The Disney Food Blog Bingo Challenge!

Guest Author Katie Roth took on the Disney Food Blog Bingo Challenge. Are you game? Let’s play!

A few weeks before my recent trip to Disney World, the Disney Parks Blog posted an article on a fun new way to experience the Disney parks: Bingo!

When I read this article, I immediately wanted there to be a Disney food version which prompted me to contact AJ at the Disney Food Blog.

Magic Kingdom DFB Bingo Card.

She developed a card for each park and I was lucky enough to be the beta tester! :) For this trip, we attempted the Magic Kingdom and Epcot food bingo cards.

Magic Kingdom Disney Food Bingo Card

The first card that we attempted to complete was for the Magic Kingdom. I absolutely LURVE Magic Kingdom food, so I knew this card would be a cinch to complete.

Our first treat was a Root Beer Dole Whip Float at Aloha Isle. It was in the high 80s with a packed park, so this cold and refreshing treat was welcomed.

While I love anything Dole Whip, and even though we got vanilla Dole Whip, I thought that the root beer actually didn’t taste the best with it …perhaps because it wasn’t the creamy, real vanilla ice cream that I’m used to? Maybe it was an off-day? Either way, I’ll probably need to get another one just to be sure. ;)

Root Beer Dole Whip Float.


As optimistic as I was that we would finish the Magic Kingdom bingo card, I am saddened and embarrassed to admit that we did not. :(

We got as far as the float and a popcorn and then threw our hands up in defeat – the Memorial Day crowds and our Advance Dining Reservation (ADR) just proved too much for us on top of attempting two bingo cards. We were, however, much more successful with the Epcot card.

Epcot Disney Food Blog Bingo Card

We were particularly excited about the Epcot food bingo card because(believe it or not) there was a lot we had never tried!

Epcot DFB Bingo Card.

Our first ‘space’ was a margarita from La Hacienda during our ADR. The flavor we tried was Mango Blueberry Basil.

This was a fantastic drink and I don’t even like tequila (too many bad college memories). The incredibly fresh ingredients and amount of labor put into this drink were obvious. I will definitely be getting another one of these on our next trip!

Mango Blueberry Basil Margarita!

For our next conquest, we had our sights set on the Strawberry Shortcake from Sunshine Seasons. It was definitely a much better choice to scarf down one of these instead of waiting in the 120 minute Soarin’ line. ;)

Strawberry Shortcake!

The Strawberry Shortcake was just as delicious as we remembered it – soft, buttery yellow cake, fresh strawberries layered with light pastry cream.

Strawberry Shortcake - Done!

With two squares in the same row, we knew which direction we needed to take. On that note, we headed to France and ordered an ice cream crepe from Crepes des Chefs de France.

Another first for us – this was soooo good! The crepe was warm with lots of cinnamon and sugar on it. I was a little surprised to see the ice cream on the side; I was expecting hand-dipped scoops rolled in the crepe.

In either case, this was delicious! It was very refreshing on the hot day and the sweetness of the ice cream complemented the egg-y crepe perfectly.

Ice Cream Crepe.

Three down and two to go!

Three down!

Continuing on our trip around the world, we headed into Morocco and ordered some pistachio baklava from the Tangierine Cafe. It was so loaded with pistachios that it was almost green!

I was worried that it would be dry, but it was not. Even though this wasn’t in the Bingo row we were already going for, it was a welcome divergence. :)


And now on to Norway…

The shining star of our Bingo experience was getting to try School Bread for the first time. I can’t believe that I had never tried this before!!! It was so unbelievable.

My husband likened it to a fancy donut – light dough with a (in my opinion) subtle ginger flavor crammed full of vanilla cream and then topped with a light glaze covered in fresh and toasted coconut.

The hostess at Kringla Bakeri og Cafe said she liked the School Bread served in Disney World more than what she had in Norway because they put more cream in here! :)

School Bread.

We loved this so much that we ordered another one!

Four down and one to go!

Four down!

For our final square, we went for a “pastry from France” so that we could try Les Halles Bakery. While we didn’t get an actual pastry per-say…we’re claiming this Berries and Cream is a pastry since it was sitting next to one ;)

It was just too hot outside to get something heavy.

Berries and Cream for the DFB Bingo!

And with that, we had a BINGO!!!!


The BINGO was a great way to try snacks that we otherwise may not have gravitated towards. I do have some advice for anyone considering trying this, though:

  • Don’t force yourself to complete a BINGO card in a single day – spread it out over your entire trip.
  • For the “FREE SPACE”s – drink water.
  • Share the snacks!
  • Don’t beat yourself up about it if you can’t finish a card.

And with that….enjoy!!!

Play The Disney Food Blog Bingo Challenge!

– Click to print the Epcot Bingo Card

– Click to print the Magic Kingdom Bingo Card

Would your family enjoy playing Disney Food Blog Bingo? Let us know if you’re up for the challenge! 


Katie works full-time as an engineer in Ohio and is currently pursuing her Master’s degree in mechanical engineering through Purdue University. Katie and her husband absolutely love everything Disney and try to work that special brand of magic into every aspect of their life, including visiting Walt Disney World multiple times per year.


  1. Kevin says

    How about a Food & Wine Bingo card, with drinks liberally sprinkled amongst options of course!

  2. Jessica says

    This is a GREAT idea! I try to get something new on every trip. This would definitely come in handy for our December visit.

  3. Mike says

    Love it! being an Excel whizkid I now have the idea of creating these for each park with a random snack and drink generator so each time you did it it would be different….could do the same for the attractions too…exciting! :o)

  4. Wendy says

    Oh, my gosh–this rocks. And the cool thing is that, even if you don’t “win,” you totally win just by playing :)! YUM!

  5. Tricia says

    I offically volunteer to test these more in Early September if I can get my hands on them.

  6. Patrick says

    I would say if you’re going with someone or a group, you should each score someone elses card. This way you are getting the randomness of Bingo. Spread it out throughout the trip, though, cause you would end up eating a whole lot of food.

  7. Paula says

    DEFINITELY need a food and wine version! I’m going to WDW next week and also the 1st week of October, so my groups will be playing this twice. Great idea!

  8. Essie says

    I definitely want to play this. Even if I go on a solo trip. As Wendy said, “Even if you don’t win, you so totally win!” I agree Wendy. How much fun is this with the cute stickers (I have plenty from scrapbooking) and all of those classic treats and snacks? I want in! :)

  9. Mike K says

    This is a great idea!! I plan on making a set of four of these bingo cards, specifically for the F&W festival at Epcot. There will be four of us going to the F&W festival for 5 days in November, so we’ll each receive a card per day to play with and switch cards after each day. Day 5 will be a free for all day allowing each of us to sample any and all the the World food booths so as to complete our passports. I did manage to sample every booth last year. I hoping for a repeat this fall. Great idea, A.J.

  10. heidi says

    I’m up to the challenge when I go in January 2014. However, I really wish there was a version without alcohol.

  11. Amy says

    Wow – love the game. Can you make one for the Food and Wine Festival? Can’t wait for that.

  12. Carole says

    I LOVE this!! We are always stuck in a food rut at Disney and my husband thinks they don’t have good food. I need to do this with him. I’m sure he and my kids will love it! Maybe I’ll convince him to do the Epcot one this weekend!

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