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  1. Oh my goodness… The Tomato Bisque and Grilled Cheese from Beaches and Cream sounds like the perfect combination! I think my Disney vacations are going to start requiring four meals a day just to fit in all the yumminess! 🙂

  2. I wish I had a grilled cheese sandwich to recommend, but I only have one to avoid if you prefer more adult grilled cheeses: the one at 50’s Prime Time. Very standard – white bread and American cheese. Meh. I think the one at Captain Hook’s sounds much more my style. Next time!

  3. I love the sandwich at Captain Cook’s too. I love everything at the Polynesian though. The grilled cheese was a great surprise – a nice sandwich for a vegetarian looking for more than plain grilled cheese or a “salad on bread.”

  4. We were in Disney World during a dress rehearsal for Be Our Guest Restaurant, and honestly we liked the Croque Monsieur we had earlier on our trip at Les Chefs de France better! We at Be Our Guest twice for lunch and the second time it was incredibly salty… not consistent with the first experience (although maybe it was salty then too, but we were just so taken with the experience!) Hopefully, it will be more consistent when we return next November for Wine & Dine Half Marathon #2

  5. How do you make something as wonderful as cheese even better? Put it on a stick, fry it, and eat it at Disney.

  6. My daughter and I visited Be Our Guest restaurant recently. I think the Croque Monsieur would have been much better if they had put it on French bread. The turkey sandwich could then go on the bread they use for the current Croque Monsieur. A better choice all around.
    The atmosphere was great though.

  7. I am a HUGE fan of the Tomato Bisque and Grilled Cheese at Beaches ‘n Cream! I found it delectable as my last meal before heading home from a decadent week of over-the-top dining during the Food & Wine Festival in November.

  8. My son, who is a very selective eater due to autism, insisted on ordering the Crocque Monsieur at BOG when we went a couple of weeks ago. However, when he saw that seedy bread, he just couldn’t eat it (sensory issues). I opened it up and had him eat the ham (which he enjoyed immensely) along with his fries. I tried some of the bread with the cheese attached, and thought it was tasty and my kind of crunchy, but definitely not something that would have child-appeal–or even picky adult appeal. A plainer bread would have made this a winner for him.

    Now if only they had those Cheddar sticks at WDW!

  9. The Earl of Sandwich used to serve a very tasty grilled cheese on their regular menu. But, alas, it’s been off for several years. They still have one on the kid’s menu, but I wish they would reinstate the adult version.

  10. The all-cheese Monte Cristo at Cafe Orleans is the stuff dreams are made of. One of my favorite Disneyland meals.

  11. Amanda — It’s sooo good! 🙂 Can’t wait to hear what you think!

    Joel — Thanks Joel!

    Lisa Fine — Thanks for the tip!

    Jasmine Becket-Griffith — Yes, indeed. It’s so much more than you’d expect from a counter-service spot.

    Raelynn — So glad you enjoyed it!

    Eeyore — SUCH A great point on the vegetarian aspect of the Captain Cook’s sandwich.

    Katie — Definitely keep me updated! I agree 100% on how great the Chefs de France version is. 🙂

    Joy O — Yes, ma’am!

    Chris Radawiec — Excellent point about using French Bread for the sandwich at Be Our Guest. That would be delish!

    Janet Sala — Isn’t it amazing! I was so disappointed that I’d spent so many visits NOT eating it!

    Sandra — Great point on the bread being a not-perfect choice for kids with sensory concerns. Thanks for the comment — hopefully that will help others with similar situations!

    Alan — YES! I was considering adding the Earl sandwich (you could always have them custom make an adult-sized one after all)!

    Jess — SO GOOD!!!

  12. Le Brea Bakery in Downtown Disney Anaheim used to have Grilled Cheese sliders that came with a warm marinara dip that I always thought was tomato soup. It is the best grilled cheese and “soup” combo I have ever had. Sadly, I don’t think they have it anymore 🙁

  13. I wasn’t bowled-over by the Joly Holiday grilled cheese… I love that it comes with soup, but there is a LOT of dry bread hanging off, and most fo those three cheeses are stacked up in the middle, so you vary between bites of dry naked bread and bites of cheese.

    I hear the LaBrea Bakery has grilled cheese, so maybe a trip to Downtown Disney??

  14. Olivia’s at Old Key West makes a grilled cheese for grown ups. It isn’t in the menu but all you have to do is ask for it. It’s essentially a triple decker of Texas toast and melted cheese. So yummy!

  15. Lucy-

    The answer to that is no- you can’t make any dietary requests to the lunch menu at BOG. I tried 🙁

    I wish I could have, because that Quinoa salad I had to have instead was only ehhhh….

  16. There is actually a killer good grilled cheese sandwich at Carthay Circle Restaurant in DCA, but it isn’t exactly listed as a grilled cheese so many don’t realize that’s what it is. On the lunch menu only there is a sandwich listed as a Mediterranean Grilled Eggplant Sandwich. However what is amazing about this sandwich is that it is really a great grilled cheese with grilled veggies on it. A blend of four different cheeses including Goat Cheddar, Parmesan, Asiago and Provolone, it is so yummy.

  17. Disneyland Cheese stick? Big deal – over priced especially compared to Hot Dog on a Stick and you can have pepper jack!

  18. From The World as we speak…been looking all over the Happiest Place for a simple grilled cheese sandwich for the pickiest eater I know…and thanks to the comments…we are headed to 50’s Prime Time! That’s the kind of grilled cheese Gramma makes and that’s the only kind Annie, age 3, wants!

  19. Grilled Smoked Bacon and Apple-Butter Sandwich with Vermont Cheddar and Blue Cheese at Hurricane Hannas. So so good.

  20. I took your suggestion on the beaches and cream grilled cheese and tomato
    Bisque and was very impressed! Probably the best I’ve ever had anywhere. Thanks so much for the recommendation!

  21. Imo- the flying fish has the BEST grilled cheese. It’s not on the menu, but a kids option. The waiter told us that you can request whatever filling you like and they’ll add to it. I’m not sure if it’s the fresh homemade bread, cheddar cheese, or the bread brushed with butter and griddled until it has that perfect crunch- but flying fish has grilled cheese down pat!

  22. You forgot to add one that’s come out since this list was originally put together; that or you haven’t tried it. The Croque Monsieur at Les Halles Boulangerie Patisserie is hands down the best Croque Monsieur or grilled I’ve ever had, ever. It is absolutely exquisite. The melted cheeses on top of the crunchy bread send this one soaring over the top. Give it a shot the next time you head to Epcot.

  23. The Grilled Cheese at Capt Cook’s is gone. Was there this week and wanted to try it so bad. Pic and description sounded great. But our resort guest check-in cast member said it was not there anymore. Couldn’t believe it and we called over. Yup, pulled in the not to distant past.

  24. The one at beaches and cream is awesome, and they are one of our favorite restaurants on property.

  25. Last time I checked the Capt. Cook’s menu the Adult Grilled Cheese was no longer on the menu.. Has that changed?

  26. The grilled cheese on RAINBOW BREAD at The Wave was my 6 yr old sons favourite meal of all time!!!

  27. Jayme R-H — That’s correct. It hasn’t been seen on the Captain Cook’s menu since the quick service spot reopened after refurbishment. Thanks for your comment — I’ve added an editor’s note to the post.

  28. If it’s still open, Taste Track’s grilled cheese should really be added to this list. It looks like the article was originally written before it opened.

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