First Look! Breakfast at Disney World’s Be Our Guest Restaurant!

Here we goooooooooo!

After months of waiting, it’s finally here. The first day of Breakfast at Magic Kingdom’s Be Our Guest Restaurant is on the books, and it was a great one!

After opening in 2012, Be Our Guest Restaurant was an instant sensation for disney-goers, and it has since become THE reservation to get when you’re planning a trip to the World.

BOG has a long history of “firsts.” The table-service dinner at the French, Beauty and the Beast-inspired restaurant features alcohol in the Magic Kingdom for the first time ever, the lunch meal became the first to offer dining FastPass+ bookings (no longer offered), and subsequently lunch just became the first counter-service restaurant to require reservations to dine.

Now, Be Our Guest’s counter-service breakfast is also taking Advance Dining Reservations!

And today we’ve got a fun FIRST LOOK at all of the food for you. We’ll have a full review on Monday with our fancy camera pics, but I couldn’t wait to share a few phone pics with you this morning!

UPDATE: Please note that as of June 2015, the initial test phase of breakfast at Be Our Guest Restaurant has been extended and Advance Dining Reservations are currently available through October 3, 2015. 


There’s nothing like an early morning romp through the Magic Kingdom — especially when the park is totally empty (well, almost)!

Cinderella Castle in the early morning light

Cinderella Castle in the early morning light

And that’s one of the many benefits of booking a “before-the-park-opens” meal at one of Magic Kingdom’s breakfast restaurants. Not only do you get some great photo ops, but you’re also done with breakfast and ALREADY IN THE PARK just in time to get to the front of the line at your favorite rides as soon as they open.

Morning at Magic Kingdom

Morning at Magic Kingdom

But, our favorite attractions are always the restaurants, so we couldn’t wait to cross that bridge over to the Beast’s Castle and enjoy breakfast at Be Our Guest for the first time ever.

Be Our Guest Restaurant

Be Our Guest Restaurant

Check-in was at two umbrella’d tables in front of the main

bridge to the restaurant. We’ll have a full run-down of tips and tricks for arriving and checking in in our Monday post.

Be Our Guest Restaurant breakfast check-in

Be Our Guest Restaurant breakfast check-in

Once we got inside, we were greeted with the same gorgeous castle atmosphere that we find on every visit. It’s always overwhelming!

Whispering Suits of Armour

Whispering Suits of Armour

Ballroom Ceiling

Ballroom Ceiling

As with lunch, the Rose Gallery is open for breakfast (it is closed for Dinner at Be Our Guest). This isn’t a room that was featured in the film, but it does offer some lovely wall hangings depicting scenes from the lives of the characters. It also features the gorgeous music box that Belle’s father created for Belle and the Beast for their wedding.

Rose Gallery Music Box

Rose Gallery Music Box


But you’ll hear more about all that on Monday. It’s time to showcase a few of the goodies we tried today!

The ordering process is the same as it is for lunch — guests will order via cast members or kiosks once they get into the restaurant, and then they’ll head off with their “magic rose” or Disney World magic band to find a table they like. Their food will magically (seeing a theme here?) find THEM wherever they are! Again, we’ll give you a further run-down of that process on Monday, but you can read any of our Disney Food Blog lunch reviews and see the details there as well. Note that pre-ordering your meals should become an option for breakfast as it is for lunch; we’re just not sure of the roll-out for that option.

So, here’s how it all works! The price for breakfast at BOG is set — $19.99 for adults, $11.99 for guests aged 9 and under. Sounds expensive, right? Especially for counter-service? But here’s the run-down: 1.) Be Our Guest is pretty pricey as it is for its other two meals, so you’re starting high, 2.) Everyone gets a bunch of breakfast pastries and non-alcoholic drinks included in the cost. So, yes, it’s expensive, but you may find that it’s worth it for your family.

Be Our Guest Restaurant Breakfast Menu

Be Our Guest Restaurant Breakfast Menu

There are six entrees that you can choose from on the adult menu, and five entrees on the kids’ menu. We, of course, ordered everything on the adult menu, and also ordered one intriguing item from the kids’ menu just to check out the level of value there. Here are pics and mini-descriptions of some of our favorites! We’ll have ALL of the pics for you on Monday!

Open-Face Bacon and Egg Sandwich

This was a must-order for us, since we figured it’d be very popular with Disney guests. And we loved it! It was a table favorite.

Open-Face Bacon and Egg Sandwich with poached eggs, applewood bacon, and brie cheese on a toasted baguette served with fresh fruit

Open-Face Bacon and Egg Sandwich with poached eggs, applewood bacon, and brie cheese on a toasted baguette served with fresh fruit

Open-Face Bacon and Egg Sandwich with poached eggs, applewood bacon, and brie cheese on a toasted baguette

Open-Face Bacon and Egg Sandwich with poached eggs, applewood bacon, and brie cheese on a toasted baguette

Croissant Doughnut

Another must-have — at least for me — was this Croissant Donut (cronut) served with some truly ah-mazing caramel banana sauce! This is suuuuuper sweet, but suuuuuper awesome!

Croissant Doughnut topped with banana caramel sauce, pastry creme, and chocolate ganache

Croissant Doughnut topped with banana caramel sauce, pastry creme, and chocolate ganache

Croissant Doughnut topped with banana caramel sauce, pastry creme, and chocolate ganache

Croissant Doughnut topped with banana caramel sauce, pastry creme, and chocolate ganache

Assorted Cured Meats and Cheese

Another intriguing option was this charcuterie and cheese platter. Definitely a departure from your typical American breakfast menu, and truly delicious.

Assorted Cured Meats and Cheeses -- alpine-smoked ham, serrano ham, sopressata, and cheese served with marmalade, fresh fruit, and toasted baguette

Assorted Cured Meats and Cheeses — alpine ham, serrano ham, sopressata, and cheese served with marmalade, fresh fruit, and toasted baguette

Assorted Cured Meats and Cheeses

Assorted Cured Meats and Cheeses

Assorted Cured Meats and Cheeses

Assorted Cured Meats and Cheeses

We ordered everything else as well (for the vegetarians, the quiche is the same one that’s served at lunch), and we’ll have more pics for you on Monday!

Crepes de Cogsworth

For the kiddos, the Crepes de Cogsworth curried the most interest among our group. This French-inspired dish is a Mickey Check meal, and it included yogurt, berries, and even a wildberry “foam.” Fun!

Crepes de Cogsworth -- stuffed with Yogurt, fresh berries, and wildberry foam

Crepes de Cogsworth — stuffed with Yogurt, fresh berries, and wildberry foam

Crepes de Cogsworth

Crepes de Cogsworth


OK, we’ll have more for you on Monday (as I’ve said a jillion times), and can’t wait to share our full review! In the meantime, let us know your thoughts about Breakfast at Be Our Guest! Are you going? What will you be ordering?

What’s your must-have at Be Our Guest Breakfast? Let us know in the comments below!


  1. Kim says

    I’m really looking forward to trying the croissant doughnut and the egg white scramble. I wish there was an option to add bacon or sausage.

  2. Syn A says

    ooh! can’t wait to see what comes in the pastry basket!!! i’m still unsure if $20 is super high for the amount of food… or is it the ambiance that’s blowing up the price??

  3. Lee says

    Looks great, but saying that the meat/cheese plate is “served with fresh fruit” is a bit misleading when apparently that “fresh fruit” consists of one strawberry cut into quarters. Anywhere else the strawberry would be considered a garnish and not even be mentioned.

  4. Paul says

    1.) Do you think they would allow adults to choose from the children’s menu?
    2.) Is the full order linked to family MagicBands. Want to know if they will prevent my daughter, who is 10, from ordering from the kid’s menu just because she’s one year over the limit.

  5. MacKenzie says

    I agree with Lee. I think the “catch” here is that you are paying for that option to enter MK before official open time. I wonder how many reservations there will be after 9:00 a.m. I would rather pay that kind of money for lunch as I am not a breakfast eater. Thanks for the review though! I was curious as to what they were actually serving.

  6. Robin Carroll says

    excited to try breakfast in October! No one will be able to say you don’t get a good value using a CS credit for breakfast anymore….

  7. Marylou says

    I wasn’t even considering the breakfast sandwich until I saw your picture! Can’t wait to see the rest! It all looks pretty good. Is it worth the price?

  8. Dan Butchko says

    We have reservations here for breakfast during the first week of May! I cant wait to see Monday’s article, because I’m not sure what I want try yet. I like seeing what the various options look like.

  9. Erica says

    The cronut looks amazing, but I have trouble paying $20 for a donut… The open-faced sandwich looks like a decent value though. Thanks for the pictures!

  10. Hannah says

    I think the price is ridiculous. Nothing there is worth $20.00. Then they try to justify it by saying that all entrees come with an assortment of pastries. Do you really want more pastry if you order the donut or crepes ? Lunch is a much more reasonably priced for what you get. Looks fun and the food looks good and the atmosphere is great but no way I’m paying those prices for a couple flat crepes or a donut. Too bad…..

  11. Sarah says

    The open-face bacon and egg sandwich looks delicious, and I do think something like that is a decent value when paired with a drink and a side of pastries. I am floored that they are trying to sell a donut entree (even with the side of fruit) for the same price.

  12. Natalia says

    Sounds great !! Question do they Let you order from the kids menu if you don’t like what’s on the adult menu ??

  13. Reba says

    I have a pre park opening breakfast ressie as well as a lunch ADR and will decide which to keep once there is more review info. Have to say I would probably only consider the breakfast before park opening though, that makes it a better value to me :)

  14. Lori says

    The price doesn’t really phase me. It’s Disney, everything is ridiculously overpriced and BOG is still one of the biggest gets, so the price is pretty much what I expected it would be.

    I like the idea of the charcuterie and cheese plate. It’s not even close to an authentic French breakfast, of course, it’s more German/Scandanavian style. They should have something like that available at Akerhus for breakfast. But the platter needs to have at least two varieties of cheese and some actual fruit. Like someone above said, one quartered strawberry is pathetic. A thinly sliced pear would be lovely or at least a dish of the fruit salad every else got.

    The bananas foster cronut is probably good but I just couldn’t eat something that sweet by myself, especially for breakfast.

    Crêpes and brioche french toast should be on the adult menu too.

    I’d probably go with the sandwich or Eggs Florentine.

  15. Kate M. says

    Hi there, thanks for all of your helpful posts! I have some questions. What kind of pastries are given? I’d only be going with my husband, so I’m wondering if we would get a smaller selection of pastries for just two. Also, do you think an adult could order a kids menu item for the same price? I’m not a huge breakfast eater or that interested in the “adult” menu items. I’m hoping I’ll see some answers in your next post!

  16. Essie says

    I def think you’re paying for the chance to experience eating here. It’s a wonderful restaurant (I’ve had lunch here and couldn’t say enough for the food or the theming; we just loved it.), but if I had breakfast I would choose the poached egg and bacon sandwich. It looks good and I’d certainly feel like I was getting more for my money than if I got the cronut or the meat and cheese tray (although they look yummy, they don’t look yummy enough to be $20.00).

  17. Kevin says

    Wow – $20 for a donut! I know they give you other pastries as well, but that’s still high. $7 more buys you all-you-can-eat breakfast with characters at the Crystal Palace.

  18. Mark says

    Looks like an interesting option for resort guests on the dining plan. For us locals $20 for a sandwich and a cup of coffee is a bit steep. I’ll stop at IHOP or Denney’s for twice the food and half the price.

  19. Galloping Gourmond says

    The sandwich looks good but the crepes seem very small.

    I’d love to try it but I can’t shake the fact that I can get a Tonga Toast and Lilikoi Juice before park opens for about a dollar less and not have to spend time eating instead of riding!

  20. Sara says

    *sigh* There’s nothing on the menu my super picky kid will eat ( it’s not very French, but I wish they had pancakes or Mickey waffles!). Seriously…my kid won’t even eat donuts, or French toast…sometimes I wonder who’s kid she is. I can’t justify spending the money to leave with a hungry kid, cranky kid. Looks awesome to me, though!

  21. MeLissa says

    That sandwich looks fantastic. (Except for the Brie. I’m just not a fan.) These selections appeal to me so much more than any run of the mill breakfast buffet on property. And comparing prices to a buffet, this isn’t bad. I’d choose quality over quantity any day.
    As far as “value” goes, for a counter service credit (assuming it’ll be on the ddp) this is awesome. It’s better than lunch at Flame Tree bbq or Fairfax Fare, two that I consider a good deal for one credit.

  22. Francesco T says

    $100 incl tip for 4 for a non-character/party breakfast is getting out of hand don’t you think? Couple that with $160 for a family to eat desserts and watch fireworks at T Terrace after spending $ for dinner hours prior and one has to think Disney is losing it on what they are charging for avg families. Rather than raising prices and gouging guests until demand decreases, why not increase space instead of prices and allow more to gain profits? You can only price people out for so long until it becomes an elitist vacation. What’s next, a $50/pp pre-extra magic hours eat and greet with the animals at AK? Been going to Disney for ever and it just seems to me over the last several years they are looking for every way shape and form to drive revenues up by gouging their customers with ridiculous reaches disguised as “new” offerings.

  23. Melinda says

    I don’t like to be negative on message boards, and I haven’t enjoyed breakfast at BOG yet, but I have to say there are a lot of downer posts about the menu and the price. If Disney puts generic food on the menu, people complain. If Disney puts unique items on the menu inspired by the atmosphere of the location, people complain. I say if you aren’t happy with the food offered for breakfast, go for lunch or dinner. Or go somewhere else. This IS just one of MANY food locations at the WDW. Or… don’t go at all. If you would rather go to IHOP, you will pay the value of an IHOP experience. If you go to Disney, you will pay the value of a Disney experience. BOG is not equal to IHOP. Just my two cents. I do have a breakfast ADR there for June, and have eaten dinner there. EVERY restaurant with an immersive, thematic experience will be “overpriced”. Heck, even a corn dog is overpriced. But for every one of us that boycots, there are plenty more still paying. And we should be grateful for that, or Disney would cease adding new things, or cease to exist all together. To each their own.

  24. Jon says


    No need to tip as it is classed as counter service. You order at a kiosk and seat yourself.

    Price is comparable with lunch at BOG (counting the pastries as dessert equivalent). But Cryatal Palace buffet is only $6 more, but you need to tip and the quality on a buffet won’t be as good.

  25. Loree says

    We (husband, teenage son and myself) had breakfast there on Friday morning. We had planned a last minute trip and of course no lunch or dinner ADRs were available, so we counted ourselves lucky to score a breakfast ressie. The restaurant itself is beautiful! We ate in the room with the music box and just loved looking around at everything.

    The assorted pastries had a butter croissant, a chocolate chip glazed pastry (not exactly sure what it was), 3 mini muffins, a cinnamon bun and a cherry cheese Danish. Looking around, it didn’t seem to matter how many were in your party, everyone got the same amount of pastries. There was a group of three seated next to us that ordered individually and they each received a plate of pastries. The two ladies on the other side also received the same plate of pastries as we did. DH did learn later that you could request more pastries and they would bring another plate of them to your table. For us, it was just the right amount and everything was delicious. The pastries came to the table at the same time as the main dishes.

    DH ordered the scrambled egg whites. DS ordered the croissant doughnut. I had the open face bacon and egg sandwich. DH’s dish came with 2 multi-grain croissants, fresh fruit bowl and a little bit of roasted tomato. DS’s and mine came with the fresh fruit bowl.

    DH said it was good but would have rather had a meat side (bacon or sausage) instead of the croissants, especially with the plate of pastries on the table. DS loved the croissant doughnut. It was a large doughnut and he was full when finished. (And that is saying a lot considering he is 14 and eats us out of house and home right now!) My egg and bacon sandwich was excellent! The bacon was cooked to perfection, not under or over cooked. The brie added a nice creaminess to every bite. The baguette was nicely toasted too. The fresh fruit bowl added a nice balance to the richness of the dishes.

    Downsides: DH was not impressed that he had to go hunting for ketchup for his eggs and butter for his croissants. DH also thought it would have been nice to have the pastries brought to the table before the main dish.

    Overall, we had a very enjoyable meal. Was it worth it? It was this time around as it was the only way we got into BOG on this trip. Would we do it again? Not likely, unless it got us into the park before opening. Although, our first choice for that is still Crystal Palace.

  26. Janet says

    I was wondering if you were not on the dining plan, would an adult be able to order for a kids meal
    or would 2 adults be able to split an entree? (the egg and bacon sandwich looks large)

  27. Patti says

    My family and I were just at BOG last Tuesday, and we ate in the Rose Gallery for dinner. You indicated in this article that this wing was closed for dinner. Just wanted to clarify.

  28. says

    Patty — The Rose Gallery was previously only open for lunch service, but it appears that it is now open for Lunch and Dinner. When we first arrived for breakfast on Friday, staff indicated that it was closed, but then it was later open. Thanks for letting us know about the update!

  29. says

    Janet — During our visit on Friday, we had no problem ordering more entrees than we had people. I didn’t see any stipulation that said you had to order a certain way. We ordered at a kiosk with a cast member, but others ordered for themselves at a touchscreen. I think you’ll be fine ordering they way you’d like to.

  30. says

    Loree — Thanks so much for offering a detailed review about your experience! I know it’s super helpful to our readers who are trying to decide whether to give Be Our Guest Breakfast a go!

  31. says

    Kate M. — We’ve put up a full review of our first Breakfast experience at Be Our Guest, and I hope it answers some of your questions. We have pictures of the pastries, and in our experience, we could order adult and children’s meals (even though our party was only adults.) Hope this helps!

  32. says

    Natalia — We didn’t encounter a problem ordering a child’s entree, even though there were no children in our party.

  33. Jennifer says

    Just had the Be Our Guest breakfast and may be able to answer a few of the posted questions. First off, if you’re looking for a value, this is not it. The castle is beautiful and the food was fine, but you’re not going to leave feeling like you had a $20 breakfast. Book it if you want the experience of eating in the castle. For $20, you’re still getting your own drinks and cutlery, begging someone to find you some jam and there are no modifications go the menu choices.

    If you’re paying out of pocket, you can certainly order from the kids menu. One of our group is a healthy vegetarian and the only good option for him was the oatmeal on the kids’ menu. Also, every order comes with the same tray of pastries, so when we realized a child’s dish had been left off and we reordered, it appeared with another full pastry tray.

    All of the meals are a bit carb heavy so it would be great if they allowed you to add a side of bacon or sausage to some things – especially the super sweet donut croissant or the kids crepes.

    The food didn’t appear very magically. Instead, there were a lot of servers pushing carts and asking to check tickets and calling our names looking for folks, but maybe this is just a glitch in getting the breakfast system set up. They were very polite, but noticeably frazzled.

    It was our first time eating at the castle though we have tried before, so we were glad to have this chance. Others in our party had eaten their for lunch and dinner and noted that the breakfast wasn’t quite as magical. I’m glad we did it for the experience, but I won’t do it again.

  34. says

    Krista — Disney is officially calling Be Our Guest Breakfast service a test through June 18. As of today (I just checked), there are no Advance Dining Reservations available for breakfast beyond that date, and they have not indicated whether breakfast will become a permanent offering. We’ll let you know as soon as we hear anything though, so please keep checking back. Best of luck!

  35. Staza says

    Thank you for a great post, great info.

    Hoping to score early park with BOG next trip, but it’ll be a challenge since we don’t get 10 days ahead of 180 day adrs, staying onsite but at Dolphin. Dolphin gets almost all perks same as Disney owned, but not the 10 day. When they decide to keep the breakfast going, I’ll just have to go on line 6am, keep trying.

    It’ll be nice to see inside the BOG castle, and arrive ahead of day’s crowd as well. Sounds pricey for not so much food, but really paying for the experience as well.

    My fam are very light breakfast eaters, so I suppose the preschoolers can split a meal? Since ordering ourselves from a kiosk, I guess ok. Last trip the 2yr old had the choice of each person’s dishes, as well as her brother’s. She still eats about the size of a thimble full.

  36. Janice C says


    A few others have asked…can kids over age 9 order from kids’ menu? We have reservations, but looking at the menu my kids(all older than age 9) would like only the items on the kids menu!

    Thank you!

  37. says

    Janice C — Yes. You can order anything you want and you can order anything that you want for your children. When we did the initial review for Be Our Guest Breakfast, our party was made up of three adults, and we ordered every single adult entree, plus a child’s meal. The “prix fixe” label is tied to how entrees are priced, not how many people, or the make up of people, in your party.

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