#OnTheList: Zebra Domes at Disney’s Animal Kingdom Lodge

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This week’s #OnTheList item is approaching cult classic status when it comes to Disney food: Zebra Domes! You can find these beauties at Disney World’s Animal Kingdom Lodge at both Boma and The Mara.

Zebra Domes are #OnTheList

Zebra Domes are #OnTheList

At Boma, Animal Kingdom Lodge’s buffet restaurant, you can eat as many as you want any night of the week. Just high-tail it over to the dessert table!

The Mara, AKL’s counter-service location, usually has Zebra Domes in their refrigerated grab-and-go section. They’re sold in sets of four.

Pack of Zebra Domes at The Mara

Pack of Zebra Domes at The Mara

So what’s a Zebra Dome? An Amarula Cream Liquor mousse is enrobed in panna cotta-esque white chocolate and drizzled with chocolate and chocolate shavings. The whole thing sits atop a thin cake base.

Zebra Dome

Zebra Dome

While this is, indeed, #OnTheList, this is the kind of dessert that you either love or hate. Because of the flavors included, this is often a favorite for those who also enjoy Tiramisu.

Zebra Dome Cut In Half

Zebra Dome Cut In Half

The flavors that really jump out for me are caramel from the Amarula and the white chocolate.

Enjoying a Zebra Dome In The Lobby At Animal Kingdom Lodge

Enjoying a Zebra Dome In The Lobby At Animal Kingdom Lodge

You may have to travel to Animal Kingdom Lodge for this #OnTheList item but they’re an iconic Disney food that you have to try at least once!

Will you be adding Zebra Domes to your Disney Food Bucket List? Let us know with a comment below!

What’s On YOUR Disney Food Bucket List?

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  1. Marie says

    I love Zebra Domes, but boy do they melt fast in the Florida heat! Went last September and made a special trip to AKL to get some. Decided to bus back to All Star Movies to stick them in my room fridge, but just the time I spent waiting for buses was long enough to melt the chocolate and turn them into piles of mush. Luckily I had already eaten two before this happened…

  2. Gigi Burton says

    It’s my understanding that the mousse contains gelatin so that makes them inappropriate for vegetarians. Based on this short list of ingredients, I’m not sure if they changed the recipe to eliminate the gelatin or if they just didn’t list everything. Anyone know for sure?

  3. Sandra says

    According to the recipe here, they do contain gelatin, so if you are vegan or the type of vegetarian who also avoids gelatin, then zebra domes would be out for you. I eat most meals vegetarian but personally don’t worry about small amounts of things like gelatin–which are unavoidable with my daily essential cardiac and other medications. There is such a thing a vegetarian gelatin like Vegan Jel or agar-agar, so if you wanted to try the recipe, your could certainly substitute that. http://allears.net/din/recipes/rec-zebra.htm

  4. Cindi says

    Gasp! I’m not a zebra dome fan. I am a fan of the butternut squash soup at Boma, the Aloha pork sandwich at Capt. Cooks at the Polynesian, beignets at POFQ resort, the Dole Whip float in the MK, and salted dark chocolate caramel square at the Karamell-Kuche in Germany at Epcot, and the Jambon Buerre sandwich in the France pavillion also at Epcot. And last of all Tonga Toast and Kona coffee at the Polynesian and the Grand Marnier Orange Slush at the France pavillion. Those are my must have traditions at WDW.

  5. Sarah says

    My list:
    King cupcake-pop century
    Tonga toast -Kona cafe
    Poutine-le cellier
    Jambon beurre- les Halle’s
    Udon- Katsura grill
    Croissant bread pudding- sunshine seasons
    Bbq pork Mac n cheese- min and bills dockside
    Cotton candy -sweet spells
    Fried Boursin -50’s prime time
    Waffle sandwhiches -sleepy hollow
    Mickey bar!

  6. Kim says

    While I like zebra domes, I personally don’t like white chocolate, they’d taste so much better in a nice dark chocolate :) The reverse zebra!

    I suppose it doesn’t matter as apparently I’m allergic to the liquor. My tongue swelled up like a balloon after eating one. Although I have hay fever and asthma triggers I’m never had that happen before. To others: try a nibble first. ;)

  7. Rach says

    BTW for those with gluten issues, if you contact Boma (Or Boma through Special.Diets@DisneyWorld.com )at least 3 days before your ADR they can make gluten free Zebra Domes for you. (Apparently making the domes is a multiple day process for them.)

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