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  1. When it comes to It’s A Small World, I am in the hate it crowd. However, if the boats were updated with laser guns , and the characters and scenery with targets (like Buzz Light Year), and you racked up a score for every target you hit, I would be in the love it crowd😊

  2. I don’t hate it’s a small world, only because my granddaughter liked it and when I am on it, it makes me think about her.

  3. A lot of the rides people don’t like, I feel, are made for the littler kids. My 5 year old loves the “driving cars” ride. Barnstormer was a favorite of hers too and we took her on it twice in one day! Last time we were there she was disappointed we didn’t go on the carpets but, she didn’t let us know until we were on the monorail back to the car! lol My husband loves Peter Pan but, hates it’s a small world lol.

  4. I followed the creation and history of “It’s a Small World ” since the World Fair days and have always been impressed by the art and innovation of the small group of imagineers that put this attraction together. It is an attraction that I ride multiple times whenever I am in the Magic Kingdom and it takes me back to simpler times in Disney history. One of my favorites along with Big Thunder Mountain.

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