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  1. Currently Disney Floral and Gifts is delivering baskets only. None of the cakes and bigger in room celebrations.

    We are not currently allowing Guests to send packages to the front of the park to be picked up later or back to their resorts.


  2. DVC members can also pre-order groceries that will be in the room when you check in. Not sure if a non member can use this feature when staying at a DVC property. But, we find it really handy to do this. Saves us a trip to the store and maximize our time at the resort.

  3. Have to say thank you for always letting us know you can get stuff mailed to you. On our Honeymoon I forgot our universal park passes when packing. I packed the magic bands and forgot about passes for the other park. Quick text back to my in laws and they mailed them to our hotel. Luckily I had planed out Universal later in the trip.

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