#OnTheList: The Kitchen Sink Sundae — and Chocolate Lovers’ Kitchen Sink! — at Beaches and Cream

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Is anyone in your vacation party celebrating a birthday?

Or maybe you’re traveling with a group enjoying a reunion of family or friends? Or how about the fact that it’s a regular ol’ Tuesday that’s so not just any regular ol’ Tuesday because you’re in DISNEY WORLD?!

Then you might want to mark the occasion by tackling the one-and-only KITCHEN SINK at the one-and-only Beaches and Cream Soda Shop at Disney’s Beach Club Resort!

Or should I say the “three-and-only…”? Because you can NOW get your Kitchen Sink in one of three versions: the Original Kitchen Sink, a Neapolitan, or one made just for CHOCOLATE LOVERS’! What?!??!?!?!?!

Grab a spoon and get ready to dig in with us! But first, let’s step inside Beaches and Cream to check out the place that the Kitchen Sink calls “Home SWEET Home.”


You’ll need to take a walk outside at the Beach Club Resort to find Beaches and Cream nestled next to Stormalong Bay (the practically-a-water-park pool reserved for guests of the Yacht and Beach Club).

Beaches and Cream

Beaches and Cream

The traditional soda fountain vibe begins even from the outside with pastel colors and whimsical ice cream images.

Shop Sign

Shop Sign

You’ll also notice the To-Go sign hanging out front for folks looking to grab and stroll, or maybe sit at one of the outdoor tables with a Mini Mickey Sink Sundae (which is super not at all mini).

Beaches and Cream To Go Menu

Beaches and Cream To Go Menu

Once you step inside, it’s a full on 50s-style day at the beach, complete with colorful beach balls and a celebration of diner classics like burgers, hot dogs, and — of course — ice cream in the decorations on the walls and around the mirrors.

Indoor Seating Area

Indoor Seating Area

Those mirrors help to expand the feel of this small space.

Booths and Tables

Booths and Tables

Speaking of small spaces…  it really is best to make an Advance Dining Reservation to get your table here these days. Beaches and Cream remains a popular spot (the Beach Club’s close proximity to Epcot makes this an easy destination even for those not staying at the Resort). And because it is definitely on the small side, it fills up fast.

In fact, here’s a word to the wise: when we arrived, we didn’t have an Advance Dining Reservation. So, we checked in outside and received a buzzer, along with our general wait time and an assurance that the buzzer would work in the lobby. Alas, it didn’t, and we missed our time, resulting in having to begin the check-in process all over again.

You live, you learn. About an hour and a half after our original check-in, our appetites had grown substantially, so some pretty huge noshes were in order. And I do mean HUGE


It’s old school diner dining at Beaches and Cream!

Beaches and Cream Menu

Beaches and Cream Menu–click to enlarge

Well, mostly :). Among the burgers, sandwiches (Patty Melts and Grilled Cheese!), shakes and sodas (be sure to add some cherry or vanilla syrup to yours), there are a few more modern selections to round things out, such as the Vegetarian Falafel.

But the focus really remains on the Ice Cream Creations within the dessert selections. While the Kitchen Sink is designated as “Famous,” sundaes like the No Way Jose and Classic Banana Split have made names for themselves in their own right.

Beaches and Cream Dessert Menu

Beaches and Cream Dessert Menu–click to enlarge

This visit, though, was ALL ABOUT that Famous Kitchen Sink, and here’s the SCOOP, starting with the Original!

Beaches and Cream Kitchen Sink

Beaches and Cream Kitchen Sink

This Disney World creation is an enormous pile of ice cream including scoops of vanilla, chocolate, strawberry, coffee, and mint chocolate chip ice cream completely covered by every topping in the house… and we’re not talking about a couple of sprinkles here, folks. I would tell you it’s everything but the Kitchen Sink, except…you know…that’s there, too.

Toppings can include brownies, pound cake slices (!), Oreos, peanut butter and chocolate chips, chocolate sauce, peanut butter sauce, and caramel sauce, candy bars, pineapple, fresh banana, gummy candies, a few orange gummy slices (courtesy of the Frozen Sunshine fixin’s), chocolate shavings, nuts, a thousand maraschino cherries (estimate approx. ;) )… and one entire can of WHIPPED CREAM!

The Kitchen Sink Toppings

The Kitchen Sink Toppings

Oh, yeah… AND a few of those sprinkles I mentioned, too ;).

Now, if you’re going to tackle this ice cream mountain, you’ve gotta be PUMPED. UP. And that’s where the Cast Members come in. First, your Kitchen Sink is prepared, and a few guests seated at the far end of the counter (which is typically where smaller numbers of walk-in guests are placed) have a front row seat to watch all the goings-on.

Cast member making a Kitchen SInk

Cast Member making Kitchen Sinks

When your Kitchen Sink is ready, the overhead lights go down, the siren lights come on, and an announcement is made letting everyone know that a Kitchen Sink is on the way, complete with “A WHOLE CAN OF WHIPPED CREAM!”

Cast member announcing a Kitchen Sink

Cast Member announcing a Kitchen Sink

If you’re not one of the people partaking the Sink, YOUR job is to cheer them on… because they’re gonna need it.

Close up on the Original Kitchen Sink

Close up on the Original Kitchen Sink

You see, the menu says that the Kitchen Sink “Serves Four,” but our group on this visit consisted of six, and we were hard-pressed to handle it.

Then again… maybe that’s because we got the CHOCOLATE LOVERS’ Kitchen Sink, too!

The Kitchen Sinks

The Kitchen Sinks

The Original and Chocolate Lover's Kitchen Sinks

The Original and Chocolate Lover’s Kitchen Sinks

The differences? First, the ice cream in the Chocolate Lovers’ Sink is simply chocolate, cookies and cream and vanilla, and the toppings are all of the chocolate variety: the brownies, candy bars (the caramel in the Milky Ways add a bit of flavor variation), Oreos, and chocolate sauce, chips, sprinkles, and shavings. There is the exception of a few surprise gummies tucked underneath the pile o’ toppings. No cherries here, but that WHOLE CAN OF WHIPPED CREAM? It’s still included.

The Chocolate Lover's Kitchen Sink

The Chocolate Lover’s Kitchen Sink

By the way, for those curious about the Neapolitan version, it matches the Original Kitchen Sink, except the ice cream is solely chocolate, vanilla, and strawberry.

Now, here’s what all Kitchen Sinks have in common, regardless of type: due to all the toppings, it may take a while to get to the actual ice cream underneath, but it’s definitely in there!

Chocolate Lover's Kitchen Sink Layers

Chocolate Lover’s Kitchen Sink Layers

You finally start spying it more than several bites in! And — as you can surely imagine — it takes some time to polish one off, so there is some definite gooey, melting, “ice cream soup” action taking place.

Close up on Chocolate Lover's Kitchen Sink toppings

Close up on Chocolate Lover’s Layers

Again, no matter which you choose, the Kitchen Sink really is colossal, and even the heartiest of appetites is typically conquered fairly early on. When all is said and done, it’s essentially a huge combination of any and every sundae creation you could possibly choose from at Beaches and Cream, and that’s part of the fun.

From a flavor perspective, I still prefer the variety that the Original Kitchen Sink offers, and I even like the somewhat crazy mix of textures — although, like a lot of people, I could probably do without the gummies… but then it wouldn’t have “every topping in the house,” and wouldn’t really be a Kitchen Sink anymore, now, would it?

Also, you have to have a pretty strong stomach to manage that coffee ice cream muddled in there with everything else…like gummy orange slices??


Welp…this is a challenge. Really, it’s Man vs. Food worthy. But regardless of what your stomach does at the thought of that ice cream soup left over at the end, ya just gotta do it. It’s like a triple dog dare.

Have you ever attempted to take on the Kitchen Sink at Beaches and Cream? Please let us know with a comment!

What’s On YOUR Disney Food Bucket List?

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  1. says

    Although I enjoy mint and coffee ice creams together, adding pineapple chunks and orange gummies to the mix just sounds kind of gross! I would definitely go with the Neapolitan version. Oh, and do you get to keep the “sink” as a souvenir? For almost $30 I would hope there was a souvenir involved! :)

  2. Alistair says

    I’m taking on the challenge all by myself in a couple of weeks time. I’ll let you know how I get on…

  3. says

    Adrienne — While you don’t get to keep the sink as a souvenir for any of the sundaes we feature in this story, you do get to take the smaller Mini Mickey Sink Sundae (aka the “Mickey Pants Kitchen Sink”) plastic version home with you. :-)

  4. Angelina says

    I would definitely help out a party looking to finish this massive sundae but mostly would just want to excavate to the ice cream and oreos :)

  5. audrey says

    We’ve got reservations for a couple of weeks time at beaches & cream with the sole intention of demolishing a kitchen sink….but there are only x 3 of us; if it serves 4 people, will they still let us have one do you think? Is there anywhere we can check?

  6. Echo Vincent says

    I tackled the Original Kitchen Sink on my first visit to the Beach Club Resort. Or should I say I TRIED to? Despite help from my family, who only took bites here and there, I barely made a dent myself. It was an ice cream lover’s dream come true, that I can definitely say. By the end of the ordeal, I could barely walk out without having to sit down again. Let’s just say that my stomach told me to swore off ice cream for the rest of the year ;)

  7. David Pustejovsky says

    We are going in 44 days. My wife and I are going to give this a try by ourselves! Can’t wait!

  8. France says

    Will give it s try in February after glass slipper challenge… Kind of a reward… Do you need to do adr if you only want to eat the kitchen sink? No way we will be able to have a meal and that dessert. Thanks.

  9. DebC says

    Audrey, one person can order the Kitchen Sink if he or she wants one. You aren’t required to have four people. Any number can eat it.

  10. says

    France — Yes, you should definitely try and snag an ADR if possible. Beaches and Cream continues to be an enormously popular spot to visit.

  11. DebC says

    France: You need an ADR to be seated in the dining area. The Kitchen sink is not available at the to go counter. You might be able to be seated at the counter, but you would have to wait to be seated. You can get an ADR for just the Kitchen Sink.

  12. Denise says

    We are very tempted my the chocolate one. Our server also told us that we could get it made like a No Way Jose, but we decided it was cheaper to get the 9 scoops in three of those yummy things! =) ♥

  13. Essie says

    Well, I personally am, right now, volunteering to sign on and help anyone who needs assistance with any of their sundaes. I feel the need at this particular time to do some more public service work and I think that this would be a very worthy area in which to participate. Just let me know if you need help and when I should be there for you. No thanks are necessary and all three varieties of the sink are eligible.

  14. says

    I would love to see Man vs. Food complete this! I’ve been trying to convince my husband to go here for years and he’s just not interested. I may make him next time.

  15. SynA says

    Luckily, I was able to make an ADR 180 days from our arrival date. yay!! I don’t think we’ll take on the Kitchen Sink but we’ll all definitely be having sundaes after dinner. YUMMY!!

  16. Sara says

    Can you request for no nuts? No peanut butter, peanut butter sauce or nuts?

    My son as a nut allergy.

  17. Stacy says

    Hi, Folks. Has anyone had experience ordering this if they have someone with a peanut allergy in the party? Are they able to work around the toppings?
    Going in September and I’d like to know.

  18. Mindy Sithong says

    Sara & Stacy – Disney World is probably the best place to go for allergies, they are extremely helpful and knowledgeable about allergies, many restaurants have the chef come out personally to speak to the table when someone has an allergy. Just let your server know and they will ensure its safe or if they cant they will tell you.

  19. Kimberly H. says

    I’ve always been intrigued by this, but it’s the soupiness that turns my stomach. Plus, my husband is weird about sharing (he hates double dippers) so I don’t think the two of us could do it alone! :)

  20. Jevanna says

    My family and I visited (5) Disney World in Christmas ’14, and we attempted to demolish the “Original” Kitchen Sink . Well….let’s just say that the Kitchen Sink won. My husband and I ate one serving of “everything.” The three teenagers at the time were trying their best and but lost. The oldest, a teenage girl, fell asleep after her first serving. I think the Kitchen Sink and Disney World won. The 13- and 16- year old (girl and boy) were doing their best to eat everything. Let’s just say it took two hours to walk back to the car and another hour to get to our hotel (we stayed off site). My husband suggested that next time we come, we get the Mickey Pants Kitchen Sink. We can probably eat all of that. Oh…that was dinner that night. Only at Disney WOrld can you eat ice cream for dinner and it be ok!

  21. Kayla says

    My husband and I tried the original….just the 2 of us….we maybe go through half of the icecream and whipped cream (we put the heavy cake aside in a bowl)….we had to walk around for 2 hours just to digest the food….

  22. Marie says

    I’m excited for the chocolate lovers. Not because I want to order a kitchen sink, but because it sounds like cookies & cream ice cream is now available at Beaches and Cream! Before this was only a special/seasonal flavor and it’s my favorite! Cookies & cream no way Jose, yay!

  23. Gary Leddo says

    My wife and I had the chocolate lover’s Kitchen Sink for her birthday this past Saturday. We really enjoyed it but the two of us couldn’t quite finish it. It did get “soupy” toward the end but if enough people were eating it, I don’t think that would be a problem. There were no gummies in it. As a matter of fact, we asked our server to leave them out and he told us that it doesn’t come with any. Also, if you’re concerned with “double dipping”, it comes with bowls and a serving spoon so there’s no need to double dip unless you just want to.

  24. Dee says

    I found Beaches n Cream very disappointing. The gimmicky part was fun for the first 5 minutes but after that, the disappointing food and paying $32 for 8 scoops of Edy’s (yes, it is cheap grocery store Edy’s icecream that is served there) just didn’t do it for us.

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