News! Disney California Adventure Food & Wine Festival Returns in April 2016

Are you getting excited for the 2016 Epcot Food & Wine Festival?

Of course you are! But are you also getting excited for the 2016 DISNEY CALIFORNIA ADVENTURE Food & Wine Festival?!



YES!!! IT’S FINALLY BACK!!!!!!!!!!

Starting April 1, 2016, and running on weekends through May 1, Disney’s California Food & Wine Festival will return from hiatus to Disney California Adventure! (The Festival was discontinued when construction for Cars Land started up in 2011.) [Read more…]

Review: Frank & Weenies in Disney California Adventure

Happy Halloween week!!

You’ve been “treated” to our cache of fun Disney Halloween Goodies already, but today we’ve got a spicy review from the West Coast for ya!

Frank & Weenies and FrankenFusion Lemonade

Over in Disney California Adventure through November 4th, you’ll have the opportunity to sing your teeth into some serious Halloween eats: Frank & Weenies and FrankenFusion Lemonade!

Inspired by Disney’s Frankenweenie movie, the savory Frank & Weenies served in DCA are bacon-wrapped hot dogs covered in grilled onions and barbecue sauce, and served in a cheesy jalapeño roll!

Frank & Weenie -- hot dog wrapped in bacon, smothered in grilled onions and barbecue sauce on a cheese jalapeno roll

Reader Paul Liu sampled one and sent over his review: [Read more…]

Introduction to Disney’s California Food and Wine Festival

If it’s a Wednesday in May, it must mean…Mirror Image Post day!!! Hooray!!! That’s right, today you get a two-fer — Ryan from Main Street Gazette and yours truly here at the Disney Food Blog are reviewing “mirror-image” food topics in Disneyland and Disney World. This week we’re taking a look at Disney’s Food and Wine Festivals, and I get to talk about Disney’s California Food and Wine Festival — which is going on RIGHT NOW!

Disney’s California Food and Wine Festival Overview

Disneyland Resort’s Food and Wine Festival is a fun, diverse, and exciting six weeks full of celebrity chefs, California cuisine, artistic exploration, great wine, and good beer. And here’s something you might not know — the festival takes place primarily within the gates of Disney’s California Adventure Theme Park!

Chef Showcase Stage

This year, the Festival is celebrating its fifth anniversary! It’s still a rather small festival, but with blockbuster seminars from chefs like Guy Fieri, Cat Cora, Keegan Gerhard, and Robert Irvine, along with fantastic wine and beer walks, tastes of incredible California ingredients, and a hip, “never-know-what-to-expect-next” atmosphere, the Festival fits its location and fills its six week stint perfectly.

How do you know what’s happening, and when? Disney has it [Read more…]