an eclair with vanilla cream now, but it appears that it has vanilla frosting, too. :( The Napoleon looks different with decorated frosting instead of powdered sugar. I hope that the filling has not changed, too. That was my favorite pastry of the former Patisserie.

    Thanks for the great photos! We will definitely be checking this place out on our next trip. :)

  18. Janna says

    Seriously, how did I miss this?!?!? I was just there on Wednesday. On the plus side, I finally had the cheese plate. The Brie is my favorite (not a shocker)…;)

  19. says

    You can’t go wrong with a Croque Monsieur, but that Poulet au Pistou sounds pretty magnifique! As for dessert, I’ll take one of each , please! Oh…and a cheese plate too!

  20. Nancy says

    Looks like just another cafeteria now, all the charm lost to ropes and technology. Sad to see the other go but hopefully the ice cream replacement will be in the old style. I used to love cramming into that entryway and check out the window decorations. I used to go a lot but when they stopped the apricot tart I mainly went in for ambiance and iced tea. Sometimes a mousse. :-)

  21. Pudge the Fish says

    Like Jasmine I think of the massive Parisian train station when I hear Les Halle’s. That is where we boarded the RER train that takes you directly to the Disneyland Paris park. When you get off at Disneyland it is equally convenient as getting off the monorail at the Magic Kingdom. Can’t wait to try the new Les Halle’s at Epcot.

  22. Brooke says

    Les Halles also has an historic component. For ages, it referred to the famous central market of Paris. Hallowed ground to foodies :-). The market was closed in 1971 sadly, and moved to Rungis. The rail station and shopping district sit atop the site.

    I’m looking forward to seeing this! While it can’t compete with the charm of the old spot, I’m confident that the Bocuse group will steer it in the right direction, and we won’t see generic items here. Fingers crossed!

  23. Laribrook says

    But is anything homemade and the real question: are they serving real coffee or that icky Nescafé?! Please tell me real coffee!!

  24. says

    Laribrook — I know they have an expansive kitchen there, so I’d bet much of it is made in-house. Coffee is still probably nescafe, but I’m not sure. You can get Joffrey’s at several kiosks around Epcot, and will soon be able to get Starbucks at Fountain View Cafe.

  25. says

    Haven’t read other comments. Sorry if this is repeated.

    First of all, I really love how much french they are incorporating into their menu signage. Really lovely. I’m sure my father would hate to pronounce “Croissant Jambon Fromage” when ordering a ham and cheese croissant, though. Oh well, right?

    Second of all, Uhhhhhhh I’ll take a lobster bisque and BLT, please. Yum. YUM. I don’t care if I traveled 3,000 miles, I will always order a BLT at least once. :) Especially one with aioli.

    Can’t wait to check it out… maybe after graduation!! :)

  26. Rich says

    The wife and I always made a stop for their peach tarts ever since our first trip back when we were dating. The past few years it was random whether they had it or not and now I’m not even seeing it. :-( Looks like a good selection for lunch though. I may have skipped over it, but how is the seating capacity?

  27. Dale says

    The Boulangerie was a quaint destination in the World Showcase. Yes it was crowded, but when you were there, you were somewhere special. This is yet another sterile cafeteria-style food court, with funky-looking Napoleans.

    Sigh…another good thing has done gone on…

  28. Tamara says

    I visited here twice during marathon weekend.

    I tried the Salade Nicoise and Napoleon on my first visit. The salad was okay–not great. The Napolean was VERY disappointing. I have been a big fan of the Napolean there for several years. This one was not the same at all. The filling was different (and not in a good way). I would not get it again, and that’s a shame because the old one was my favorite dessert in all of Epcot.

    The second time, I had a Duo au Chocolat. It was better than the Napolean.

  29. Paul says

    We dined at Les Halles during our recent trip and had to try the Napoleon. It is definitely different and not quite as delicious as the “old” one with powdered sugar. The filling is close to what it used to be, but not quite as rich tasting. The frosting with the chocolate design is pretty and not as messy as the powdered sugar, but IMHO it overpowers the flavor of the custard filling with its sugary sweetness.

    We also tried the Dinde BLT which was excellent. The roll was very fresh and the garlic aioli added nicely to the overall flavor. The vanilla creme brulee was outstanding. The best part – the coffee is not Nescafe. It is actually brewed from freshly ground beans!!! :)

    The service is fast and the extra seating is much appreciated. When I stopped there for breakfast one morning at about 10:00 AM, I was the only person in line and had the chocolate almond croissant. It was another hit, especially with the new coffee! I had my choice of tables in the outside courtyard seating. I’m sure that will change once the word gets out.

  30. Susan says

    I cant wait to go check it out this weekend when we are at Epcot! And yes I heard they are serving fresh coffee from a local Florida roaster! Cant wait to have my afternoon espresso and chocolate croissant to help keep up with my kids! And pretend I am at a parisian cafe for 5 minutes!

  31. Courtney says

    They now have a MACARON- raspberry flavored with raspberry and lime filling, and it was so, so delicious.

  32. Nick says

    Just came back from Les Halles…totally disappointed….yes the charm is gone, just another fast food area..but worse still, those amazing napoleons are not nearly as good…the cream is average, and the icing
    on the top..super market fare….They have lost my family’s patronage.

  33. Julie says

    I’m here at Disney in the Animal Kingdom Lodge right now and withdrawing from my much anticipated Napoleon I wanted lastnight. The imposer I bought was nothing compared the Napoleon I had just back in 12/2012. I’m so heartbroken. Why would Disney ruin such a good thing? I didn’t even recognize it and had to ask if they had them still. When asked if it was the same, the girl at the counter (guiltily not looking me in the eyes) said it was the same just a different sugar on top (not powdered sugar anymore). Pfft! No way the rich light pastry cream is GONE! It is a heavy custard now and way too sweet. What a shame. It was mine and my husband’s favorite. Disney’s gonna lose money on this.

  34. Meph says

    I’m really disappointed actually. There was a lot of charm in the old building. It had a characteristic feeling that made it easier to see yourself in France. This is a commercialize static cafeteria. It just happens to have French pastries. This really absolutely kills a lot of the immersion that the countries are so careful to maintain. Really upset by this

  35. Kelly says

    Does the international gateway entrance open at 9am now then? I suppose it would be a bit pointless opening at 9am if no one could get in until 11am lol!

    I’m sure I remember staying at the boardwalk previously and wanting to enter there to walk round to future world but not being able to get in???

    Thanks in advance for anyone that can help

  36. Paul in CT says

    The International Gateway opened at 9:00 even before Les Halle opened so that folks could get to Future World. It has been this way for many years now.

  37. diane alspach says

    napoleons were not as good as Publix bakery and at Publix we do not have to pay to go to the store?

  38. Marie says

    I try to make it to Epcot at least once a year. My biggest draw was the fabulous French bakery. When I went this weekend, that was my first stop. I was surprised to see the changes and immediately began to wonder if the pastries had changed too. I was so disappointed to find that they had changed as well. The Napoleons were nothing like what they used to be. I can get better ones than those close to home. I also tried the creme brûlée. Another disappointment. The French bakery kept me coming back to Epcot year after year. I’m afraid we will not be returning :(

  39. Elizabeth says

    We recently went to WDW for our vacation and had heard about this bakery. We decided to give it a try and after waiting our turn in line, we were very surprised at the rudeness of the counter servers. We ended up leaving without purchasing anything. The staff at every other place we visited at Epcot (and during the whole trip in general) had much better attitudes and made us feel welcomed. We will not be stopping by this place on our next trip and will be warning others away.

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