Seven Must-Eat Disney Treats for 2014!

It’s time for some seeeeeeeerious recommendations, friends!!! Do you have your planning spreadsheets ready?!?

Seven Must Eat Disney Treats for 2014

As much as I love my classics (Dole Whip!!!), I have found some brand new delicious Disney treats to add to the list of my favorites in 2014.

If you’re looking to try some new things, or you’re just curious about what fun new finds we’re celebrating, read on — and discover My 7 Favorite New Disney Food Items for 2014!

Brioche Ice Cream Sandwiches at L’Artisan des Glaces Sorbet and Ice Cream Shop

There’s nothing like finding something completely new and original while you’re strolling through the parks. And I wasn’t disappointed on a recent trip through Epcot’s France Pavilion.

We all love L’Artisan des Glaces Sorbet and Ice Cream Shop. I mean, 16 delicious, artisan ice creams and sorbets made right here in Epcot (I’ve seen the machines)!

L'Artisan des Glaces in Epcot's France Pavilion

L’Artisan des Glaces in Epcot’s France Pavilion

PLUS Ice Cream Martinis and Chocolate Macaron Ice Cream Sandwiches. Are you kidding me?? Utter yumness.

But stop the presses! (Ha! That will be even funnier after you finish reading this.) Because they’ve also added Croque Glaces — Pressed Ice Cream Sandwiches.

L'Artisan des Glaces Pressed Brioche Ice Cream Sandwich with Pistachio Ice Cream and Raspberry Sauce

L’Artisan des Glaces Pressed Brioche Ice Cream Sandwich with Pistachio Ice Cream and Raspberry Sauce

If you love ice cream sandwiches as much as I do, you’ve gotta try this. They take a freshly baked Brioche Bun, add a scoop of your choice of Ice Cream, and a drizzle of your choice of Raspberry or Chocolate Sauce. (Yep! It’s totally customized!)

Adding Ice Cream and Sauce to the Mix!

Adding Ice Cream and Sauce to the Mix!

Then, the top of the bun is replaced, and the whole thing is put into a press that looks like a cross between a waffle maker and a panini grill.

Pressed Brioche Sandwich

Pressed Brioche Sandwich

And Voila! The whole thing is warmed and the edges are crimped together, and you have the finished sandwich!

The Finished Ice Cream Sandwich

The Finished Ice Cream Sandwich

And it’s amazing! It’s warm and cold all at the same time, and I love how the rich bread soaks up the ice cream. And the crimped edges and absorbent bread means these are a little less drippy than the traditional cookie-and-ice-cream model. I’m not saying this replaces that…but it’s certainly a nice alternative.

Brioche Ice Cream Sandwich

Brioche Ice Cream Sandwich

And these are definitely huge, and big enough to share — especially if you’re snacking your way around the World.

Nudel Gratin at Sommerfest

Sommerfest, the counter service spot in Epcot’s Germany Pavilion, has been one of my favorite stops forever. When you’re after a quick bite of good, hearty food, it can’t be beat.

And the best part — recently they introduced several delicious new options. And suddenly, making a decision about what to get here wasn’t so easy anymore.

Except that soon, one dish rose to the top of the heap — the Nudel Gratin. That’s Macaroni and Cheese to you and me.

But it’s not just mac and cheese. It’s the cheesiest, richest, most flavorful baked version of this beloved comfort food that I’ve ever tasted at Disney. No truffle. No lobster. Just straight up, cheesy goodness.

Sommerfest Trio

Sommerfest Trio

Seriously. There was a fork fight over this one when we ordered it. I wasn’t expecting it to be this good. And the really incredible thing is the price! At less than $4, this hearty portion is considered a side dish, but I could totally have it for lunch and be happy.

Lots of Cheese!

Lots of Cheese!

If I’ve inspired cravings with my rave, here’s a recipe to try it out at home!

Gourmet Cake Cups at Cheshire Cafe

I’ve said it before — when it comes to cupcakes, it’s not worth it unless it’s got a metric ton of rich, lardy frosting on top (yep; I said it)!

So when I first heard about Gourmet Cake Cups at Cheshire Cafe in Magic Kingdom, I was instantly obsessed. I immediately took myself over to the Magic Kingdom.

Cheshire Cake Cup

And trying was believing. I was smitten at first sight. Because I am not so much a cake person as a frosting person. (It would be just fine with me if we could rename them cupfrostings. Or just give me a cup of frosting. Whatever.)

The tiniest bit of Confetti Cake divides up the mounds of sugary-sweet frosting that’s like the best birthday cake you’ve ever had. And the Confetti Sprinkles on top just make everything better. But look at that frosting!!! Heaven, I say. HEAVEN.



While my favorite, hands down, is the Vanilla version, the Mocha Madhatter Cake Cup also receives high marks. Choose this version for a lighter textured, mousse-like Chocolate Frosting that boasts a strong coffee flavor.

Frozen Cheesecake

But we mustn’t think all the food wonderful is confined to Walt Disney World. You know how much I love my Disneyland snacks, too. And I’m adding a new favorite this year!

Next time you’re in Disneyland having dinner and are tempted to skip dessert — do it!! And make a beeline for Downtown Disney District’s Gelato Bars kiosk there, where you will find Frozen Cheesecake. With a Strawberry. On a Stick.

Disneyland's Frozen Cheesecake on a Stick!

Disneyland’s Frozen Cheesecake on a Stick!

You think it’s weird, right? OK — imagine the richness of cheesecake, and the coolness of ice cream, and you start to get the picture. And all that creamy deliciousness is the perfect consistency for strolling and eating. Not tooth-breaking hard, not drippy-melty. Just right.

Hand-Dipped Corn Dogs in Walt Disney World! (Finally!!)

The good people who visit Walt Disney World each and every year have one big lament: why don’t we have Hand-Dipped Corn Dogs like they do in Disneyland? And I was right there with them.

But that dream that was a wish our heart made finally came true recently, when Food Trucks came to live at Downtown Disney — and Hand-Dipped Corn Dogs were finally introduced to the East Coast.

Fantasy Fare Food Truck

Fantasy Fare Food Truck

Fantasy Fare Food Truck represents the “culinary traditions from Disney Parks around the globe to Disney World”, so it was the perfect spot to introduce this Disneyland icon to Disney World.

Crispy Cornmeal Batter coats the outside of these ginormous Dogs and delivers a combo of smoky-salty-sweet flavor that’s heaven on earth. And even better — it’s served with those delicious House-Made Potato Chips that have become a staple side throughout Disney World lately. (And we’re sooo glad. Because they’re awesome.)

Hand-dipped Corn Dogs Served with Freshly Made Potato Chips

Hand-dipped Corn Dogs Served with Freshly Made Potato Chips

The ratio of breading to dog is pleasant. I get the awesome hand-dipped cornbread taste, but I can still get the flavor of the dog! And I can enjoy this treat without feeling like I’ve eaten a whole loaf of cornbread. Although, come to think of it, that wouldn’t be so bad.

Inside of the Hand-dipped Corn Dog

Inside of the Hand-dipped Corn Dog

Next time I’m in Walt Disney World, I’ll likely skip the Corn Dog Nuggets at Casey’s Corner in favor of this treat. Although I might sneak over some plastic cheese for dipping. :-)

Croissant Donuts at Refreshment Port

Just when you think Donuts couldn’t possibly be anymore wonderful. Someone marries them with Croissants…and the Cronut is born — much to our utter delight.

Have you had the pleasure? Because they’re astounding. The Croissant Donut — so called, because the term “Cronut” has actually been cleverly trademarked — is a hot trend in the food world, and so we were super excited to find that Disney has introduced its very own version. You’ll find this thing of beauty at Refreshment Port in Epcot.

It’s the perfect treat to devour while you’re enjoying a cup of Starbucks coffee from Fountain View Cafe.

Croissant Donut Insides and a Coffee

Croissant Donut Insides and a Coffee

You know this is going to be my first stop for breakfast the next time I’m in Epcot. Even if my plane doesn’t arrive until night time.

Croissant Donut -- Up Close

Croissant Donut — Up Close

Hey, breakfast for dinner, right?

Now, we’re not sure how long this will be available, since Refreshment Port tends to switch up its menu quite often. So get ‘em while they’re (literally) hot!

The Grey Stuff Cupcake at Be Our Guest Restaurant

Even today, I can’t set foot inside Be Our Guest Restaurant at Magic Kingdom without humming the song of the same name. Admit it: you can’t, either. And if so, then you were with me when I wondered “how in the world are they going to bring ‘The Grey Stuff’ to life???”

But they DID! At first, it was a special occasion dessert. So you had to, like, get married or have a birthday or something to get it.

The Grey Stuff -- It's Delicious!

The Grey Stuff — It’s Delicious!

But no doubt, the Cookies and Cream Panna Cotta Mousse proved to be so popular that the brilliant chefs decided to top a cupcake with it. And lo, the Master’s Cupcake was born!

This is truly the best of both worlds — two delicious desserts in one. The wonderfully light mousse can be eaten alone with a spoon. Those beautiful little Chocolate Pearls on top provide a nice crunch.

The Master's Cupcake -- aka the Gray Stuff Cupcake!

The Master’s Cupcake — aka the Grey Stuff Cupcake!

And the goodness goes right down into the middle of the cupcake! Score!!!

But the cake itself is pretty awesome, too. Rich, moist Chocolate Cake is the perfect accompaniment to that mousse.

Cross section of The Master's Cupcake

Cross section of The Master’s Cupcake

This is definitely a great addition to the Be Our Guest menu. No wonder the Master wants to keep it to himself!

Ready for all the News on What’s New?

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What’s your favorite must-try item from this list, or do you have another new find you’re dying to try this year? Leave a comment and share your Disney culinary knowledge with us!


  1. Kristi says

    The Nudel Gratin is awesome. We heard about it here and added it to our list in September. The portion size was huge so it’s a great deal on top of being yummy. We ate at a great outdoor table in Germany’s courtyard. It was hilarious to watch people run around trying to figure out the “Agent P” clues as my daughter and I had just finished (it’s a fun one to see even if you aren’t actively participating).

    We started using the recipe as soon as you printed it, too! It’s a perfect match flavor-wise to bring a touch of Disney magic home ;-)

  2. Rachel says

    I tried the brioche ice cream sandwich in January. Coconut ice cream and chocolate sauce. I was like a big ice cream ‘hamburger’ and totally delicious!!

  3. Denise says

    I would love to try the Nudel Gratin and the “Cronut” next time. The brioche ice cream sandwich was my favorite snack during my trip this past Nov. After a day or two, I had to go back to Epcot and get another. We also tried the Cheshire cupcake, it was a little too much frosting for me, but luckily I had my 7 year old to help me out.

  4. says

    AJ, I keep seeing your photos of the Nudel Gratin and then revert back to my review of it that I sent you. I don’t want to step on your business by linking to my own review unless you say it’s ok. For now I’ll just describe it.

    When I picked up a Nudel Gratin it was nearing 9:00 pm, when Epcot is getting ready to shut down for the night. As opposed to AJ’s cheesy, flowing, gooey looking dish, mine had a fairly well browned, baked on cheese crust. I’m have a strong opinion that it may have been due to the fact that I was there so late. I believe that they had probably stopped making fresh ones already, and mine had been either reheated, or sitting under a heat lamp for a while, or even a combination of both. Either way, it looked nothing like the one’s AJ shows here. I’ll have to stop by during the day to try it again.

    I liked the snack, but didn’t think it was spectacular. I also found the serving size to closely match up to the price. It is cheap, but there’s only a couple bites on the plate. That was my experience. Again, I am more than willing to give it another shot, as I believe my experience may have been a fluke.

  5. Victoria says

    I’m totally trying one of those brioche ice cream sandwiches when we go end of March/early April. And the nudel gratin. And the cake cups. And the corn dogs. ;)

  6. says

    I have to agree on the Cronut.. very good. Those ice cream sandwiches look good, I’ll have to try one next trip. We didn’t make it to DTD on our last trip, so I didn’t get a chance to try the corn dogs. Not sure, but for some reason, they don’t make them as well in NY as they did at all the fairs/carnivals when I was living in California..

  7. Lori says

    I had read so much about the grey stuff that I put it on my must do list when we went last month. If all I’ve read is true then I know I’m in the minority but frankly I just don’t get it. After all the hype I was really disappointed when I finally tried it. To me there just wasn’t anything special about it at all and not a lot of flavor. I thought it really just tasted like whip cream. It was OK and the cupcake was moist, but i wouldn’t go out of my way to get it again.

  8. Paul in CT says

    AJ, Thanks for your wonderful review of these snacks! We tried the croque glace on our last trip in December and LOVED it. We will be trying a different combination of ice cream/sauce on our next trip. The cronut and nudel gratin are also on the list. I think we have had the grey stuff cupcake, but did not realize that it WAS the “grey stuff”. It was delicious!

  9. jennifer says

    Darn! We were there yesterday and missed the Croque Glaces; NOW we have something to get next time! Cronut is wonderful, but big enough to share. Yesterday, had the carmel covered in dark chocolate and sea salt at Germany-YUM!

  10. Katie says

    As great and creative as Disney chefs are, they need to come up with some fat free treats that rank up there with Dole Whips, Mickey Premium Bars and hand-dipped corn dogs. I had my gallbladder removed 14 months ago, and do to complications my body still cannot handle any fats in my foods. For folks like me who can’t tolerate fats in our diets, Disney is a total tease! It really sucks watching my family and friends fully enjoying their favorite Disney treats as we stroll through the parks as I’m stuck eating my apple sauce. Come on Disney Chefs! Let’s see the magic fly through your imaginations and make some low fat Disney treats that deserve to be listed amongst the other legendary must have Disney treats! :)

  11. Lily says

    Could you e-mail a printer friendly version of your list please. Something I could pull up while im there to make sure I try all of them!! lol I go in May :)

  12. Sandra says

    On this list, I’ve only tried the Grey Stuff on the chocolate cupcake. Light, fluffy, sweet, fun, but not something I feel I need to eat again. I actually preferred the strawberry cupcake at BOG.

    Katie, the fruit bars sold at the ice cream carts are fat-free; my diabetic husband can enjoy one of those as they are also fairly low in carbs as these things go. Look at fruit stands for treats you can enjoy. The stand in AK has not only fruit, pretzels and packaged snacks, but also Odwalla fruit smoothies in bottles. Cooling and tasty. We get our Dole Whips with the pineapple juice for a refreshing, low-fat treat. The same stand sells pineapple chunks on a stick. In prepacked snacks, pretzels, gummy items and jelly beans are all considered low-fat.

  13. Dannie says

    This was very misleading since none of these are available at the Original Disney Park. Yes we have the great corndogs but with generic bag of chips. Should have titled this one 7 Must Eat WDW treats.

  14. Joelle says

    Thank you AJ! I am making my list for treats to try when I am down at the World in December. I can’t wait to try the Croque Glaces — Pressed Ice Cream Sandwiches!

  15. Cindy Hedstrom Richmond says

    Now if they would also offer the fried cheese that is sold at the same place in Calif Adv as the corn dog!

  16. Keisha says

    Thanks for this post! Just had my first ever corn dog and it will be a hard act to follow! It was just as you described…

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