Holiday Eats! Epcot Celebrates Holidays Around The World

Epcot’s Holidays Around the World offers guests the opportunity to experience holiday traditions from around the globe through music, stories, and (our favorite) cuisine!

So, grab your passport… (yup — they have passports this year!)

Holidays Around the World Passport

…because we’re about to take a trip around the world! Epcot’s World Showcase, that is!

First things first: be sure to pick up a Guide Map at Epcot’s entrance for this experience.

Guide Map Display

Even if you know your way around Epcot, this map — unique to the festivities – shows you which treats are available and where you can find them (it provides times for special holiday performances as well).


Let’s take it one country at a time, starting in Mexico, where La Cantina de San Angel is serving Sweet Tamales!

Sweet Tamale

While the corn-based dough in this dish isn’t at all sugary (with just the slightest hint of cinammon spice), the strawberry glaze on top delivers a nice bit of sweetness. The filling is tangy, with a guava puree (and I believe a hint of pineapple, as well).

Center of Sweet Tamale

Holiday Waffles and Drinks at Promenade Refreshments

Now, before we hit the rest of the countries in World Showcase, Promenade Refreshments is offering a few treats exclusive to the holidays, too!

Promenade Refreshments

Promenade Refreshments Holiday Menu

We’ll be back soon with a full review of both waffles and some of that peanut butter hot cocoa, but here’s a pic of the Savory Waffle to whet your whistle!

Savory Holiday Waffle at Promenade Refreshments

Portable holiday dinner!

Rice Cream in Norway

Kringla Bakeri Og Kafe in Norway has featured a favorite treat for the holidays… Rice Cream!

Traditional Rice Cream is back!

Be sure to check out AJ’s review here, and don’t forget to grab the recipe if you’d like this treat to be part of your holiday festivities.

Rice Cream

Usually available at Kringla Bakeri year-round, I hadn’t seen it in quite a while. This gem of vanilla rice pudding topped with a generous helping of strawberry sauce is the perfect blend of creamy-and-tart.

Strawberry Sauce on Rice Cream

It’s wonderful when an old friend returns for the holidays, isn’t it?

Kaikouxiao (Happy Face Fried Cake) in China

China’s Joy of Tea wins the grand prize for “Favorite Name of Anything I’ve Eaten in Disney World, EVER”! (Not exactly an Oscar, perhaps, but an honor nonetheless!)

Behold: Happy Face Fried Cakes! Otherwise known as Kaikouxiao :).

Happy Face Fried Cakes and Tipsy Ducks signs

While the name is “fried cakes,” the Cast Member I spoke with called them “fried cookies,” and that seems more appropriate, as they are quite dense and crunchy. And these fried cookies are unlike anything I’ve ever had.

Happy Face Fried Cakes

The flavor is truly unique. While it’s got a taste all its own, I’d equate it to the level of sweetness of a shortbread… only a bit more buttery and a little less vanilla-y :). The flavor of the sesame seeds is very pronounced, and adds a truly unexpected element.

Texture of Happy Face Fried Cake

From the first bite, I was expecting something sweeter. But with each additional taste, I enjoyed it more and more. By the end, I could’ve happily gone for one or two more!

By the way, if you’re looking for a review of Tipsy Ducks in Love, you can find it here.

Holiday Drinks and Eats in Germany

Christkindlmarkt in the Germany Pavilion is featuring a few fun beverages: the must-have Werther’s Original Hot Salted Caramel Drink, and Werther’s Original Caramel Mocha Iced Coffee Drink.

Hot Salted Caramel at Holiday Prost Kiosk in Epcot's Germany Pavilion

You can find them in the Prost! stand, along with a few other drinks and Werther’s caramel treats.

Prost! Holiday Drinks Stand

Prost! Menu

We can highly recommend the Caramel Apple Cookie! LOVE!

Caramel Apple Cookie -- Cross Section

Hot, spiced Gluhwein is available again this year; however, it is sold in Sommerfest. Stollen (holiday fruit cake) can be found here as well.

Germany's Sommerfest

Sommerfest Holiday Offerings

Gluhwein is also available in a 6 ounce pour in the Weinkeller.


Gluhwein in Epcot's Germany

Holiday Drinks in Italy

Buona Festa is the name of this stand in the Italy Pavilion, where you can enjoy a Hot Chocolate with Caffe Espresso Liquer.

Italy's Buona Festa

Buona Festa Menu

Holiday Eats at American Adventure

In the American Adventure Pavilion, the Sugar and Spice Bake Shop is your one-stop-shop for all manner of traditional Christmas cookies, Peppermint Bark, Hot Cocoas and Apple Cider.

Sugar and Spice Holiday Bakery

We can definitely recommend the peppermint bark!

Sugar and Spice Holiday Bakery Menu

Cookies at the Sugar and Spice Bakery

Teriyaki Chicken Karaage in Japan

Looking for some out of the box fried chicken? Check out the Teriyaki Chicken Karaage in Japan’s Kabuki Café! This is a great one to grab on your way to get in line for the Candlelight Processional!

Teriyaki Chicken Karaage

Teriyaki Chicken Karaage

Hot Mint Tea in Morocco

Tangierine Café in Morocco is the place where you can grab a Traditional Hot Mint Tea. (Be sure to head to the Pastries and Coffee Bar, as opposed to the regular counter service line.)

Tangierine Cafe Pastries and Coffee Bar

While this is usually always available — especially at Marrakesh — it’s a fun addition to the holiday specialty menu as well.

Traditional Hot Mint Tea is sold in the Tangierine Cafe

Pouring the Mint Tea at Marrakesh

Gingerbread Ice Cream and Yule Log in France

Aaah, France… while this Pavilion offers an abundance of magical treats any time of year, it has managed to bring two more to the table for the holidays: Housemade Gingerbread Ice Cream at L’Artisan des Glaces

Gingerbread Ice Cream Pricing

Gingerbread Ice Cream

…and this beautiful Chocolate Christmas Log (Buche de Noel au chocolat), shaped to represent a seasonal Yule Log, found at Les Halles Boulangerie & Patisserie.

Chocolate Christmas Log

Chocolate Christmas Log

This Epcot twist on this French dessert is a chocolate cake topped with dark and white chocolate mousse (as opposed to a more traditional log-roll pastry).

Hot Applejack Cider in the UK

I can think of few better ways to warm up before a viewing of Illuminations than with a Hot Applejack Cider (hot mulled cider with whiskey and seasonal spices) from the United Kingdom’s Beer Cart!

United Kingdom Beer Cart

Pecan Maple Bark in Canada

Speaking of carts, the Popcorn Cart in Canada is carrying an additional treat for the holidays: Pecan Maple Bark. Yum!!

Canada's Popcorn Cart

While I am definitely all for warming up with a good ol’ cup of cocoa and a gingerbread cookie for the holidays, I absolutely loved having the chance to experience holiday traditions and flavors from other cultures. Holidays Around the World is a wonderful opportunity to consider and appreciate a few of the ways other countries celebrate this special time of year.

Which holiday treat from around the globe would you like to try? Please let us know with a comment!


  1. Tom says

    Many things to choose from that look great – very happy that the Unibroue taps from the Canada popcorn picture appear to still be there! That will be my favorite holiday treat!

  2. Samantha says

    I’m so excited to be there in only a couple of weeks!! Will definitely be getting the hot spiced cider with whiskey–always a tradition in our house–and may also try the sweet tamale.

  3. Katie says

    Is this large selection of Holiday treats something new this year?? Living in Orlando (and a very frequent Disney-goer for the last several decades), I do not recall such a large and YUMMY looking array of goodies ever! It seems more and more that Epcot is going slowly towards the “Food and Wine Festival In Disguise of Other Times of Year Celebrations” year-round. Hey, I am not complaining!!!

  4. Jeanie says

    I was there two weeks ago and didn’t know they were doing this. I’m gonna have to go back and investigate!

  5. Susan says

    Do you know how long these treats will be at Epcot? We are planning to visit New Year’s Day if possible.

  6. Lynda says

    Wow!!! So excited, can’t wait to try some (most?) of these yummy treats! I agree with Katie, seems like they are trying to find different ways to use the F&W concept throughout the year. I think it’s great as long as they don’t over do it and keep each event unique – I love the idea of holiday inspired offerings. :)

  7. Wendy says

    Tom – Cheers :)!

    Julie and Susan – the Holidays Around the World Event officially ends on Dec 30, but I’d still keep an eye out for a chance of holiday snacks through the first couple of days in Jan (though it’s not certain, I’d say it’s worth a shot!)

    Samantha – awesome tradition!

    Katie – I’m glad you said that, because these was my first time at Holidays Around the World, and I thought, “Wow – I had no idea this was so extensive.” I guess that’s because it hasn’t been so extensive previously!

    Jeanie – It just stared on Nov 29th, so you didn’t miss anything when you were there . Hope you get to go back and enjoy!

    Lynda – I’m all for it, too :).

    Wendy – have an awesome time!!

  8. aristea says

    can i use tables in wonderland card to get the 20% discount on any of the featured items and at these countries in epcot?

  9. Erin says

    Do you know if Animal Kingdom has their Yule Log again this year? I haven’t been to AK recently and it’s one of the best holiday treats WDW has.

  10. Keith says

    A lot of interesting drinks, and a few snacks too….how about a Gingerbread ice cream martini with the whipped cream vodka? We were there during Christmas last year and didn’t see most of these specialties…hopefully it is the beginning of a new seasonal trend.

  11. Wendy says

    Aristea — I don’t believe so. I’d recommend the Rice Cream for the best deal — $2.66 including tax, and super yummy :)!

    Erin — Ooooh, that sounds AWESOME… we haven’t seen it yet, but will keep an eye out!

    Keith — Whoa! That sounds like a brilliant combo!

  12. Shireen Herro says

    OMG!!! Just when I thought I ate too much at FWF, now here we go again! We are going in a week…excited to try out these holiday treats!

  13. Jay Ater says

    Where is the location of the Teriyaki Chicken Karaage? We walked all around Japan twice and didn’t ask, wish we would of, I wanted to try these. We went to every hut near Teppan Edo there was just a reservations desk, a place that sold alcohol only, and some other stand that had sushi. I don’t know how we missed it but I thought it must have been in China cause it sure wasn’t in Japan. Let me know, we are returning this week. Thanks!

  14. Wendy says

    Hi, Jay! The Teriyaki Chicken is at the Kabuki Cafe–it’s a tiny stand right before you reach the Pagoda in Japan (if you’re coming from The American Adventure). It is a little tough to spot since it’s so small compared to the Pagoda, so I’m sorry I didn’t think to include a picture with this post. This page may help you spot it:

    The sign for the chicken may move around as well, so if you don’t see it, I’m sure a Cast Member can assist :). Hope that helps, and hope you enjoy the chicken! Glad to know you are heading back. If you think of it, please let us know your thoughts on this dish here :)!

  15. Gen says

    How old is that popcorn cart picture? I am thrilled to see the Unibroue tap handle there! I begged them to keep those there after the F&W Fest.

  16. Wendy says

    Hi, Gen! I took the picture on Dec 2 :). I have been back since and the tap was still there! It must be some brew — you’re the second person to notice :)! Cheers!!

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