News: Light-Up Lotus Popcorn Bucket Coming to Animal Kingdom and Updated Anniversary Buckets in Disneyland

Like many of you, we here at the DFB are pretty big fans of the souvenir popcorn buckets that pop up all around Disney World and Disneyland, often commemorating classic or even new attractions (like the Seven Dwarfs Mine Train bucket) or promoting the latest Disney film (such as the Cinderella Coach bucket which made an appearance when the live-action Cinderella film was released).

Disney just provided a glimpse of a new souvenir popcorn bucket on the way “later this year” to Disney’s Animal Kingdom: the Light-Up Lotus Popcorn Bucket. This unique bucket will light up, turning it into a luminary.

Lotus Popcorn Bucket coming to Animal Kingdom

Lotus Popcorn Bucket coming to Animal Kingdom

Though no release date was given for the new bucket, it certainly seems as though it is made to complement the upcoming Rivers of Light evening spectacular, slated to debut this spring. After all, we know that lanterns will play a huge part in the show, and some of the concept art for the spectacular features lotus blossoms as a major centerpiece element.



Needless to say, we can’t wait for Rivers of Light to hit the Animal Kingdom scene! But let’s not forget another major celebration still taking place, which is Disneyland Resort’s Diamond Celebration! Disney also revealed a slightly updated look for the popular Mickey Popcorn Balloon Anniversary Buckets.



At a quick glance, they look almost identical to the original version; however, if you look closely you’ll notice that this second edition now has the Disneyland banner appearing underneath Mickey’s face. While we have to wait for the Lotus Popcorn Bucket in WDW, the updated Mickey Balloon Buckets are available on the west coast now.

Be sure to keep an eye out, collectors! We’ll be doing the same :)

Do you collect souvenir popcorn buckets during your Disney park adventures? Please let us know with a comment!


  1. Essie says

    The lotus blossom is very pretty and with the light feature, I think they will be extremely popular. I’m really xcited about the AK’s night time light show. It looks like it will be beautiful. I like some of the buckets, but I don’t collect them.

  2. Mike Dietrich says

    Do you know if the TIE fighter popcorn bucket is available outside of Hollywood Studios? I will be at the Magic Kingdom for day in February and wanted to get one for my Star Wars crazed 8 year old son.

    Thank you

  3. Michele says

    Absolutely love the lotus popcorn bucket, do you know if it will still be available in October when I visit please?

  4. Kathe Chavera says

    I got the Lotus bucket at Animal Kingdom at Christmas. It is very pretty especially when you turn the light on.

  5. Bernadette Solimando says

    I enjoy reading your website however, I don’t understand why you don’t date the articles. Often I find myself reading something to later find out it isn’t pertinent now. Please respect your reader’s time and date the articles!

    Thank you

  6. says

    Bernadette — Thank you for reading and supporting Disney Food Blog. You can find the date of each post in the URL for the post. I hope this is helpful!

  7. Lois hodges says

    I have been collecting pop corn buckets for years I have one from Tokyo Disneyland a lot from Disney world. I hope to buy the lotus bucket this fall

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