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  1. Currently Disney Floral and Gifts is delivering baskets only. None of the cakes and bigger in room celebrations.

    We are not currently allowing Guests to send packages to the front of the park to be picked up later or back to their resorts.


  2. DVC members can also pre-order groceries that will be in the room when you check in. Not sure if a non member can use this feature when staying at a DVC property. But, we find it really handy to do this. Saves us a trip to the store and maximize our time at the resort.

  3. Have to say thank you for always letting us know you can get stuff mailed to you. On our Honeymoon I forgot our universal park passes when packing. I packed the magic bands and forgot about passes for the other park. Quick text back to my in laws and they mailed them to our hotel. Luckily I had planed out Universal later in the trip.

  4. We have just learned that there is one downfall to the split stay. If you are visiting parks throughout your entire vacation (during first and second hotel stays), the Advance Reservation window of 60 day +10 for food and enchanting extras does not work the same as it would if you were in the same hotel for the full trip. All guests can book Advance Reservations for food and enchanting extras 60 days out on a day by day basis. The perk of a Disney hotel Guest is that you can make your reservations 60 days in advance of your check-in day, and then also for up to 10 days into your stay…..unless you are changing hotels. That “split” means you now have a second “check-in” day and the 60+10 will not span across the full trip. For the first hotel, you can book for the 60 days prior to the check-in date, and up to 10+ days to the end of your stand at THAT HOTEL (we are staying in our first hotel for 6 days, and then moving to another Disney hotel for another 4 days). We learned that our last 4 days of our trip (although all at a Disney resort and a 10 day trip total) was not available for any reservations at the start of our 60+10 window. We spoke to a Disney cast member and learned that since we are changing hotels we have two check-in days, and therefore the Advance Reservation windows are separate. We can only book advance reservations for the last 4 days of our trip 60 days in advance of that second check-in date. It may not seem like a big deal, but when day one of that second hotel stay is a park day for which you hope to grab a great restaurant reservation or enchanting extra, we are now going to be booking exactly 60 days out with the general public and lost the perk of getting to book for our whole 10+ days when there aren’t quite as many people snagging reservations on that day. If dinning and enchanting extras reservations are really important to you, and split stay can still be awesome, but I would recommend that the day you check into your second hotel not be a park day where you are are hoping to get the really really challenging advance reservations – you want those somewhere in your +10 window for either of your hotels, but not on day one.

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