Review: Mickey Oreo Cheesecake at Epcot’s Sunshine Seasons

We found the cutest treat at Sunshine Seasons in Epcot’s The Land Pavilion!

The Land is the huge building at the back of the park that houses Soarin’, Living with the Land, and the beloved counter service spot Sunshine Seasons! The counter-service restaurant has a great selection of meals including an oak-grilled station with oak-grilled salmon, sandwich station (wraps included!), and even an Asian grill station, where you can find fan-favorite Mongolian Beef and Fried Rice!

As if that weren’t reason enough to visit Sunshine Seasons, you can also find some ah-mazing treats like our favorites the warm peanut butter brownie and the strawberry shortcake.

Warm Peanut Butter Brownie at Sunshine Seasons

Warm Peanut Butter Brownie at Sunshine Seasons

But today we found a new addition to the dessert section — this Mickey Oreo Cheesecake!

Mickey Oreo Cheesecake

It might not be obvious at first glance, but the bottom layer is a crust of finely crushed oreos, the middle is a creamy cheesecake with Oreo pieces blended throughout ,and the top is your average red icing! (Cheesecake with frosting?! Sign me up!) Mickey’s buttons are white chocolate and his ears are mini Oreos.

Mickey Oreo Cheesecake cross-section

Mickey Oreo Cheesecake cross-section

And it was yummy! It’s served cold, and the cheesecake was creamy and rich. It’s a smaller dessert, but the super-sweetness of this one makes it share-worthy in case your teeth start hurting. ;-D

This little guy is priced at $4.29 and is snack credit eligible.

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Have you tried this one yet? What did you think?!


  1. Patricia C says

    The red frosting might be a little much on the sugar scale for me, but… i LIVE for that oreo cookie crust. I don’t even buy oreos anymore because I have no willpower whatsoever and will legitimately eat the ENTIRE package in one day (a little sad, I know)…definitely getting this in September!!!

  2. Kathy C says

    This looks really good! Very cute and perfect for a snack. Living with the Land and Oreo cheesecake, sounds like a great day! Thanks for sharing.

  3. Hannah says

    Doubt I’ll have the Oreo cheese cake, but Sunshine season’s is one of my favorite places. Although I will terribly miss the Beet salad.

  4. Elaine says

    I tried this about a week ago! Totally cute and I really love cheesecake, but that red icing was very bitter to me…maybe just the sheer amount of red coloring in the frosting. Bonus points for anything Mickey shaped though!

  5. Dave says

    I agree with Patricia – can anyone comment on the addition of the frosting on top of the cheesecake?
    Does it add to the cheesecake flavor or simply overload the sweetness?

  6. Katie says

    Had this and it was really good. Honesty, The Mouse has upped his gain on pastries, food and service this year. We also got the key lime tart, orange topped cupcake, and chocolate mousse. Everyone loved their desserts and food at Seasons

  7. says

    Dave and Patricia — I meant to get back to you earlier. I confirmed that the cheesecake was “just right” sweet, and the icing didn’t put it over the edge. Having said that, I know that icing is a very personal thing. Too much turns me off fast, while my mom can eat the roses off of the birthday cake and be in total icing heaven. So. There you have it. :-D

  8. nurse jackie says

    Anything with frosting (icing to us Brits) is a hit with me. Hope they are still on the menu when we visit in December

  9. Kathy Atwood says

    Wow, the Mickey Oreo Cheesecake sure does sound and look like my kind of snack/dessert and I look forward to eating at my next visit. Such great creativity. Thanks!

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