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  1. Masks make it not “magical” and all the plexiglass. I’ve gone to WDW now 5 times this year and wore my mask correctly however, will NOT be returning until the masks are history.

  2. Any worries about leaving the park for a dining reservation and then getting back into the same park this week? MK on Wednesday and brunch reservation at the Poly. Slightly concerned about getting back in.

    Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to all of you!

  3. I don’t mind wearing a mask. But right now all of these issues will keep me away. I can’t wait to go when things are more accessible.

  4. If you hate the idea of being tied to your phone on vacation then WDW may not be the trip for you. You’re being strongly pressured into using your phone for everything from ordering food to opening your hotel room door. And you can’t even get on Rise of the Resistance without scoring a boarding group on your phone. I have no problem with phone options being available but it’s fast becoming the ONLY option. Expect to be treated as an inconvenience if you want to have a phoneless vacation or (gasp!) pay cash.

  5. Disney at this time doesn’t look like my cup of sunshine….especially with as costly as it is….I want the whole enchilada…not pieces, parts.

  6. I just came back from Disney and I was in a situation where an attendee was braking the rules. I stoped a cast member and he explained that he could do nothing and it was not part of their mandate. I found that unfortunate. As well, you are. Correct Disney springs was very challenging to shop and I gave up. I was only able to purchase items at studios and Mousegear at a Epcot . Not much to be had unfortunately, had to buy items not my size and will have them adjusted. I was that determined 😁

  7. Your right, the happiest place is not exactly the most magical these days. One has to wonder, will it ever return to what it was a few years ago…

  8. My question is about Blizzard Beach: (opening March 7!) Can anyone give me an idea about the costs AND LOCATION of the private decks available to rent ? Also, the approximate cost of renting those “shelters” around the Blizzard Beach park? Are they worth the added expense? Thanks!

  9. Any word on when the monorail to Epcot will be running again? With park hopping returning soon it’s the best way to get to Epcot from the TTC.

  10. Finally! An article that speaks in real talk! So refreshing!!! I have been a lifelong Disney World fan- born in Florida and can remember visits there as far as my memories go back. I have NOT gone to DW during the pandemic because I just can’t bring myself to do it. I expect too much from Disney and know every single piece of magic I’d be missing. DW is a place my family (but especially the adults) go to forget the real world and it’s problems. I can’t do the constant reminders of the state of the country at the most magical place on Earth. Thank you for writing this article. Thank you for validating the feelings of those of us can’t go just yet- not when we expect so very much from our time there! I’ve been shamed so many times by other Disney goers saying the magic is still there and I should just stay away for good if I feel the way I do… It isn’t fair. But reading this made my heart feel a bit better. Made me hope that one day we will have the true DW experience back. We all need that, I truly believe that!

  11. The worst has been making a mobile order and getting a time slot an 2 hours later as the availability when you’re starving and didn’t know that was even a possibility of happening at a quick service…

  12. Exactly! I love WDW but we canceled our trip last September and won’t be back until, most likely, 2022. I can’t justify paying Disney prices for a non-magical (and potentially unsafe) experience.

  13. Michael, it’s expected to return when Park Hopping returns in January, but we received conflicting messages when we contacted Disney.

  14. Beverly, here’s the Disney official page regarding Polar Patios (the decks you mentioned). The information I find online says they cost around $300 to book for a group up to six. As for their locations, they’re located throughout the park. They aren’t marked on the official online map (here), but they can be found to the right and left of the entrance, spaced out in a bit of a crescent shape. I googled Polar Patio Locations and found maps from other guests. Enjoy!

  15. Susan, with Disney Park Pass, you can come and go. Double check with a Cast Member in Guest Relations just to be sure.

  16. Our less than magical moments during a WDW visit in early December, 2020, were technology related exacerbated by COVID accommodations, including :
    1) the My Disney Experience reservation app saying there was no availability, when in actuality there was availability when we asked at the restaurant check-in desk;
    2) no restaurant availability for 2 on the My Disney Experience app, when there was availability for parties of 4;
    3) after experiencing difficulties, customer service cast members advised us that 6S and older smartphones would no longer interface correctly/reliably with mobile order or Galaxy’s Edge reservations. (Yes, after we asked, we were advised that due to a “glitch” they had discovered, in order to access these My Disney Experience options, we would indeed need to purchase new phones.)

    We initially didn’t attempt to ride attractions with lengthy wait times on My Disney Experience, but later discovered the times were not always particularly accurate, and might be as much as half as long.

    We were prepared for, but disappointed by, the temporary closure of some of our favorite restaurants, and no park/resort hopping.

    We are optimistically looking forward to a more magical WDW in 2021!

  17. It’s really simple. If you can’t wear a mask correctly all day, don’t go. If you feel uncomfortable that the crowds or someone is in your “space” even for a moment, don’t go.

    The magic is still there, adapt and thrive, or be miserable (stay home and don’t spread your Tude), It’s your choice.

  18. What is not magical is the VIRTUAL QUEUE! It is absolutely pointless!!! I pray it is discontinued. Bring back fastpass!

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