Review: Stage Door Cafe in Disneyland

Are you ready to mosey on up to the Stage Door Cafe in Disneyland’s Frontierland?

Stage Door Cafe

Located around the corner — at the Stage Door, of course — of the Golden Horseshoe Saloon, this teensy tiny counter service spot is the perfect place to grab some eats to go. And they even feature some of Disneyland’s most beloved treats.

Stage Door Cafe Sign

Stage Door Cafe Sign

Once you get yourself inside (which can be a feat in itself if the lines are long), you’ll see that this restaurant is pretty much suitable for about 10 people total…and even that can be cozy!

Lines at the Stage Door Cafe

Lines at the Stage Door Cafe

But the imagineering touches are strong here regardless!

Crew member at the cash register.

Crew member at the cash register

I quickly spotted an iconic shape on the woodwork near this bunch of flowers… .

Indoor Decor

Indoor Decor

See it?

Hidden Mickey

Hidden Mickey

And the “stage door” theme is carried out with several decor elements reminiscent of the restaurant’s dramatic location.

Mask decor

Mask decor

Vintage style sign decor

Vintage sign

There is no seating inside the restaurant, but there are plenty of outdoor tables just out side — shared with the River Belle Terrace.



But beware of this Fireworks factory close-by! ;-)

Outdoor Decor

Outdoor Decor

Now, when it comes to eats, Stage Door Cafe does very few things… but it does them all well! You can see the menu has only three entrees: two Disney Parks standards — Fish & Chips and Chicken Breast Nuggets — and one Disneyland specialty: the Hand-dipped Corn Dog! (This spot does share a kitchen with the Golden Horseshoe, so many of the menu items will be the same.)

Stage Door Cafe Menu

And, of course, it does have something “For Yer Sweet Tooth.” And, believe me, we’ll be getting to that House-made Funnel Cake shortly, but not before digging into some Fish and Chips. (Can you believe I passed up a Hand-dipped Corn Dog? Truth is, I’d never tried the fish here! Plus, I always kinda like getting my Corn Dog at the Little Red Wagon or Corn Dog Castle, ‘cuz I’m a traditionalist like that. Anyhoo…). You receive two pieces of golden-fried white fish and “chips.”

Fish and Chips with Tartar Sauce

I use quotations because the thin-sliced Disney Fries aren’t exactly what I think of when I ponder a plate of more traditional thicker cut chips. But they’ll do the trick. And they allow  the fish to remain the star of the show. The portions are served fresh and hot, and the flaky fish is actually pretty good.


Fish & Chips close up

But back to that House-made Funnel Cake… because you’ve simply got to see it! I went with strawberry for my topping, because the cast member said it was the most popular; but you can also go with chocolate brownie (!!!) or just good ol’ powdered sugar. No matter which you choose, none of them are complete without a WHIPPED CREAM MICKEY!!! I LOVE that they do this here!

Funnel Cake with Strawberry Topping

He’s so cute, it breaks your heart a little to dig in. But dig in you must, to get to even more fried deliciousness beneath all the topping!

Close up on Funnel Cake with strawberry topping.

Close up on Funnel Cake with strawberry topping

This was truly heavenly. Every once in a while I buy something to review and I wish wish wish I could eat every last bite — this was one of those things. It was so hard to stop! The whipped cream was my favorite kind (I refer to it as “diner” whipped cream, which may or may not make sense to you), and the sweet-tart strawberries were a great match for the super sweet funnel cake. Aw, man — I wish I had one right now!

Honestly, this is kind of the beauty of a small menu full of nothing but classics. You really can’t go wrong. And even though Stage Door doesn’t have any seating of its own, and it’s tiny, and if you just have a day in Disneyland you’re likely going to skip this one…it’s certainly worth it if you do make the time.

Have you grabbed the eats at Stage Door Cafe? What’s your favorite menu item? Let us know in the comments below!


  1. Jan says

    Little known fact – they have mozzarella sticks! They’re just not on the menu. Went there last week with a craving for them – they had to fry them up fresh, but they were soooo good. Or maybe they were just good because I was at Disneyland…

  2. Carolyn from the UK says

    Ooh, we discovered this little gem of a dining place last November, on our first trip to Disneyland (we are WDW vets!), and LOVED it! I had the corn dog, because I’m obsessed – we can’t get them in the UK! It was truly wonderful, as expected, although very big!

    Hubby went with the chicken nuggets and he said they were really good. I don’t think I noticed the funnel cake though – dangnabbit! Ah well, another reason, I mean excuse, to go back again someday!

  3. Evan says

    Love getting a corndog here so I can get a side of fries instead of the bag of chips. It’s vacation…go big or go home.

  4. Michele says

    I also love their mozzarella sticks!! They don’t have them listed on the menu but they’ve always made them when I asked. This is my go-to place whenever I want some late night food… every time I’ve gotten hungry after 10pm, this is the only place I can find open in the parks! I just might have to try that funnel cake next time :)

  5. Oliviea says

    I totally know what you mean about “diner whipped cream” the closest I’ve found for at home is cool whip but that’s not quite it either :)

  6. Lynne says

    I have always loved the chicken nuggets from this location! My son and I shared one of the funnel cakes, but got it from Hungry Bear. They are AWESOME!!!

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