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  1. I am English and I’ve never heard of Branston mayonnaise, but I have a jar of Branston and a jar or mayonnaise in the fridge right now so may have to combine the two and see what happens.

  2. We ate at The Rose And Crown recently. We have eaten there before but this time was different. The other times we dined inside but this time we were seated outside. Although they put up plastic walls around the area we were seated at a seam between two plastic walls and the 38 degree wind blew in.
    We were relocated to another table under a heat lamp which helped. Although disappointed they no longer had Yorkshire pudding we delighted in the meals we ordered. The fish and chips plate was filled with both and the shepherd’s pie was also perfect. Under most weather conditions the outdoor seating would be fine but with the recent cold weather we would have preferred the indoor seating not only for the temperature and the ambience as well.

  3. We had a wonderful dinner at Rose & Crown on 12/18/20. (And it was a spur-of-the moment thing where we were surprised to find we were able to secure an ADR for dinner after we arrived in the park around 11 a.m. that morning.) We weren’t impressed with the Rose & Crown dessert selection, but the fact that the France pavilion – with all of its incredible dessert selections – is located right next door to the UK pavilion made this a non-issue.

  4. If things ever return to “normal”, the outdoor patio is a great place to dine and enjoy the fireworks show. Be sure to tell your server that you are waiting for the nightly event. Do they still have a performer on piano at the bar? That’s fun too. We had Fish and Chips for lunch and enjoyed the atmosphere so much that we went back for dinner. I noticed that the menu posted on this website is very scaled back from the one we chose from when we were here pre-pandemic.

  5. No one in the UK calls an umbrella a ‘bumbershoot’. That’s an American word that was made up to sound like something the British would say. The slang here is ‘brolly.

  6. Marc, thanks for the lesson! I’ve let the editors know, and they’ll fix it up.

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