News! Disney Café Opens at Harrods Department Store in London for the Holidays

Are you heading to the UK for the Christmas season — or do you just wish you were? Me too! The “wish I were” part, I mean!

Well, if you actually are there, DFB reader Lynn has pointed out an opulent Disney experience right in the heart of London: A pop-up Disney Store and Disney Cafe at Harrod’s Department Store in Knightsbridge, London! (Scroll down for the full menu!!)

Disney at Harrods

Just in time for the winter holidays, the famous London department store has opened a pop-up boutique and Cafe on its fourth floor. The store features [Read more…]

Rose and Crown Review

I have a love/hate relationship with Rose and Crown Pub and Dining Room, and I’m currently in love. Blissful, British-y love.

This tidy little pub and dining room set on prime World Showcase Lagoon real estate really does approximate a pub you’d find in the UK today. Although I’m not sure they have pub quizzes…which they should have. Does anyone know if the Rose and Crown has pub quizzes?

View from Pub into Dining Room

The site is split between the pub, which sits on the street-side of the building, and the dining room, which sits on the lagoon side of the building. The two have separate entrances; to head into the pub, use one of the front doors on the street-side of the building. To check-in for a [Read more…]

Have You Seen the Royal Feast?

Every once in a while I’ll be wandering through the Disney parks when I stumble across a hidden gem — something that most guests will probably just walk right by, but that catches my food-obsessed eye.

On my last trip, I was browsing through The Sportsman’s Shoppe in Epcot’s United Kingdom pavilion. On my way out (headed to the pub across the street), I saw this. Click on any of the photos for larger images:

This gorgeous diorama sits in a short lobby leading to the outdoors, just outside the shop and just across from the Rose & Crown Restaurant. I’m not sure I’d ever seen it before, but I was spellbound. I stared for several minutes, first trying to determine the story in the scene and then trying to take in all of the unbelievable detail.

Clearly, what we’re looking at here is a Royal Feast: the King is seated next to his Queen and Royal guests, servants bustle about behind the table, and an entertainer is rolling a hoop in front of the Royal party. And that’s not all — Knights in Armor guard the table with glistening, bejeweled shields; musicians stand in the balconies ready to entertain at a moment’s notice; Royal crests bedeck the walls; and a huge stained glass window completes the scene.

And he’s “rolling” in the true sense. The diorama is animatronic. You can watch the [Read more…]

Epcot’s Yorkshire County Fish Shop

Yorkshire County Fish Shop

Yorkshire County Fish Shop

The Yorkshire County Fish Shop in Epcot’s UK pavilion is a quaint, corner counter-service eatery with a gorgeous view from the outdoor tables. Located next to the Rose and Crown Pub and Dining Room, this Chip Shop in the World Showcase offers a quick and hearty meal you can grab on the go, or snack on while waiting for Illuminations.

Fish and Chips

Fish and Chips

My husband visited the Yorkshire County Fish Shop on his own last week and gave the following review:
“The fish and chips in Epcot were a pleasant surprise. World Showcase counter service has been known to fall short of the country being represented, and while I’m sure the Brits in the crowd might disagree with me, I found I was given a reasonable facsimile of ‘real, British’ Fish and Chips.

The fish didn’t have a terribly strong taste, but I honestly prefer it that way. I like to taste my vinegar, or ketchup (yes I use ketchup on my fish) as much as I like the taste of the fish. I thought the batter was quite tasty.

The chips were ‘authentic.’ They’re just right for absorbing vinegar, although once again I tend to mix it up and use ketchup on some. To be fair, I’d use HP sauce if they gave me the chance, but I figured I was lucky they even had vinegar.” (Psst — He also told me he liked that they served it in newsprint.)

Don’t forget to head over to the kiosk outside of the Pub to grab a nice Yard of Ale to accompany your meal!

Fish Shop Menu

Fish Shop Menu

Have you had the fish and chips at the UK pavilion? Do they remind you of your days across the pond, or do they fall flat on your “British-y” scale?