News: Disney Dining Plan Price Increase

Are you in the midst of planning your next Walt Disney World vacation? Then you’ll want to know that Disney has increased the price of the Disney Dining Plans for the Quick Service, Standard, and Deluxe Dining Plans as of March 9, 2016.

Disney Dining Plan

Disney Dining Plan Prices as of March 9, 2016

Quick-Service Dining Plan
$44.13 per night ages 10 and up
$19.04 per night ages 3 to 9
(Increase from earlier 2016 pricing of $42.84 and $17.47)

Standard Dining Plan
$63.70 per night ages 10 and up
$22.85 per night ages 3 to 9
(Increase from earlier 2016 pricing of $61.84 and $20.96)

Deluxe Dining Plan
$115.08 per night ages 10 and up
$35.49 per night ages 3 to 9
(Increase from earlier 2016 pricing of $111.57 and $32.56)

This pricing was obtained through booking online reservations on

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What are your thoughts on the latest pricing information for the Disney Dining Plan? Please chime in with a comment. 


  1. CraigInPA says

    Unless you buy the most expensive thing on the menu, and the most expensive included snacks, I can’t imagine this is going to save you money.

    My wife and I boycotted DxDDP once it went over $100 per day. On our last trip, it would have been $1100 per person for dining. Instead, we ate at all the same restaurants (Narcoossee’s, California Grill, Hollywood Brown Derby, Captain’s Grille, BOG, ‘Ohana, Cape may Cafe, Boathouse, etc…) and only ordered what we wanted (as opposed to what is included). Our today for the 10 day trip, including tips, was about $800 per person.

  2. Lisa Pardo says

    We only used the dining plan once and it didn’t work well for us. We almost never eat dessert and there were many more snacks then we would use, and we are not light eaters. And somedays when we just weren’t that hungry we felt obliged to eat because we had the plan. Now, when I look at the new price I wonder how many people are still going for it.

  3. Logan says

    The dining okan hasn’t been worth it for several years now (esp since they took off included tips). Raising the price won’t help matters.

  4. Lauren says

    We get the dining plan and find it does save us money, it just requires plenty of pre-planning. Last year I saved all of the receipts from our June trip to double check and found that every day we at least broke even, but several days had savings. The biggest advantage to the dining plan for us is the ability to pre-pay for meals ahead of time and not have to look at menu prices, just enjoy ourselves. We have the dining plan booked for our July trip this year and with the recent increases in Be Our Guest pricing ($24 for breakfast!) and Flame Tree Barbecue, we anticipate it saving money for our family.

  5. Molly says

    As long as they keep offering Free Dining packages, I’m ok. I wouldn’t pay for a dining plan, anyway, as it’s way more food than I actually need (or WANT, really. When we’ve gone with the free dining plan packages I almost dread eating by the end of the trip).

  6. Mike V says

    The plan has more benefits for some and more negatives for others….
    Hard to generalize and say it isn’t worth it.
    When they took out the apps I said ehhh, when they took out the gratuity I really went ehhhh.

    I have a similar stance as Lauren….it works for us. We are on vacation and we enjoy dining out every night.
    I also take all my receipts home and compare actual amount paid vs receipt totals.
    One will argue that generally they wouldn’t be getting a dessert with each meal and so be it. Or not ordering the priciest item on the menu, so be it.

    And Molly, you say you get it for “free.” You do understand that your paying for it with your room rates. I may not get it for “free” but I pay cheaper room rates instead. Disney has you fooled.

  7. Susan says

    The best way to make it a good value is to stay at a moderate resort during the Frer Dining promotion and upgrade to the Deluxe Dining Plan while the Epcot Food and Wine Festival is going on. Great value!!

  8. Linda says

    I love the dining plan, I do the quickservice and table service. There are daily snacks 1 per person, I make sure snacks are used on the most expensive treat usually around 6 dollars. If you know the right places to eat you surpass your costs. Your quickservice includes a meal a drink and a dessert, your sit down depending on what you like or where you eat, a steak dinner alone is 32 dollars not including your dessert and drink. Plus when you do a dinning plan you get a resort mug refillable at now all resorts for your whole stay. It’s two meals a day you just have to use it to your advantage.

  9. Hannah says

    As some others, we started getting the dining plan when you got appetizers and the tip was included. We found it easier to use then and it was worth it. We don’t eat a lot of dessert so it really isn’t worth it any more. We have started just doing quick service meals and paying out of pocket. We like splitting meals and have found the last couple years, there are a lot more choices in quick service meals then there used to be. It sure was fun when we did the dining plan though.

  10. Amy says

    Sigh! Quick Service for 5 days for 4 people is $ 882.60 Counter Service for 5 days for 4 people is $ 1,274. Now remember this is only for 2 meals a day. This is less than a week, think of it as M-F. One meal you are out of pocket on, sigh. This is getting crazy. Even if folks don’t do the plan with the increase in food and then maybe not allowing food to be brought in is going to void a lot of folks from coming. I don’t think that is what Walt wanted. I understand prices go up. I do my budget each year and I get an increase in food, clothing and utilities, BUT nothing compared to this. For 5 days on the counter service it equals over 5.5 weeks of my grocery budget which include 3 meals a day! Sadly we will not be returning anytime soon. I never thought I would be caught dead saying this but there are other destinations to go to. How sad it has come to this. Greedy bean counters.

  11. Marc says

    I normally use my DVC points and have used the dining plan in the past. It’s rare that it makes financial sense for us, particularly as we prefer appetizers (not included) to the desserts (included). I am running in Star Wars Weekend, paying cash (and not DVC points) and have the Quick Service dining plan — it added about $90 for 5 days, so it was definitely a huge yes.

    As others reads infer, you really need to plan ahead and evaluate whether or not financially it makes sense. Having the meals pre-paid, from my perspective, isn’t a strong enough reason. For pre-payment, you can always buy a Disney Gift Card, for example, of $100 per month until it’s vacation time and now you’ve “pre-paid” your meals.

  12. Kathy says

    Marc, I love your idea about buying the gift cards as a way to prepay for dining! I got a disney gift card for my birthday and loved it. Thanks for the idea!

  13. Lisa Pardo says

    Marc, how do you get it to work out to $18 per day? Do they give you guys a special deal?

  14. Marc says

    I really don’t know how I got such a deal. My first reservation was for room only. I called back a couple of weeks later then asking about the QS dining plan. I got the quote, and it was so inexpensive I had to say yes!

  15. Molly says

    Mike V. I’m well aware I’m paying non-discounted room rates, but I’ve done the math and I’m still coming out ahead, even considering I’d buy much less food if not on the plan.

  16. Jean says

    I think that the dining plan makes sense if you’re ALWAYS ordering the most expensive thing possible, ALWAYS getting dessert, drinking LOTS of soda, etc. For most people, this isn’t the case, so for most of us, I think the only advantage of the dining plan is the pre-payment aspect. It feels SO good to go on vacation knowing that your only out-of-pocket expenses will be for tips & merchandise! But, I also agree with Marc that stockpiling Disney gift cards (especially at Target for the 5% discount) is an equally effective way to “pre-pay.”

  17. Luis Granes says

    If you are planning to have all your meals at the park, go for it.
    If you are staying at one of the DVC resorts, I don’t think so. But if you stay at one of the Disney Regulars Hotels, yes it is a must. If you stay at a Concierge Level, I’m not so sure.

  18. Janet Sala says

    I do not understand how the quick service plan isn’t a rip off. It is really difficult to spend $15 at a counter service restaurant. So two of those and a snack ($5) adds up to $35 on a plan that costs $44.13. You have to drink an awful lot of soda or coffee in that refillable mug to make up that $9.00.

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