Guest Review: Darth Vader Cupcake at Star Wars Weekends in Disney’s Hollywood Studios

Welcome Guest Author Becca C. with an out-of-this-world review of the Darth Vader Cupcake at Disney’s Hollywood Studios — an exclusive during Star Wars Weekends!!

Calling all chocolate and peanut butter lovers! There’s a cupcake being sold (yay, it’s back!) during Star Wars Weekends that is defiantly tempting enough to bring this fan to the dark side.

Darth Vader Cupcake!

This treat starts with a moist chocolaty cupcake. Then as you can see from my half finished version here they pile on the peanut butter frosting. This was an update to the cupcake last year from it’s previous version, and it’s carried on through this year’s event! This frosting is simplymelt in your mouth wonderful. Very rich and creamy, and it was so thick you would expect it to be the filling in the cupcake instead of the frosting on top.

The addition of cute little chocolate sprinkles and a chocolate drizzle continue the decadence! And it’s followed by even more delicious flavor in the big chunks of shaved chocolate on top.

Darth Vader Cupcake Cross Section.

And for the coup de grâce, the cupcake is topped off with a Darth Vader milk chocolate face. This is seriously rich and challenges even the best chocoholics to finish.

Alas, I had to admit defeat, which made my friend very happy to polish off the rest for me. ;-)

Darth Vader Chocolate!

This cupcake can be found in multiple locations throughout the park. I picked mine up at Backlot Express so we could snag a table in the air conditioning and catch the Jedi Training show while we ate. I also spotted it on a stop at Starring Rolls. You should be able to snag one at ABC Commissary, Pizza Planet, or Studio Catering Co. as well.

Happy Hunting and may the force be with you! (You will need it to resist the dark side.)

Also of note the Backlot Express, Pizza Planet, ABC Commissary, Studio Catering Co, Rosie’s All-American Cafe, Fairfax Fare and Catalina Eddie’s are all selling the kids power pack in the souvenir R2D2 “popcorn” bucket.

What’s your favorite treat during Star Wars Weekends?


  1. Heather says

    Oh man, this was so good and I normally am not even a huge cupcake fan, but it was so filling. I had it twice and couldn’t manage to finish it off either time.

  2. Kb says

    I’m not normally a chocolate person but OH MY LORD this was amazing! It wasn’t overly sweet but I would recommend sharing it just based on the size. The pb frosting was absolutely perfect!

  3. JoAnn says

    If my only option to get this cupcake was to switch over to the dark side, I would so do it. That looks so good.

  4. Katie says

    Really?? They are selling the exact same cupcake that you can get the rest of the time and they just put a Darth vader thingie on it???? And they are charging a dollar more for it??? I have have had the Darth cupcake before and this year I got the chocolate peanut butter cupcake at starring rolls and they were the same!!! The only difference is that the Darth cupcake is a dollar more!!! Is the little chocolate Darth vader worth one dollar??? I don’t think so!!!!

  5. says

    Katie — Actually, this cupcake is different than the regular chocolate peanut butter cupcake. This one has pure peanut butter frosting. The original Darth Vader cupcake WAS the same, but it has been changed the past two years.

  6. Janna says

    I ate (part of) one two weeks ago at Pizza Planet. I am not a chocoholic but I love chocolate and peanut butter together. At first, I was intimidated because I knew it would be over the top sugary. I was pleasantly surprised that mine was much lighter than I expected it to be (I didn’t eat the chocolate Darth face so that may have taken it down a notch or two for me). It was very yummy and I would gladly eat (part of) another one again!

    I still haven’t tried the King cupcake at Pop…it’s on my list for next time. ;)

  7. Angelina says

    I like that the peanut butter frosting is hidden underthe chocolate shavings and little Darth Vader head. What a nice surprise to find waiting underneath the surface!

  8. CanadiansLoveWDW says

    I so want this… i love the chocolate, peanut butter combo and am a huge starwars fan.. too bad this wont be available in september…

  9. Cheryl D says

    I didn’t realize that they would go away after the Star Wars Weekends were over. I was in DHS on the last night, and had one for dessert at the ABC Commissary. It was delicious, and worth every calorie!

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