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  1. When it comes to It’s A Small World, I am in the hate it crowd. However, if the boats were updated with laser guns , and the characters and scenery with targets (like Buzz Light Year), and you racked up a score for every target you hit, I would be in the love it crowd😊

  2. I don’t hate it’s a small world, only because my granddaughter liked it and when I am on it, it makes me think about her.

  3. A lot of the rides people don’t like, I feel, are made for the littler kids. My 5 year old loves the “driving cars” ride. Barnstormer was a favorite of hers too and we took her on it twice in one day! Last time we were there she was disappointed we didn’t go on the carpets but, she didn’t let us know until we were on the monorail back to the car! lol My husband loves Peter Pan but, hates it’s a small world lol.

  4. I followed the creation and history of “It’s a Small World ” since the World Fair days and have always been impressed by the art and innovation of the small group of imagineers that put this attraction together. It is an attraction that I ride multiple times whenever I am in the Magic Kingdom and it takes me back to simpler times in Disney history. One of my favorites along with Big Thunder Mountain.

  5. I agree from an adult point of view most of those rides are on the lame side. But, if you have young children or grandchildren that can’t go on space mountain or any of the rides that have height requirements, these are wonderful rides for the younger set. There is nothing more precious and exciting than going through it’s a Small world and your 4 year old grandson points at the twirling geese and says “guck”. Thank you Disney for providing rides that old and young can enjoy. Those rides let you see the world through the eyes of the young. And for the record, as a 69 year old I still enjoy a ride through It’s a Small World.

  6. I 100% agree about the Speedway. Ugh. It smells like a lawnmower and if I want to drive that slow and not get anywhere I’ll just drive on I4. I love Peter Pan, and it’s a personal favorite but I won’t wait an hour for it. Small World is okay, and if the line is short enough it’s a nice cool place to sit for a bit when it’s super hot.

  7. Keep in mind, Walts dream was to provide family entertainment for young and old. Small world allows the elderly to return to their youth and rejoin their younger family members in the land of what if and wonder. It is truly a magical experience and I can’t wait to ride it once again with my grandson. That said, the speedway definitely needs an upgrade and some careful reimagining for sure. Electric cars are most definitely in step with the “Tomorrowland Speedway” theme…

  8. I love being immersed in Mary Blair’s and Alice Davis’s visually stunning work on It’s a Small World. At the time Small World was created, many companies – including Disney – had incredibly sexist, discriminatory hiring policies. These two women were early standouts in their fields. The music does get annoying but I have no problem tuning it out. For me, the eye candy is worth the earworm.

  9. Jen, I’ve never agreed more with a sentence that included both “candy” and “worm”.

  10. After they change Splash Mountain to the Princess and the Frog, that one can go. They are taking a great ride away to be politically correct. A lot of people will miss it.

  11. While I find a lot of the dislike listed by many has more to do with number of times at the park and age, I find that most the rides fit someone at some point in there life. I’m in the category of “I’m over the small world” especially after raising to kids and having to ride it more times that I ever wanted but one ride I will always enjoy is the “Mad Tea Party”, this is for exactly the reason most hate it. In my family it was a ride of passage. We rode it to see how dizzy and maybe sick we could make each other and that was passed down to my kids. My father loved that ride and his love of being dizzy was passed on to his grand kids who still think of him every time we even see the ride.

  12. I went on Jungle Cruise recently. The changes to the displays were nice However, the cast member ruined the ride for me by screaming so loud it drove the sound into distortion. It hurt my ears. I thought I was going to have damage to my hearing. There was no way to get her to lower the volume. I really was looking forward to the new version of the ride. Now I can’t imagine ever riding again. PLEASE TURN DOWN THE VOLUME!!!

  13. We love the haunted mansion especially at Halloween time we love all rides we r Disney lovers have been all our life’s yes Mickey and Minnie we love u the cutest couple n the world he is the president and Minnie is the First Lady of Disney world we all know that

  14. My husband loves to get us n the tea cup ride and spin it so fast to c how dizzy he can make me and then my head really spins and it is so much fun and have to wait a few to get out so I can get my head to stop spinning it’s a right of passage it’s makes my head spin thinking about it

  15. Yes that is right once they take a way splash mountain that is Being done to b political correct and we tired of that nothing but nit picking things apart and the people that r doing that ha e nothing better to do than destroy things that the most likely haven’t even been on and if they don’t like it then don’t go the attraction our world is n trouble enough with out all this going on there’s a lot of us that enjoy that attraction so leave it alone for years people have gone to Disney world and have loved it and my family have been going there for over 40 years when there was just the magic kingdom and still go there and tired of people complaining about this attraction there r more of use that love it b happy that Disney is still open cause that was a heartbreak when it was fighting just to stay a float and now it’s open and for us to go enjoy it

  16. I don’t spend much time at MK anymore but the worst ride there would be Little Mermaid, that’s just an [redacted]. Tomorrowland Speedway looks more fun than it is, it’s just slow, smelly and purposely hard to control. Seven dwarfs mine train is overrated, Winnie the pooh and buzz light year underrated.

    Living seas with Nemo and friends is horrific, as is watching turtle talk. Probably the worst ride at Disney in Florida.

  17. Barnstormer should be torn down and replaced by the Beauty and the Beast ride from Tokyo Disneyland.

  18. My family loves the little mermaid n the magic kingdom and they need bring back the spectro magic night parade it was the best parade that they Disney has ever had

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